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AmitGajjar 2-May-18 15:16pm View
What is not working ? store in an array and at the end of loop read that array again.
AmitGajjar 26-Jun-17 20:07pm View
Apologies for being rude 5 years back. :)
AmitGajjar 13-Mar-15 8:42am View
If you need to know argument inside main function, its just reading args variable. If you need to see that outside main function, you need to copy parameters in some global variable and access that global variable from wherever you want.

Hope this is what your looking for.
AmitGajjar 12-Mar-15 17:06pm View
AmitGajjar 12-Mar-15 17:04pm View
Do you want to see argument passed in Main function ?
AmitGajjar 25-Nov-14 10:54am View
Your right, I don't recall why i had posted
AmitGajjar 9-Oct-14 10:52am View
sounds like some problem with your report. Are you able to add variable in other report ?
AmitGajjar 9-May-14 18:05pm View
Could you please explain what exactly you want to do?
AmitGajjar 9-May-14 18:04pm View
AmitGajjar 14-Apr-14 21:36pm View
your welcome.
AmitGajjar 14-Apr-14 21:28pm View

just understand basic of jquery. you wont need any help from anybody. its too easy. but you need to give some time to understand it.
AmitGajjar 14-Apr-14 20:48pm View
I can guide you but i can't write code for you. sorry for that :)
AmitGajjar 14-Apr-14 20:43pm View
is your f variable is empty ? can you please check that ?
AmitGajjar 14-Apr-14 20:40pm View
Yes you can write javascript for div. but it will apply on all divs. if you know particular location of div, it would be easier for you. like first div or 5th div etc...
AmitGajjar 14-Apr-14 20:21pm View
Yeh you can do it as well, see below link.

This way you can invoke javascript.
AmitGajjar 14-Apr-14 20:05pm View
+4 for the good link. but the jquery plugin looks not working in IE as per the discussion. if it works for OP i will update rating with 5 :)
AmitGajjar 14-Apr-14 19:56pm View
can you add try..catch and get exact exception message ?
AmitGajjar 11-Feb-14 23:45pm View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Nice explanation.
AmitGajjar 10-Feb-14 0:21am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n Looks like nice work
AmitGajjar 18-Jan-14 3:27am View
Can you post your written code ?
AmitGajjar 10-Jan-14 7:09am View
Which version you have installed ? web /desktop. even in any there should be project. can you post download link from where you have downloaded.
AmitGajjar 10-Jan-14 6:23am View
You mean to say that, your model dialog data is not updated. is it so ?
AmitGajjar 10-Jan-14 6:21am View
you can try to install Visual Studio 2012 express edition. try with that. its free to use.
AmitGajjar 10-Jan-14 5:30am View
do you want to get string before space or you want name without digits ?
AmitGajjar 10-Jan-14 5:29am View
didnt get you. can you elaborate ?
AmitGajjar 10-Jan-14 5:24am View
What is issue with model dialog ?
AmitGajjar 10-Jan-14 5:21am View
What is error message. can you do screenshot of your screen and post it?
AmitGajjar 8-Jan-14 4:42am View
Google is giving problem oriented knowledge while book is giving conceptual knowledge. (This is just my opinion. You can have your different opinion.)

Keep Coding :)
AmitGajjar 8-Jan-14 4:28am View
I know, its intentionally.

As i suggest book instead of google. if OP do not have knowledge of basic fundamental, we should suggest to get it first instead of going through problem oriented.

