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srinvas 27-Jun-13 14:35pm View    
i mean without using joins can we get the structure as above
srinvas 27-Jun-13 14:35pm View    
no need to join the tables needed a structure as mentioned above.
srinvas 19-Feb-13 18:00pm View    
my question is about how to connect to another server and use the files in the server.
please give one example how to connect to remote server programatically and use the files in the server.please help me.thanks
srinvas 7-Sep-12 12:01pm View    
Thanks for ur response.actually it is never happened the website is 10yrs old and we do small modifications(maintanance project) so just today we got the problem.we thought some hacker tried to hack our server. so we just restarted and it is working i thinking in right way? is there any other reason ?
srinvas 7-Sep-12 11:41am View    
thanks for ur response but will you please suggest me other than profilers.