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Miss Maheshwari 23-Jun-15 4:45am View
yes i did from ol and ul but no use
Miss Maheshwari 16-Jun-14 2:56am View
checked it already
Miss Maheshwari 16-Jun-14 2:55am View
i tried it live on my site ; mail is sending on rediff/yahoo but not on gmail
Miss Maheshwari 14-Jun-14 12:28pm View
i want to upload it on orchard
Miss Maheshwari 11-Apr-14 0:34am View
whats the need to laugh....may be its ur sense of humour
Miss Maheshwari 5-Apr-14 5:07am View
i want a editor like just check the link....
Miss Maheshwari 17-Oct-13 5:04am View
protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (Text1.Value == "" && txtVPwd.Value == "")
this.ShowMessage("Plz Enter Usercode & password...", "Confirmation");

no button click is working
Miss Maheshwari 17-Oct-13 3:34am View
i updated my ques plz check
Miss Maheshwari 17-Oct-13 2:52am View
<form id="form1" runat="server">
<header class="deskMargin">
<div class="ten">
<div class="row">
<div class="eight center mobLayOut1">
<div class="three column mobLayOut1">
<img src="HomePage/assets/images/logo.png">
<div class="five column mobLayOut1" style="float:right !important;">
<div class="row">
<div class="second column resopsiveBox2" style="margin-left: 4%;"> <br/> </div>
<div class="second column resopsiveBox2" style="margin-left: 1%;">New Member <br/>Request For Sign In</div>




<div style="margin-top:1%;" class="centerLogo">
<div class="twelve columns">
SIGN IN YOUR ACCOUNT <span class="subheader right small-link">


<div class="five column">
<asp:TextBox ID="txtVEmail" runat="server">
<input type="text" id="txtVEmail1" runat="server" name="txtVEmail" maxlength="15" size="15" class="inputbox" placeholder="Email Id" required />

<div class="five column">
<input type="password" id="txtVPwd" runat="server" name="txtVPwd" maxlength="15" size="15" class="inputbox" placeholder="Password" required />

<div class="twelve columns">

<asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Button" onclick="Button1_Click" />
<asp:Button ID="btnSignIn" runat="server" CssClass="radius secondary button" OnClick="btnSignIn_Click" Text="LOG IN" />
<%-- <button type="button" id="btnSignIn" name="submit" runat="server" önserverclick="btnSignIn_Click" class="radius secondary button">  LOG IN</button> --%>

<div id="login_panel" style="margin-top:-7%;" class="reveal-modal">
<div class="row">
<div class="twelve columns">
New Member Request For Sign Up <span class="subheader right small-link">

<div class="five column">
<input type="text" id="Text2" name="txtusercode" maxlength="15" size="15" class="inputbox" placeholder="Name" required />

<div class="five column">
<input type="text" id="Password2" name="txtpwd" maxlength="15" size="15"class="inputbox" placeholder="Contact No." required />

<div class="five column">
<input type="text" id="txtusercode" name="txtusercode" maxlength="15" size="15" class="inputbox" placeholder="User Name" required />

<div class="five column">
<input type="password" id="txtpwd" name="txtpwd" maxlength="15" style="width:192px;" size="15"class="inputbox" placeholder="Password" required />

<div class="twelve columns">
<asp:Button ID="Button2" runat="server" Text="Button" onclick="Button1_Click" />

<button type="button" id="login" name="submit" runat="server" class="radius secondary button">  LOG IN</button>

<div id="wrong" class="twelve columns" style="display:none">

Username/password wrong!!