AmitGajjar 8-Jan-14 4:14am View
Why cant reading some books ?
AmitGajjar 12-Dec-13 23:46pm View
great to see you resolve your query.
AmitGajjar 12-Dec-13 23:45pm View
try to execute your sql task individually. i believe there is some issue with your sql task.
AmitGajjar 12-Dec-13 23:44pm View
use Convert.ToDouble
AmitGajjar 10-Dec-13 8:12am View
5+ :)
AmitGajjar 10-Dec-13 8:09am View
AmitGajjar 10-Dec-13 7:59am View
can you provide your steps of creating SSIS job ?
AmitGajjar 10-Dec-13 7:52am View
do you want to restriction on viewing name as well ? or you just want to restrict from execution ?
AmitGajjar 10-Dec-13 7:43am View
OP needs return value false in case of non existence of string and in case of existing in text file he want to return that string. I guess so :)
AmitGajjar 10-Dec-13 7:05am View
How you are calling javascript ?
AmitGajjar 25-Oct-13 5:59am View
No it should work with $('#txtID').val()
AmitGajjar 25-Oct-13 5:38am View
hmm i see. It looks like this is for first time for you :)
AmitGajjar 25-Oct-13 5:34am View
For that please check answer @
AmitGajjar 25-Oct-13 5:16am View
I am not Dhaval :)
AmitGajjar 25-Oct-13 5:05am View
use Gropu by and Sum. Check some examples.
AmitGajjar 25-Oct-13 5:04am View
I can't. that you need to learn. i can only give you idea.
AmitGajjar 23-Sep-13 6:17am View
is this problem with IE only ?
AmitGajjar 7-Sep-13 1:44am View
You can do that using transaction id. you need to store paypal transaction information and map it with your local transaction. please provide your database structure so we can give you more idea.
AmitGajjar 7-Sep-13 1:43am View
problem with your join. or you can use distinct.
AmitGajjar 7-Sep-13 1:42am View
have you tried anything ?
AmitGajjar 6-Sep-13 8:05am View
see link
AmitGajjar 6-Sep-13 7:27am View
you can see my answer
AmitGajjar 6-Sep-13 7:26am View
ok, in that case you need to keep that state in the database.
AmitGajjar 6-Sep-13 7:25am View
your welcome.
AmitGajjar 6-Sep-13 6:55am View
Even you can see my comment there. my code is not finished code. it is just a logic. :)
AmitGajjar 6-Sep-13 6:54am View
thats great. keep it up.
AmitGajjar 6-Sep-13 6:54am View
really appreciate your thoughts. Even i am also doing that. but sometimes some problem leads me to open my notepad and to ask me to start writing. ;)
AmitGajjar 6-Sep-13 6:45am View
i forgot to search for the solution instead i have start writing :) 5+ for you
AmitGajjar 6-Sep-13 6:30am View
BTW, why you are not doing your homework yourself ?
AmitGajjar 6-Sep-13 6:30am View
you can easily find that by searching in google...
AmitGajjar 6-Sep-13 6:17am View
what about phonegap ?
AmitGajjar 19-Jul-13 1:09am View
you can find so many discussion on zoom and pan with image, also you can refer discussion.
AmitGajjar 18-Jul-13 23:37pm View
you can show that in single image with zoom-in zoom-out functionality.
AmitGajjar 17-Jul-13 1:41am View
what you mean by complete control ?
AmitGajjar 17-Jul-13 1:40am View
your question is not clear... could you show us the image you are creating ?
AmitGajjar 17-Jul-13 1:38am View
Have you thought to use StoredProcedure instead ?
AmitGajjar 17-Jul-13 1:36am View
change action="about" in your routeconfig.
AmitGajjar 17-Jul-13 1:33am View
have you tried google ?
AmitGajjar 17-Jul-13 1:13am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n Looks ok for me.
AmitGajjar 17-Jun-13 8:12am View
i have executed your query and it seems like you have incorrect column name in your first insert query.
AmitGajjar 17-Jun-13 8:06am View
what is the error message ?
AmitGajjar 13-Jun-13 2:31am View
in the given demo, you can not drag your alert box anywhere. if feature is not in the plugins then how can you do that in your project ?
AmitGajjar 13-Jun-13 1:32am View
can you provide your code ?
AmitGajjar 13-Jun-13 0:32am View
I don't think so. I think you are very passionate about helping people so this all your work is like fun for you.

I really would like to thank you for all your contributions.

AmitGajjar 13-Jun-13 0:24am View
i have one question. are you slipping or not. All the time i can see you online in the codeproject ;)
AmitGajjar 13-Jun-13 0:23am View
No problem. Thanks you very much SA.

I will try my best from Google/MSDN :)
AmitGajjar 13-Jun-13 0:13am View
Thanks for your detailed explanation. Certainly you are correct. For big organization they can afford IT Administrator who could setup server and maintain on daily basis. In my case we have so many small firms who could not hire them. So i suggest them to develop a software that can be integrated in their existing software and it can do filtration of some porn sites. Please suggest some solution so i can integrate in the existing C# application. I can add one menu in the application where company head can add restricted sites very easily from the proxy computer. Hope you got some idea about my problem.

Thanks again for your effort.
AmitGajjar 12-Jun-13 8:32am View
Hi SA,
Although this is very old post but actually i have similar functionality to achieve. In my case, i have shared internet from my server to other computers. I want to restrict all other computers to access on community site. Can i filter all incoming request from client computers from server using c# ?

