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Bryian Tan 12-Jul-19 22:21pm View
What is "this" error?
Bryian Tan 4-Jul-19 11:41am View
What the code trying to open? this might be useful javascript - Style using css - Stack Overflow[^]
Bryian Tan 2-Jul-19 7:54am View
I'll just stick with Text/Id in the dropdown. In the backend/code-behind, lookup the table name by Id. there no reason to expose the table name in the UI to the user.
Bryian Tan 21-May-19 0:10am View
Have you try connect to the database using the username/password through SQL Management Studio?
Bryian Tan 16-May-19 23:57pm View
PRINT @cols
Bryian Tan 16-May-19 22:22pm View
Have you try to print out @cols and see what in it?
Bryian Tan 15-May-19 22:07pm View
maybe you looking for tabs? How To Create Tabs[^]
Bryian Tan 4-May-19 0:17am View
what the iD the code try to pass in? by the wat, If the code want to get hex string, isn't that it suppose to call base64_enCode() function?
Bryian Tan 2-May-19 23:16pm View
Bryian Tan 27-Apr-19 1:47am View
And the error is?
Anyway, did you check if the Crystal Report runtime installed on the Windows 10? or all the necessary dlls are included in the bin folder?
Bryian Tan 25-Apr-19 8:27am View
Where is the Client side code for changeControlStyle function?
Bryian Tan 21-Apr-19 18:39pm View
Can't have two consecutive else statement, that not a correct syntax.
What is the error here that I am not seeing?[^]
Bryian Tan 19-Apr-19 16:11pm View
That seem correct if the start/end date were present.
Bryian Tan 19-Apr-19 15:43pm View
have you try to use the .Where condition?
Bryian Tan 19-Apr-19 11:26am View
Is tough to tell by looking at 4 lines. It could be the structure of the markup, the location the v2 is being called, etc...
Bryian Tan 12-Apr-19 9:48am View
Where do you place the JavaScript file? Show the markup.
Bryian Tan 5-Apr-19 1:36am View
what browser you tested it on?
Bryian Tan 1-Apr-19 8:27am View
You want to share some HTML markup?
Bryian Tan 22-Mar-19 8:00am View
what the value in wizardCommand ?
Bryian Tan 22-Mar-19 0:04am View
Look fine. Try test it with alert
Bryian Tan 20-Mar-19 22:42pm View
did you check what in the correspInvoice ?
Bryian Tan 19-Mar-19 7:13am View
How LoggedInUser get populated?
Bryian Tan 16-Mar-19 23:49pm View
look like the data return by API is an array of string. there is no way the TypeScript will know what code, tableName,... I think the code should spit out all the string with this one line in the
<td> {{ref}} </td>  
Bryian Tan 11-Mar-19 9:06am View
I just noticed, there ActionLink in your code, why not just use ActionLink + jQuery wiring event? The button might not work because the url is missing id parameter
Bryian Tan 10-Mar-19 23:15pm View
Have you try
if ($match.Groups.Count >0 )
Bryian Tan 10-Mar-19 14:52pm View
Somebody will put you in REST jail. :) Personally, I don't see any issue, the verb is basically indicator to the API which method to use to serve the request.
Bryian Tan 9-Mar-19 22:35pm View
try with c:\someotherfolder
Bryian Tan 9-Mar-19 16:13pm View
Not clear where the posted code reside in the Datagridview life cycle, but if you Google[^] might give you some ideas
Bryian Tan 9-Mar-19 15:54pm View
Try remove the access and add again to see what it complaining about.
Bryian Tan 9-Mar-19 13:15pm View
The application pool is using which account to run>
Bryian Tan 6-Mar-19 22:35pm View
i'm using 4.7.1, no issue. Try restart the Visual Studio. Not sure what else to recommend :/
Bryian Tan 6-Mar-19 15:39pm View
hmmm. how about .net Framework Version? i'm testing on 4.6.1
Bryian Tan 6-Mar-19 8:06am View
No error on my end, what version of HtmlAgilityPack your application is using? I have Version=
Bryian Tan 5-Mar-19 21:30pm View
which line is throwing the error?
Bryian Tan 5-Mar-19 16:14pm View
what not working?
Bryian Tan 5-Mar-19 15:29pm View
Maybe you referring to the attribute "name" value? Assuming there only one, code below should return "BFhostname"
Bryian Tan 5-Mar-19 15:23pm View
if you look at the markup closely, that value is in 2nd anchor tag
Bryian Tan 5-Mar-19 14:12pm View
doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//table[@cellpadding=2]/tbody/tr[2]/td[1]/a[1]") --> what is the expected result?
Bryian Tan 4-Mar-19 20:57pm View
what not working?
Bryian Tan 3-Mar-19 23:33pm View
Thanks :)
Bryian Tan 2-Mar-19 13:54pm View
Have you try convert the method into Async?
Bryian Tan 23-Feb-19 15:03pm View
Bryian Tan 23-Feb-19 0:41am View
the jQuery only posting 1 parameter, but look like the Action is expecting 3.
Bryian Tan 20-Feb-19 22:17pm View
try uninstall and reinstall through the Nuget, that will take care of everything.
Bryian Tan 20-Feb-19 11:22am View
What your code trying to do? on button click, the code need to know which textbox value it need to get. let assumed, the code clone the textbox once, to access the textbox, try something like alert($('#1').val());.
Bryian Tan 19-Feb-19 14:16pm View
I agreed with you, I think you read his mind. Dangerous :)+5
Bryian Tan 17-Feb-19 23:40pm View
Not clear what your query suppose to do, but I'm assuming there is a loop? I'll use Insert as an example because I'm sure there are more into it with the update statement.

