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Alan Burkhart 18-May-19 9:04am View
As to using cmd.exe, it was a quick and easy way to get a list of directories without dealing with any access violations. And I should add that this isn't production code. It's just a utility for my own use. I don't do this for a living.

I tried to figure out the sorting problem by creating a separate project with nothing but a ListView and 2 RadioButtons to select the sorting order (items added in the Designer). Same result.

Public Class Form1
Private Sub RadioButton1_CheckedChanged() Handles RadioButton1.CheckedChanged
LV.Sorting = SortOrder.Ascending
End Sub

Private Sub RadioButton2_CheckedChanged() Handles RadioButton2.CheckedChanged
LV.Sorting = SortOrder.Descending
End Sub
End Class

My understanding is that setting the Sorting property is all that's required unless I'm performing a custom sort, which I'm not. I only need to sort the file names.
Alan Burkhart 17-May-19 18:51pm View
I created a temp project consisting of 2 radiobuttons and a 2-column listview. In the form's load event I populated the listview by looping thru the FontFamilies on my machine. Col 0 got the names and col 1 was filled with the string length of the names. The radiobuttons were to select the sorting order. The results were the same. The listview blinked but did not re-sort. But the Sorting property is changing each time I click a radiobutton.

Please explain what you mean by "event contention." Thanks.
Alan Burkhart 17-May-19 16:47pm View
It's a Windows Forms desktop application.
1. Borrows cmd.exe briefly to get a list of directories, then searches file names and / or text for matches. This is done on a background thread.
2. Each dir is searched and if matches are found, a new listviewgroup (w/ the dir path as its text) is created and the items are assigned to the group.
Alan Burkhart 14-Nov-11 9:12am View
The project in question is just a text editor for my own use. I may switch from the RichTextBox to ScintillaNet. I also dislike the oddball way the RTB handles lines (turning on WordWrap can change the line count).
Alan Burkhart 13-Nov-11 22:17pm View
I got a buddy of mine to try it on his Win7 machine. Notepad's word wrap still wipes the undo memory in 7. No clue why, but that's how it works. Since I can't change it I won't worry about it. Thanks for taking the time. :-)
Alan Burkhart 9-Sep-11 17:14pm View
When you say "screen size" are you referring to the TabControl just being partially off the display, or the dimensions of the TabControl itself being too small to display all the tabs?
Alan Burkhart 29-Aug-11 14:27pm View
Are you wanting to capture the stream while it's being read, or after the document is loaded in the browser?
Do you want the content as displayed, or do you want the HTML code?
Does browser display from a local source or from a source on the web?
The devil is always in the details. :-)
Alan Burkhart 27-Aug-11 16:02pm View
Saw the documentation, but was unsure about my adding the reference like I did. Thanks!
Alan Burkhart 27-Aug-11 11:41am View
Just needed to hide all windows. The app creates background tiles and I'm adding a "set as wallpaper" feature.
Alan Burkhart 27-Aug-11 1:04am View
I tried it with and without a background image. Took between 3 and 4 seconds either way. Keep in mind that every time the buttons move, the Paint event is firing.
Alan Burkhart 21-Aug-11 19:48pm View
The image link just reopens this page. Check the href.
Alan Burkhart 18-Aug-11 12:12pm View
With a Winforms listbox, the text of an item is the value. I assume you're working with Winforms since the question is tagged for VB. Please specify a bit more what exactly what you're trying to do and I'll be glad to help. :-)
Alan Burkhart 15-Aug-11 19:34pm View
Some vendors create .doc or .rtf files for documentation. If you go that route, I'd recommend .rtf simply because Windows comes out of the box with Wordpad, which is a .txt/.rtf editor. Not everyone will have Word or OOo. In an app I released last year I used a WebBrowser control in the right panel of a SplitContainer control, and a column of LinkLabel controls in a single-column TableLayoutPanel in the left panel. Each label's Click event was set to an HTML doc and opened it in the WebBrowser. The HTML docs and images were all stored in the app's resources and were written to a Help directory the first time the app was launched. It worked well. Anyway, just an idea. Best of luck.
Alan Burkhart 24-Jul-11 15:21pm View
Exactly what sort of project? You have tell us what it is you're trying to do before anyone can help you with it.
Alan Burkhart 11-Nov-10 20:39pm View
I'm betting that the different programs use different versions of RTF, although you'd think backwards compatibility would prevent such problems. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. The main problem (in my own editor) is fixed and its only use is creating RTF for use in other RichTextBoxes. Thanks for taking the time to help. :-)

Here's some screen shots of what I saw while I was playing around with the other editors:
Alan Burkhart 11-Nov-10 17:31pm View
I'm just using the provided methods for reading and writing. RTB.SaveFile(path,streamtype) and RTB.LoadFile(path,streamtype). Look in Answer #3 - I just found part of the problem and it was a silly mistake on my part. That still doesn't explain why AbiWord, OOo, and the rest don't properly read each other's RTF files, though.
Alan Burkhart 11-Nov-10 13:00pm View
This doesn't really address the question. The links you offered cover the basics of using a RTB but don't address why every editor produces different results with the same file. Even when I reopen a file created in my own editor, it's changed from how it was when I saved it. It keeps bkgnd colors, but text colors are always set to the control's default (black) and all text is displayed in the control's default font. Some of the other editors also change the font to their own default when opening an rtf file created by another editor. Why?