AmitGajjar 12-Jun-13 7:34am View
What encryption you are using ? Please elaborate your question in detail.
AmitGajjar 12-Jun-13 7:32am View
Have you tried to search your error message in google ?
AmitGajjar 6-Jun-13 8:10am View
is this working fine in other browsers ?
AmitGajjar 27-May-13 3:03am View
Why you are thinking so, adding jquery plugins never impact on your website performance. use minified version of jquery in your project.

jQuery provides high performance plugins compared to your customized javascript plugins. anyway it's upto you if you would like to go with that or not. best luck
AmitGajjar 27-May-13 2:54am View
why not ?
AmitGajjar 27-May-13 2:37am View
AmitGajjar 27-May-13 2:34am View
you can go for any WYSIWYG control.
AmitGajjar 25-Apr-13 8:24am View
do you want to get column name in order ? for that you need to write your query such a way that your table columns are in order then it will also display in drop down with order.
AmitGajjar 25-Apr-13 8:11am View
Why don't you directly store data in database using insert query ?
AmitGajjar 25-Apr-13 8:10am View
You mean to say that, you have duplicate data in the excel file but you do not want to insert duplicate in the sql server. am i right ?
AmitGajjar 25-Apr-13 8:06am View
but in the backend you must be executing query. am i right ?
AmitGajjar 25-Apr-13 6:25am View
you mean to say that you want to order your data with id or name depending on parameter value. is it so ?
AmitGajjar 25-Apr-13 6:18am View
i suggest you to post this @
AmitGajjar 25-Apr-13 6:16am View
what printing method you are using ? SSRS/crystal report/PDF reporting ?
AmitGajjar 25-Apr-13 6:14am View
What you mean by order of paramters ?
AmitGajjar 25-Apr-13 6:13am View
i suggest you to provide uriPath value so we can identify your generated URL. there must be some problem with your generated URL.
AmitGajjar 24-Apr-13 7:27am View
Thank you :)
AmitGajjar 24-Apr-13 2:06am View
Hope you don't mind if i use your code.
AmitGajjar 24-Apr-13 1:44am View
Yes in case of MD5 that will be problem. but user can set new password by giving security question/answer. i know this is very old thread but still i am working on this so post my comment. sorry for that.
AmitGajjar 24-Apr-13 1:42am View
nice code 5+
AmitGajjar 24-Apr-13 1:32am View
on which line you have fatal error ?
AmitGajjar 24-Apr-13 1:24am View
nobody have time to read such a long question.
AmitGajjar 24-Apr-13 1:22am View
do you want CR runtime ?
AmitGajjar 24-Apr-13 1:21am View
AmitGajjar 24-Apr-13 1:20am View
Not correctly formulated question.
AmitGajjar 24-Apr-13 1:18am View
the reason is you have placed your subreport in detail section.
AmitGajjar 23-Apr-13 8:57am View
can you post your actual cursor/while code. with pseudo code we are not able to understand what exactly you want to achieve. you can check if you can reduce IF conditions.
AmitGajjar 23-Apr-13 7:29am View
have you checked my updated answer ?
AmitGajjar 23-Apr-13 6:59am View
What spGetInformation does ? is that only getting information from table ?
AmitGajjar 23-Apr-13 6:56am View
if your hierarchy for the items are fix then you can use item_master to store quantities. at the time of update in the order you need to update your item_master. i think that would be easier for you.
AmitGajjar 23-Apr-13 6:53am View
can you post your code ?
AmitGajjar 23-Apr-13 6:00am View
i am glad you solved your problem.
AmitGajjar 23-Apr-13 5:55am View
what is the error message ?
AmitGajjar 23-Apr-13 5:01am View
try with below,

