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Comments by Nisarg S Shah (Top 11 by date)

Nisarg S Shah 23-Jul-13 7:13am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Its simply unbelievable....
Nisarg S Shah 28-Aug-12 4:19am View
I like using WPF Inspector.
Nisarg S Shah 28-Aug-12 4:15am View
Hi, I know this is not answer to your question. But I have started using windows 8 Release preview and it fulfills your requirement.
Nisarg S Shah 25-Jul-12 6:50am View
All i mean is that there can be a possibility that the table might not have any primary key being defined or may be possible that the primary key is not being used while deleting the record.
Nisarg S Shah 19-Jul-12 5:12am View
I think that "i would be 11 and value of j would be 10." and "i would be 11 and value of j would be 11." should be highlighted along with AFTER and BEFORE.
Nisarg S Shah 19-Jul-12 5:01am View
Only reason why i suggested hiding from task manager was because i thought that people should not be knowing about what application is running on their machine and the application is needed to be prepared for monitoring people's activity
Nisarg S Shah 18-Jul-12 9:02am View
Either the Table will not be having the column with Primary key or while deleting the record you might have forgot to select the primary key.
It will still allow you to select the data but insertion or deletion or updation will not take place until and unless the primary key column is used to perform any of the above said transactions
Nisarg S Shah 18-Jul-12 8:55am View
Can i know what is the purpose for doing so?
Nisarg S Shah 18-Jul-12 8:49am View
You can check for the running tasks in the OnClosing event of the form and can protect the application from getting close.
Also for further protection, i.e. force quit from task manager you can also hide it from the task manager. the code for which can be easily found by googling it
Nisarg S Shah 18-Jul-12 7:41am View
Reason for my vote of 4
Helped me find out which tables are referring to table having primary key
Nisarg S Shah 18-Jul-12 7:29am View
Reason for my vote of 2
You can simply lock your computer using win l key. Hence i dont think there is any need for making any changes.
Even it is not mentioned that it is for which OS?