</div><!--end row-->
</div><!--end login panel-->

================================================ -->

<!-- jQuery & Foundation Framew
Miss Maheshwari 11-Oct-13 4:53am View
Thank you very much
Miss Maheshwari 1-Oct-13 5:18am View
how can i stop user to delete last row remaining
Miss Maheshwari 1-Oct-13 4:16am View
i want when user clicks on moreRecords another row in gridview must be that user can add more n more records
Miss Maheshwari 1-Oct-13 3:26am View
i send u working example but i want on addMore click new row of same pattern
Miss Maheshwari 11-Sep-13 1:06am View
Thank You very much...u helped me a lot...agn tankx
Miss Maheshwari 10-Sep-13 6:41am View
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
var currentTab = 0;
$(function () {
select: function (e, i) {
currentTab = i.index;
$("#btnNext").live("click", function () {
var tabs = $('#tabvanilla').tabs();
var c = $('#tabvanilla').tabs("length");
currentTab = currentTab == (c - 1) ? currentTab : (currentTab + 1);
tabs.tabs('select', currentTab);
if (currentTab == (c - 1)) {
} else {
$("#btnPrevious").live("click", function () {
var tabs = $('#tabvanilla').tabs();
var c = $('#tabvanilla').tabs("length");
currentTab = currentTab == 0 ? currentTab : (currentTab - 1);
tabs.tabs('select', currentTab);
if (currentTab == 0) {
if (currentTab < (c - 1)) {

<input type="button" id="btnPrevious" value="Previous" style = "display:none"/>
<input type="button" id="btnNext" value="Next" />
Miss Maheshwari 10-Sep-13 6:32am View
yeah tried but no result
Miss Maheshwari 26-Aug-13 6:41am View
I am binding gridview with dataset...
deleting a row from dataset den updating the dataset and again rebind my gridview that updated dataset
Miss Maheshwari 26-Aug-13 5:47am View
in MyDs dataset from cache is fetched...I used it in complete project
Miss Maheshwari 16-Aug-13 0:49am View
its a very simple requirement but seeming hard to solve this.....exactly wat I a repeater 9 images in first row then in second line/row two images(left and right) with some text in between then again 9 images in third row....all images are coming dynamically from database...
Miss Maheshwari 16-Aug-13 0:46am View
can u plz explain wat to learn from my this particular mistake.....n don't waste time to find out others mistake but try to learn some from others/urs mistakes...
Miss Maheshwari 14-Aug-13 9:08am View
so for third row again I have to take third repeater as its again showing 9 images
Miss Maheshwari 14-Aug-13 8:12am View
I tried but no use
in itemtemplate I want to show 9 images n in alternate itemtemplate I want to show only three how can it possible
Miss Maheshwari 14-Aug-13 7:51am View
its c#
Miss Maheshwari 14-Aug-13 7:50am View
yeah I mistake I did that n tried to delete also...but if u don't have answer den plz don't realise others for their mistake....but try to answer of the problem
Miss Maheshwari 17-May-13 7:36am View
sorry wat u want to say....didn't get u???
Miss Maheshwari 18-Feb-13 6:13am View
but if a member upload his/her resume than s/he can see like we all do in
Miss Maheshwari 14-Feb-13 6:41am View
thank you very much
Miss Maheshwari 31-Jan-13 4:04am View
have a loop in ther SQL

can u tell me how to make a loop in sql...
i never did that
Miss Maheshwari 16-Jan-13 2:54am View
i have already set the permission to write a folder
Miss Maheshwari 15-Jan-13 5:47am View
yes its workin fine on local system but on remote server it throws the same error
Miss Maheshwari 15-Jan-13 5:18am View
yeah i have already done that but it throws the same error
Miss Maheshwari 15-Jan-13 5:14am View
if (picupload.PostedFile != null && picupload.PostedFile.ContentLength > 0)

string cat_pic = picupload.PostedFile.FileName;
string ex_pic = System.IO.Path.GetExtension(cat_pic).ToLower();
string picname = Convert.ToString(mid) + ex_pic;
string dir_path = "Member_Pic";
string save_path = "Member_Pic\\" + picname;
string db_path = "~\\Member_Pic\\" + picname;
server_path = Server.MapPath(save_path);