styles.LoadStyle("Lastname", "size", "15pt");
AmitGajjar 23-Apr-13 4:59am View
You can display your data in datagrid and you can also export it into excel sheet. check article.
AmitGajjar 23-Apr-13 4:52am View
Please post some code so we can give you exact answer.
AmitGajjar 23-Apr-13 4:50am View
check if exceldoc is null on that line ?
AmitGajjar 23-Apr-13 4:48am View
you need to create logging to check exact error location and root cause.
AmitGajjar 23-Apr-13 4:45am View
i think on server you do not have excel installed. that is why you are not able to create instance of the excel object.
AmitGajjar 23-Apr-13 4:41am View
Perfect with different example. 5+
AmitGajjar 23-Apr-13 4:40am View
can you post your updated code ?
AmitGajjar 23-Apr-13 4:40am View
it means that is null. add if condition before your code to check if it is null or not.
AmitGajjar 23-Apr-13 4:35am View
on which line you got object reference exception ?
AmitGajjar 18-Apr-13 1:36am View
try with code behind to make your textbox readonly like Txtamt.Attributes.Add("readonly","readonly")
AmitGajjar 18-Apr-13 1:31am View
You can use session variable to store your visibility flag for your next page control.
AmitGajjar 18-Apr-13 1:28am View
ok, so what you want to know ?
AmitGajjar 18-Apr-13 0:57am View
your welcome.
AmitGajjar 17-Apr-13 8:54am View
if you only need to compare with lower and upper case then you can use ToLower or ToUpper before using Contains.
AmitGajjar 17-Apr-13 8:49am View
You can write stored procedure to check if email address already exist. if email address is already exist then you can return some status code to indicate duplicate email address.
AmitGajjar 17-Apr-13 8:41am View
Try something and let us know if you are stuck somewhere.
AmitGajjar 17-Apr-13 8:40am View
No, thats not for you.
AmitGajjar 17-Apr-13 8:37am View
Perfect 5+
AmitGajjar 16-Apr-13 1:46am View
can you elaborate ? what you mean by frame ?
AmitGajjar 16-Apr-13 1:44am View
you may use HTML5 GeoLocation. check
AmitGajjar 15-Apr-13 0:11am View
Thanks for your reply, have you even heard that anyone/you have developed portal in pure html and wcf service only ?
AmitGajjar 11-Apr-13 8:29am View
Your welcome.
AmitGajjar 11-Apr-13 8:25am View
are you sure this query is correct ? it doesn't surve any purpose.
AmitGajjar 11-Apr-13 8:24am View
what is simulating command ?
AmitGajjar 11-Apr-13 8:16am View
check data for cells[j,6]. is there any non number data in that column ?
AmitGajjar 11-Apr-13 8:15am View
why you have posted two different solution even you can post your answer in single one or your can improve your solution.
AmitGajjar 11-Apr-13 8:12am View
have you tried somethign ? can you post your code.
AmitGajjar 10-Apr-13 8:54am View
can you share your code ?
AmitGajjar 10-Apr-13 8:31am View
it will also help us if you can provide your purpose as well.
AmitGajjar 10-Apr-13 8:30am View
why you need to get this using regex only ? don't you like javascript ?
AmitGajjar 10-Apr-13 8:29am View
how many objects are in your database?
AmitGajjar 7-Apr-13 22:42pm View
don't you have any general class that inherit in all your forms ? if so, you can add method in that class and use everywhere.
AmitGajjar 6-Apr-13 8:58am View
ohh yes, then extension method is what you are looking for.
AmitGajjar 6-Apr-13 8:48am View
can you explain what you mean by trigger in linq ? i never heard that.
AmitGajjar 6-Apr-13 8:42am View
Create extension method that will decode your table information. but you need to apply method on all your query.
AmitGajjar 6-Apr-13 8:33am View
what encoding you have used ?
AmitGajjar 6-Apr-13 8:30am View
perfect 5+
AmitGajjar 6-Apr-13 8:04am View
why don't you add onclick event for tables ?
AmitGajjar 6-Apr-13 1:28am View
Your welcome.
AmitGajjar 6-Apr-13 1:18am View
AmitGajjar 6-Apr-13 1:15am View
you can use $('input[type="text"]') as well to apply maxlength to all textbox.
AmitGajjar 6-Apr-13 0:59am View
Or is this research work !!!
AmitGajjar 6-Apr-13 0:59am View
would you like to share your intention to do this ?
AmitGajjar 22-Mar-13 1:44am View
This is also correct suggestion. In case of date we also need to store last accessed date. if that is less then current date then we can stop the application.
AmitGajjar 21-Mar-13 9:34am View
ok, but try to place your script tag and script files after your aspx page completed. and check the result.
AmitGajjar 21-Mar-13 9:32am View
AmitGajjar 21-Mar-13 9:30am View
avoid sharing your email address. this may invite spammer...
AmitGajjar 21-Mar-13 9:29am View
try to place javascript after all your code. this can be because javascript call before object creation.
AmitGajjar 21-Mar-13 9:26am View
Ohh thats great. i suggest you to keep hard work. and best of luck.
AmitGajjar 21-Mar-13 9:22am View
What is gsoc 2013 ?
AmitGajjar 21-Mar-13 9:21am View
Where you have write code to register javascript ? is that on page load or page init ?
AmitGajjar 19-Mar-13 8:49am View
Add breakpoint in the page load event and try to debug one by one line and check from where you are getting issue. also let us know if you place breakpoint in save button, after save button clicked execution stop at debug point ?
AmitGajjar 19-Mar-13 8:46am View
Question should not be post as solution.
AmitGajjar 19-Mar-13 8:45am View
it will be helpful for us if you can post your code.
AmitGajjar 19-Mar-13 8:37am View
Check if source and destination directory is exist. You can also use System.IO to move files from one location to another.
AmitGajjar 19-Mar-13 1:47am View
if you do not have constraint to use Array then you can use List as well. use one constructor to fill your list/Array.
AmitGajjar 18-Mar-13 9:11am View
In that case you can assign default value, if it is of Integer Array then you can assign zero for length that you want. if you will not assign any value and try to access it's value at particular index then it will gives you object reference exception because it's memory allocation is not done. memory allocation will done only after assigning value.
AmitGajjar 18-Mar-13 9:04am View
Why you need to test TFS performance ? can you provide more information ?
AmitGajjar 5-Jan-13 7:30am View
can you provide more information ? what you would like to achieve ?
AmitGajjar 3-Jan-13 9:23am View