DECLARE @test TABLE ([order] INT)

DECLARE @intFlag INT, @loopCount INT
SELECT @intFlag = 0, @loopCount = 0

WHILE (@loopCount < 6)
	SET @intFlag = @intFlag + 1

		IF (@intFlag > 3)
			SET @intFlag = 1
			SELECT @intFlag

		SET @loopCount = @loopCount + 1


Bryian Tan 17-Feb-19 23:05pm View
Where you find all this good stuff? Wonder if you did try out the steps :)~ +5
Bryian Tan 17-Feb-19 23:04pm View
That his right to be forgotten by the system, CP need to comply, is the GDPR law :)
Bryian Tan 17-Feb-19 21:12pm View
here is an example: CP_hotel | Pyfiddle[^]
Bryian Tan 17-Feb-19 0:31am View
and the problem is?
Bryian Tan 16-Feb-19 23:27pm View
try .map(response => response.json())
Bryian Tan 14-Feb-19 23:21pm View
where the Path from? User input? configuration file?
Bryian Tan 12-Feb-19 21:21pm View
you can do a quick test by adding a <br/> at the end of the checkbox to make sure the button style is not interfering with the checkbox
Bryian Tan 6-Feb-19 22:50pm View
i tested your code, the delete button is removing a textbox. isn't that what you want?
Bryian Tan 5-Feb-19 20:47pm View
what element the code cannot remove? a button? a textbox?
Bryian Tan 5-Feb-19 10:48am View
Is the .",".$perpage in the query by accident?
Bryian Tan 5-Feb-19 9:41am View
try delete the user entity from the edmx and re-add again (assuming database first)
Bryian Tan 5-Feb-19 0:16am View
Did the echo $nama_provinsi; output the correct selection?
Bryian Tan 31-Jan-19 8:52am View
The error is very clear, the code is passing in a collection of Models.Menu instead of a Models.Menu object to the view. If collection, you need to update the code to use loop to iterate it. In your case, make sure the controller action is returning a object to the view,
Bryian Tan 28-Jan-19 21:47pm View
align horizontally? next to each other?
Bryian Tan 27-Jan-19 16:51pm View
Have you try modify it to return List / array of string instead of a string?
Bryian Tan 26-Jan-19 11:48am View
I see there is [Image Type] column to store the image type. so what the problem? Image is image right? There should be another persona to describe it.
Bryian Tan 24-Jan-19 23:28pm View
Were the selected checkbox being inserted correctly into the table?
Bryian Tan 24-Jan-19 22:24pm View
Where is the code doing the display?
Bryian Tan 24-Jan-19 14:43pm View
very likely the MySQL server not running or the firewall blocked the port 3306
Bryian Tan 22-Jan-19 23:40pm View
I'm lost :) , Have you try label1.text="'False'"?
Bryian Tan 22-Jan-19 23:24pm View
the absolute path should be
Bryian Tan 22-Jan-19 23:10pm View
have you try the example on JSFiddle?
Bryian Tan 22-Jan-19 9:17am View
Well, not clear why the list of string wouldn’t work. Anyway, with this route, you can append the “-“ by doing something like &= “-“. The problem with this approach, the output will end up with redundant “-“ at the end. You might need to write another line of code to remove the last trailing “-“
Bryian Tan 21-Jan-19 23:25pm View
What the code suppose to do? passing the orderItems or saleHeader to SalesOrder Controller?
Bryian Tan 21-Jan-19 22:59pm View
did you paste the code correctly?? look like there are some syntax errors from the first and fourth lines, missing "}"
Bryian Tan 20-Jan-19 16:31pm View
Based on what you described, sound like the bearer token is not being validated. Try debug it by adding OnAuthenticationFailed