Miss Maheshwari 15-Jan-13 5:07am View
what should i use in i
it throws error Use of unassigned local variable 'i'
Miss Maheshwari 15-Jan-13 4:42am View
i can do that on my system/computer but when i upload the project then it throws this error
Miss Maheshwari 31-Dec-12 1:02am View
Select regno from member_master where parentregnoM=2 and parentPosM=1 and registerAS != 'Free'
Select regno from member_master where parentregnoM=2 and parentPosM=1 and registerAS <> 'Free'

not giving any result/record
but when i write query like

Select regno from member_master where parentregnoM=2 and parentPosM=1
showing me result
Miss Maheshwari 31-Dec-12 0:54am View
already tried both <> and !=
Miss Maheshwari 29-Dec-12 11:50am View
Thank you very much....yes...:)
i was in trouble from last week...thank you once again
Miss Maheshwari 29-Dec-12 11:25am View
i am running the query from sql server query analyzer
Miss Maheshwari 21-Nov-12 6:20am View
my dataset is returning

and i place it on div with
but on clicking this it is opening the page like

Miss Maheshwari 21-Nov-12 2:15am View
it should display only
not this
Miss Maheshwari 21-Nov-12 1:58am View
on clicking of hyperlink it is showing this url http://localhost:4434/DharmikSamajik/member/
Miss Maheshwari 17-Nov-12 4:41am View
table member_commission
cid ref_type ref_id ref_com mid time pay_check
1 indirect 106 1 113 2012-11-16 22:32:38.000 NULL
2 indirect 103 2 113 2012-11-16 22:32:38.000 NULL
3 indirect 101 3 113 2012-11-16 22:32:38.000 NULL
4 direct 106 100 113 2012-11-16 22:32:38.000 NULL

table member_payment
pid ref_id payamt totamt balamt date
1 106 101 201 100 2012-11-16 00:00:00.000

table member_detail
name userid mid add and other field
a abc 102 a abshbjs asa 11 asa 12112 1112012102CL 1 111 101 NULL NULL
a neetu1 103 n n 545 gg 46 gjh ttut 21120121033F 2 4 102 NULL
a a 104 aa asa a A aaa a 2112012104QA 2 22223 102 NULL
x x 105 xx s x x x x 2112012105ZQ 2 545646 103 NULL
123 ayaan 106 aa Indore nmbdj jsd bkjs bkjs nash 011201273813 0 198293 102 NULL
Miss Maheshwari 17-Nov-12 4:37am View
table member_detail is having complete detail of members..
table member_commission is having detail of commission earned by members
and table member_payment is having detail of commission paid to member by admin and balance of of member
Miss Maheshwari 7-Nov-12 8:47am View
no there are some duplicate entry i want
0 108
100 109
100 110
but again i want total/sum of these rcom like 200
Miss Maheshwari 6-Nov-12 5:11am View
Thank you very much...really a silly mistake took my 1.5 hours
first time i am satisfied by
Miss Maheshwari 31-Oct-12 7:12am View
SO WHAT SHOULD I DO IN SUCH situation ...i didn't do the display is showing the image in IE but not in chrome
Miss Maheshwari 31-Oct-12 3:20am View
but it is showing image on IE 6 and not showing on chrome
Miss Maheshwari 31-Oct-12 2:57am View
i am having IE version 6
not working means not showing the image
Miss Maheshwari 29-Oct-12 9:03am View
i am trying this...if it will solve my problem then obvsly i'll mark :) :)
Miss Maheshwari 29-Oct-12 8:22am View
so for installing SSMS 2008 should i uninstall the SSMS 2005...and my database will work on this version.... and i am working on visual studio 2005...can i have connection with ssms 2008
Miss Maheshwari 26-Oct-12 8:51am View
i haven't created any neetu.aspx(i.e. a member and lots of member can be there...)i am just redirecting the member after login to index.aspx but i dont want to the url like this i just want to show the url like /member/member_name(that is coming from database)..
Miss Maheshwari 24-Oct-12 23:45pm View
your url (codeproject) is the best example... its not like any page.aspx so you people must have the answer of my question
Miss Maheshwari 24-Oct-12 13:13pm View
Its not mvc as i have explained it vry clearly...
Miss Maheshwari 23-Oct-12 8:15am View
i have already checked that but no use...after google i posted question here
Miss Maheshwari 20-Oct-12 1:16am View
I have already done that...on checking the con object its showing open connection...but on checking cmd's connection state its showing closed connection please help me..