have a look at above article.
AmitGajjar 3-Jan-13 9:16am View
ok , in that case you do not need to install sql server. if you are using database file to store your data then just install sql server runtime and your database at particular directory. you will find a lots of article on that.
AmitGajjar 3-Jan-13 9:10am View
No, you do not have to install sql server on each client. on client server architecture one of the computer will be your server there you need to install sql server and on all other terminal you do not need to install sql server.
AmitGajjar 2-Jan-13 13:04pm View
reason for 3+ ?
AmitGajjar 2-Jan-13 7:17am View
You could get code to send email. you can even create job to send email from your database data. but afterall your email will route through some email provider like gmail or your personal domain. So those server maintain some algorithm to find out some bulk emails(formally they call it spammer on basis of some criteria). spam is considered if your server sending more failure emails. it contains some words of advertisement or recipient is not authenticate. and there are more filtration.

hope this information helps you.
AmitGajjar 2-Jan-13 7:12am View
your welcome.
AmitGajjar 2-Jan-13 6:45am View
you can check if your dv contains some data or not.
AmitGajjar 2-Jan-13 6:37am View
Pivot may work for you.
AmitGajjar 1-Jan-13 5:38am View
thanks for 5 :)
AmitGajjar 1-Jan-13 5:38am View
the reason why i am asking is, there are a lot of plugin available with images but its very hard to find with div.
AmitGajjar 1-Jan-13 3:29am View
is this working with div content ?
AmitGajjar 28-Dec-12 11:16am View
you will not realize now but when you come at such position this will not help you. even i used to ask for help but after 1-2 days of brainstorming when i found the answer its really like proud... i want you to feel the same...
AmitGajjar 28-Dec-12 6:34am View
AmitGajjar 28-Dec-12 6:08am View
go to the MSDN link that i have provided.
AmitGajjar 28-Dec-12 6:04am View
you can add some condition for those records which do not have key. check if it exit or not then proceed.
AmitGajjar 28-Dec-12 5:59am View
if you have usercontrol then you can add one property that can hold the value. let me know if it can work for you.
AmitGajjar 28-Dec-12 5:57am View
DECLARE vend_cursor CURSOR FOR SELECT * FROM Purchasing.Vendor where vendorname like 'a%'

AmitGajjar 28-Dec-12 5:45am View
this is not the right place to post your question. this forum is for programmers. are you doing this using any programming language ? there are many other forums where you will get your correct answer.
AmitGajjar 28-Dec-12 5:43am View
5+ , you are right its very rare case when we reach to threshold. and i called it as worst design of the database.
AmitGajjar 28-Dec-12 5:35am View
use javascript to display confirmation box.
AmitGajjar 27-Dec-12 12:40pm View
5+ for jabber. it's really great opensource
AmitGajjar 27-Dec-12 12:28pm View
i don't think so...
AmitGajjar 27-Dec-12 11:59am View
sorry dost... agar aaj bata diya to tu kabhi sikh nahi payega(English version : if i give you code today then you will never learn it...)
AmitGajjar 27-Dec-12 8:18am View
let me give you some hint, store value in one variable and get left one character from that, and store in another variable and remove the left one character from first variable. then iterate through until first variable all characters are processed. at last you will have result in your second variable.

AmitGajjar 27-Dec-12 8:07am View
hmm, you know world is very small. your word come back to you again. i suggest you to read first 2-3 chapters of any VB.NET book
AmitGajjar 27-Dec-12 8:06am View
AmitGajjar 27-Dec-12 8:03am View
logic is already given in the solution, you just need to write code. so simple dear.
AmitGajjar 27-Dec-12 8:02am View
No one will provide code here, you have to atleast try something and post your code.
AmitGajjar 27-Dec-12 7:13am View
why don't you try google ?
AmitGajjar 27-Dec-12 7:07am View
is there any error ?