OnAuthenticationFailed = context =>
                        // Authentication failed
Bryian Tan 20-Jan-19 15:52pm View
The code seem fine. Did you check what in the "names"?
Bryian Tan 19-Jan-19 16:33pm View
Quote:when i debug the code the string filelocation return null sound like you need to find out why filelocation is null and not physical vs absolute path issue.
Bryian Tan 16-Jan-19 23:59pm View
What in the constructor of the EmployeeController?
Bryian Tan 15-Jan-19 14:15pm View
Anytime :)
Bryian Tan 14-Jan-19 1:39am View
Did you check what in the CategoryDD variable?
Bryian Tan 13-Jan-19 1:44am View
Look like the code is passing in string instead on int
Bryian Tan 12-Jan-19 23:48pm View
check this out: MIME type detection for PHP file uploads |[^], the mime_content_type() depreciated, my bad.
Bryian Tan 10-Jan-19 17:19pm View
Any errors? and did you debug to see if the request hit the Getshipper() method? and if it did, is the return value null?
Bryian Tan 9-Jan-19 19:10pm View
I think your code already doing that by assigning id in he loop
Bryian Tan 9-Jan-19 19:08pm View
Pleas share the code on how the function being called
Bryian Tan 6-Jan-19 23:36pm View
Just curious, employeeId not auto increment in the table?
Bryian Tan 4-Jan-19 12:21pm View
thanks :)
Bryian Tan 3-Jan-19 0:51am View
you need to follow the second option.

     var nodeList = document.querySelectorAll('.list');
var actualArray = [...nodeList];
//actualArray.forEach( eachItemFunc };


function eachItemFunc(item, index, wholeCollection)
	item.addEventListener('click', onListClicked, false);
function onListClicked(evt)
Bryian Tan 2-Jan-19 21:59pm View
Bryian Tan 2-Jan-19 16:17pm View
You might have to use a plugin. Here is an example: jQuery highlightTextarea demo[^]
Bryian Tan 1-Jan-19 23:41pm View
Here is an example using the posted code and above code snippet to get rid of the error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'fromLatLngToPoint' of undefined"

jQuery addClass example - JSFiddle[^]
Bryian Tan 1-Jan-19 23:27pm View
which else did it went to?
Bryian Tan 30-Dec-18 0:16am View
Try convert to decimal before updating.
Bryian Tan 27-Dec-18 17:21pm View
Maybe the query not returning any results?
Bryian Tan 26-Dec-18 10:28am View
You’re welcome
Bryian Tan 24-Dec-18 10:41am View
Have you try something like
WITH Dates (BusinessDay, DaysCount)  AS ...
Bryian Tan 23-Dec-18 21:23pm View
What doesn't work?
Bryian Tan 23-Dec-18 19:26pm View
Bryian Tan 22-Dec-18 12:47pm View
what version of Wordpress? and where is the code?
Bryian Tan 22-Dec-18 12:21pm View
did the download work went access directly from the browser?
Bryian Tan 21-Dec-18 10:07am View
Sound like you want table in the email. Have you try client.IsBodyHtml = true; ?
Bryian Tan 18-Dec-18 6:57am View
I think performance wise should not make much different. You might need to test it out.
Bryian Tan 14-Dec-18 13:56pm View
try return Ok(JObject.Parse(result));
Bryian Tan 14-Dec-18 11:06am View
What in the RegisterUserDto class?
Bryian Tan 14-Dec-18 0:25am View
if yes, then how the table end up with duplicates?
Bryian Tan 13-Dec-18 23:29pm View
empid is primary key?
Bryian Tan 11-Dec-18 15:32pm View
1. Did you check if the URL Rewrite Module is installed?
URL Rewrite : The Official Microsoft IIS Site[^]
2. try this way see if it make any different:
<action type="Redirect" url="https://{HTTP_HOST}{REQUEST_URI}" redirectType="Permanent" appendQueryString="false" />

