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Comments by Nick Fisher (Consultant) (Top 31 by date)

Nick Fisher (Consultant) 29-Jan-14 4:09am View
It depends on how you're creating the child window. You would normally need to either post back to the server OR to use Javascript to open the window. But seeing as you don't want to do either of these things, it's difficult to give any suggestion unless you post your code so we can understand what you're trying to achieve.
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 28-Jan-14 10:22am View
Yes, it sounds likely to be a flle permission problem. Put a try/catch statement around your code to see what exception it throws. Also, make sure the disk is not full on the IIS server!
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 27-Dec-13 4:32am View
The whole point of the name attribute is that it's supposed to be unique, so you have a way of differentiating between each of your input elements. If your input elements don't have a unique name, how are you supposed to reference each one directly?
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 16-Dec-13 11:34am View
Then I'd check the value you have for 'intrvl' is being stored properly. Put an alert showing the value in your setInterval function, and then put another alert just before you perform the clearInterval to make sure the values both match each other. If they're not, then you know that's where the problem is.
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 16-Dec-13 9:40am View
OK, well then you really need to check the values that are getting passed through to your function are the values that you're expecting. Put an alert at the start of getData_callback that shows the value being passed through, and this should at least highlight where the error's coming from.
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 22-Oct-13 11:17am View
I have run this code in IE8 and it runs fine, popping up the message 'yes this game can run'. What's the problem with it exactly? You need to elaborate more by telling us where the function itself is being called, and showing how your form fields are defined.
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 21-Jun-13 4:14am View
Hi, sorry there's not a lot more I can do at the moment, as the code looks fine to me. It certainly shows fine in my own browser, and I'm using IE8 - one of the easiest browsers to break with code. I would maybe try setting the 'DOCTYPE' tag at the top of the page to see if it forces Chrome to pick up the page properly. More info here:
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 21-Jun-13 4:09am View
Oh ok, thanks for that, I wasn't aware of that. I'm so used to having the Javascript in the header and just letting JQuery take care of it with the document.ready() function. :)
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 18-Jun-13 7:37am View
Just as a heads-up, the 'inline' method does not seem to work in Explorer 8, and still shows the Open/Save dialog no matter what. I've tried other methods too, but cannot prevent the dialog from opening in IE8. :-/
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 17-Jun-13 6:50am View
No worries. Firebug is your friend when developing AJAX applications. :)
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 14-Jun-13 3:58am View
You need to be a bit more specific than that. Please post the source code you're using, showing which line it fails on and the error that's given.
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 23-May-13 9:58am View
OK, that makes sense, but these DLLs were installed on the machine by the latest .NET when I downloaded it. Why would it not put the right DLLs on the machine?
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 30-Apr-13 6:46am View

Yes, thanks for your answer. Having looked into it further, I think I can get it open on the client side by writing the byte stream directly to the repsonse, then setting the Response.ContentType to "application/octet-stream". I have not got it working yet, but I'm nearly there. Many thanks.
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 18-Apr-13 6:05am View
This only fails for me if I enter a value of 2147483648 - which exceeds the limit for an Int32. 2147483647 and 1234567890 both work fine.
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 12-Apr-13 9:33am View
I didn't have time to syntax check it before, but I've made a couple of small changes now and it seems fine. You don't even need to reference the table now, as the only thing that matters is the last time value you entered. This code works fine for me - if I enter 9:10 to 9:20, the 'newFromTime' is 550 and 'newToTime' is 560 minutes and validates correctly. If I then enter 9:15 to 9:20, it shows the alert and returns false, but if I enter 9:20 - 9:25 it validates and returns true. That should be all you need.

Nick Fisher (Consultant) 10-Apr-13 6:47am View
ok, glad to help. I worked in a hopital myself for many years so I'm used to these sorts of queries. :)
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 10-Apr-13 6:24am View
So if I understand this correctly - that it's working for all users except for one - then it suggests there's something wrong with that person's browser rather than anything with the code itself. Check to see what the difference is between the browsers, make sure that that person has Javascript enabled in their own browser, and that you have the most up-to-date version of Jquery installed.
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 10-Apr-13 5:46am View
The results should return a long series of about 36 columns - just imagine combining the results of your previous 3 statements side by side.
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 10-Apr-13 5:43am View
Thanks for pointing that out Marciej. I was so focused on doing the join I forgot about the rest of the where's! I've updated it now to a solution which I think should work.
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 26-Feb-13 4:47am View
It would be better if you could actualy post the CSS code you've got for those DIVs so we can see where it's going wrong. Without the code to look at, the best I can suggest is to make sure you have the 'width' and 'height' attributes properly set for those containers, and try either setting the both the containers to 'float:left;' or 'display:inline;'.
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 15-Feb-13 8:12am View
sorry, fixed now. :)
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 31-Jan-13 4:08am View
Sorry, the HTML editor on this site seems to sometimes insert these tags when you paste code snippets in the response. This tag was not there in the original code, and I've removed it now.
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 24-Jan-13 7:36am View
Unless you post your Master Page code it's very hard to tell, as there may be some script or other errors on that page that's preventing this from running.
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 17-Jan-13 7:40am View
It does not enable the scroll bar for either of these in my browser (IE 8). Are you sure you're not including some other content on the page which you've not posted here?
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 16-Jan-13 10:55am View
What has 'bufferSize' been initialised to, and how did you determine this value? The first line that reads the file uses this variable, but there's nothing in the code to suggest where you got this value from?
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 16-Jan-13 10:46am View
Which line does it fail on? A bit more info will help to get the best response.
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 28-Dec-12 5:45am View
Yes, this works now. Many thanks. Nick
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 28-Dec-12 5:45am View
Excellent answer, thanks. Nick
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 24-Dec-12 4:37am View
Ah OK, cool. :)
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 24-Dec-12 4:09am View
Hmmm. Did you make sure you removed the old line:

$("#btnasp").bind("click", onASPClick);

Now that you've added the 'OnClientClick' command, it may be doing funny things if you're still trying to bind to it the other way.
Nick Fisher (Consultant) 22-Dec-12 8:06am View
Hi, posted a better solution now.

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