3. make sure the server not using different port other than 80/ 443
Bryian Tan 11-Dec-18 10:35am View
The GetEvents() is not returning anything! You should change it to use Function and return an object to the caller.

Sub Procedures (Visual Basic) | Microsoft Docs[^]
Function Procedures (Visual Basic) | Microsoft Docs[^]
Bryian Tan 11-Dec-18 7:56am View
The syntax should be "INSERT INTO [SFA Inventory] ..."
Bryian Tan 9-Dec-18 18:06pm View
what the problem?
Bryian Tan 7-Dec-18 14:01pm View
increment the LoginTimer by 1? You can update the query to something like
"Update Users_Data set LoginTimer = LoginTimer + 1 Where Email = @email"
Bryian Tan 21-Nov-18 14:25pm View
the JSON might not valid, how the output look like with {{ obj }}?
Bryian Tan 20-Nov-18 12:39pm View
did you set AutoPostBack="True" ?
Bryian Tan 15-Nov-18 1:02am View
so, what the issue?
Bryian Tan 10-Nov-18 18:40pm View
did you verify the return is in JSON format?
Bryian Tan 10-Nov-18 18:29pm View
What??? not clear what your question about and not enough information. Maybe you want to include the "my" column in your last query?

SELECT my, productType, MAX(TotalSales) 
		SELECT U.UserName AS my, SP.Type AS productType, SUM(SP.Price) AS TotalSales
			FROM [SaleProduct] SP
				JOIN [Sale] S ON SP.SaleId = S.SaleId
					JOIN [User] U ON U.UserId = S.UserId
						GROUP BY SP.Type, U.UserName) AS a
		GROUP BY my, productType
Bryian Tan 9-Nov-18 7:40am View
The sample only shows. What the issue?
Bryian Tan 6-Nov-18 13:30pm View
any error message?
Bryian Tan 6-Nov-18 10:12am View
lol. sorry, didn't paid attention to the date.
Bryian Tan 3-Nov-18 15:12pm View
maybe you can show the code where the parameter @Searchbox is being bind
Bryian Tan 2-Nov-18 7:52am View
this might help : PHP Zip File Functions[^]
Bryian Tan 1-Nov-18 17:34pm View
By the way, 04/31/2019 is not a valid date.
Bryian Tan 1-Nov-18 12:07pm View
You might need to wrap the code in the if not postback. Example

If Not Page.IsPostBack Then 
Bryian Tan 31-Oct-18 23:11pm View
When will the input be valid?
Bryian Tan 31-Oct-18 7:36am View
did you verify if http://localhost/eaudit/error.aspx is working?
Bryian Tan 26-Oct-18 16:22pm View
Did you pass in a command line argument when running it?
Bryian Tan 24-Oct-18 21:44pm View
What version of jQuery the code is using? complete() function could be deprecated . replaces with always() jQuery.ajax() | jQuery API Documentation[^]
Bryian Tan 19-Oct-18 21:21pm View
Why SqlDataReader and not SqlDataAdapter?
SqlDataAdapter da=new SqlDataAdapter(command); 
        DataTable dt=new DataTable();

 if (dt.Rows.Count > 0)
            dataGridView1.DataSource = dt;
else {
   MessageBox.Show("Bar kod ne postoji!", "Obavještenje", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Information);
textBox1.Text = "";

Bryian Tan 17-Oct-18 22:57pm View
the code seem ok. where in the code those lines were being set?
Bryian Tan 12-Oct-18 9:01am View
did you check if (400613-CDMG0176, 580829881659) exist in the table?
Bryian Tan 20-Sep-18 0:00am View
Have you try turn on the error and see what it spit out?
Bryian Tan 19-Sep-18 23:52pm View
What are you trying to do and what are the expected outcome?
Bryian Tan 17-Sep-18 16:10pm View
Please append to the comment or original post instead of posting as a solution. By the way, make sure the STATUS is upper case, because they are case sensitive and remove the extra space in the regular expression.
string ID= (Regex.Matches(ProcessedXML, "(?<=<STATUS>)(.*?)(?=</STATUS>)")[0]).ToString();
Bryian Tan 17-Sep-18 11:21am View
Nice! Why don't I though of that :)
Bryian Tan 13-Sep-18 22:34pm View
look good. assuming the function is wrapped inside the script. any error?
Bryian Tan 13-Sep-18 11:34am View
think about it, initially, i will be 1000, there no way 1000 < 1
Bryian Tan 10-Sep-18 22:11pm View
what the error?
Bryian Tan 6-Sep-18 9:35am View
thanks :)
Bryian Tan 6-Sep-18 9:35am View
thanks :)
Bryian Tan 6-Sep-18 0:42am View
Not clear which line is throwing the error, but look like lemari.Text, storage.Text is a string, should be wrap in a '' ex: '" & storage.Text & "'
Bryian Tan 4-Sep-18 23:03pm View
have you try update the code to redirect to somewhere else? like
Bryian Tan 4-Sep-18 22:59pm View
By the way, is this a typos data-target="#logger-modal"? should that be data-target="#logger_modal" ?
Bryian Tan 2-Sep-18 13:39pm View
sound like a request :)~
Bryian Tan 2-Sep-18 12:38pm View
what doesn't work?
Bryian Tan 2-Sep-18 12:35pm View
What the issue? Instead of saving the data into the database, you can modify the code to bind the datatable to a model and then display it from the view.
Bryian Tan 31-Aug-18 23:41pm View
The first option should work. I think it depends on the version, you should get a better confirmation from Telerik Developer Forums[^]
Bryian Tan 28-Aug-18 15:18pm View
this line
addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter())
should be
addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter()
. There is an extra ")" parantheses
Bryian Tan 28-Aug-18 1:22am View
can you share the code?
Bryian Tan 13-Aug-18 10:46am View
try the colorama package
Bryian Tan 12-Aug-18 23:41pm View
just curious, did it print out the color character? something like [31mhello when execute print (colored('hello', 'red'))
Bryian Tan 12-Aug-18 21:57pm View
What terminal the code is running on?
Bryian Tan 10-Aug-18 12:31pm View
the error is complaining "ErrorNumber" is not a property of DeleteEDeliveryScheduledEvent_Result object / table / entity. Did you verify that?
Bryian Tan 7-Aug-18 1:57am View
Bryian Tan 5-Aug-18 0:55am View
By looking at the provided example. It might not be possible because the description doesn't seem like to have a fixed deliminator that the code can use to split the string.
Bryian Tan 31-Jul-18 9:58am View
have you try the query?the date was being passed into the query not pulling out from the table.
Bryian Tan 27-Jul-18 11:01am View
have you try copy the example from the links and run it from your environment?
Bryian Tan 27-Jul-18 9:25am View
hmmm. Is tough to tell what going on in your environment. What version of Bootstrap/jQuery the application is using?
Bryian Tan 27-Jul-18 9:23am View
Bryian Tan 25-Jul-18 23:57pm View
Just curious, what is the expected result?
Bryian Tan 22-Jul-18 22:32pm View
Just curious, did this line " dtTeams.PrimaryKey.Append(dcTID);" give any error?
Bryian Tan 22-Jul-18 21:14pm View
Where is the code?
Bryian Tan 15-Jul-18 15:20pm View
This line
if(strcasecmp ("hello",str)==0)
if(strcasecmp ("hello",str)==0) {
Bryian Tan 14-Jul-18 13:54pm View
Did you verify the database connection?
Bryian Tan 13-Jul-18 23:33pm View
hmmm. Not clear what the code is trying to do. but look like the correct syntax should be
result += 'Title : ' + allFollowers.screeName + '<br/>';
Bryian Tan 13-Jul-18 0:18am View
work for me too, in Chrome browser.
Bryian Tan 12-Jul-18 22:44pm View
refer to solution 2
Bryian Tan 11-Jul-18 23:21pm View
You're very welcome.
Bryian Tan 11-Jul-18 1:50am View
what the issue?
Bryian Tan 9-Jul-18 21:45pm View
did you deploy the dll?
Bryian Tan 9-Jul-18 1:36am View
look fine beside the group by ... having .. clause in wrong order.
Bryian Tan 8-Jul-18 16:14pm View
is this a Windows application? and are user allow to enter value into the three textboxes then submit or one textbox then submit?
Bryian Tan 8-Jul-18 1:28am View
Did you verify if the skey and item[0] in the datatable?
Bryian Tan 7-Jul-18 10:44am View
You just need to add the bootstrap and jQuery references. Look at this page, , right click the browser, view source.
Bryian Tan 6-Jul-18 0:35am View
You can try something like
char *yourArr[3]={"hi","how","are"};
Bryian Tan 5-Jul-18 22:25pm View
should be font-size.
Bryian Tan 1-Jul-18 19:55pm View
have you try it on different browser? By the way, is not clear how GetISFDetails function get the data.
Bryian Tan 25-Jun-18 15:28pm View
Is modalname field in both table?
Bryian Tan 21-Jun-18 12:59pm View
I think the column is smart enough to automatically convert the string into DateTime object if the string is a valid datetime format. To test it out, you can include a random string in column 4, at runtime, the system will throw the error "The string was not recognized as a valid DateTime" -- That my assumption based on the posted code. and by the way, the code and approach look fine although the title of the post not see eye to eye.
Bryian Tan 21-Jun-18 12:55pm View
You should post your question here:
Bryian Tan 19-Jun-18 16:33pm View
Possible error in the function? Try remove everything, leave the alert and see if it works.
Bryian Tan 19-Jun-18 12:21pm View
and your issue is?
Bryian Tan 19-Jun-18 10:21am View
Try it with MM/dd/yyyy format.
Bryian Tan 18-Jun-18 21:54pm View
You need to add break; to the code after the MessageBox.Show("Don't leave empty quantities on the items!"); to prevent the code from going further if 0 quantity.
Bryian Tan 7-Jun-18 7:03am View
You’re right :/
Bryian Tan 5-Jun-18 22:31pm View
which example did you use?
Bryian Tan 4-Jun-18 14:26pm View
Bryian Tan 4-Jun-18 14:25pm View
Thank you :)
Bryian Tan 4-Jun-18 7:38am View
Awww. Not sure why it get downvoted. Let me know if that not what you looking for. I made a very simple change to the code, added a variable to check if there a winner and display draw message if no winner at the end of the game
Bryian Tan 31-May-18 23:47pm View
Did you check if you're still an employee of the company? Normally the SA remove your access and your boss will give you a box to pack next morning. :) Anyway, the error is very clear, NOT Authorized ! Very likely the system not able to verify the credential you provided.
Bryian Tan 31-May-18 16:15pm View
thanks :)
Bryian Tan 30-May-18 0:49am View
for testing purposes, try it will AllowAnyHeader, AllowAnyMethod, AllowAnyOrigin and make sure to enable the policy in Configure method
Bryian Tan 29-May-18 13:52pm View
Wait, what the question? Look like you posted the solution at the bottom.
Bryian Tan 26-May-18 0:29am View
have you try add "headers: {'Content-Type': 'application/json'}
            method : "GET",
            url : "http://localhost/week10/resources/dog.json",
headers: {'Content-Type': 'application/json'}
        }).then(function mySuccess(response) {
            $scope.dogObj =;
        }, function myError(response) {
            $scope.dogObj = response.statusText;
Bryian Tan 24-May-18 23:34pm View
what the error said?