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MCY 28-Feb-14 12:03pm View
Are you using HSI color space, or do you mean another property by intensity?
MCY 13-Feb-14 10:10am View
why not use if?
MCY 28-Jan-14 9:31am View
take a look at here :
MCY 21-Jan-14 5:02am View
As an advice, I say you should stay away from office interop implementations. Instead use free third party api's such as NPOI
MCY 21-Jan-14 4:40am View
is this new directory on the server or on the client computer that views the web page?
MCY 2-Dec-13 6:12am View
umm, try moving first then reading, maybe?
MCY 24-Nov-13 15:18pm View
are you asking for reporting framework alternatives or are you planning to code your own from scratch?
MCY 17-Nov-13 4:22am View
from that little bunch of info, all I would say is try repair/reinstall.
MCY 17-Nov-13 4:17am View
you can use "if". You can also use "switch". You can even use "#if". However you like, you can do it.
MCY 7-Nov-13 4:36am View
I don't have much knowledge on phone-to-computer file transfer via c# and I think it strictly depends on phone brand (it could be near to impossible for iPhone, for example). But after that stage, you can show a photo in a picture box as
and save that file to your database as binary data or string64 representation, depending on your approach.
MCY 28-Oct-13 14:05pm View
if you try to head in push notifications direction, might help.
MCY 28-Oct-13 14:03pm View
how do you transfer photos from phone to computer?
MCY 23-Oct-13 7:22am View
I am not familiar with details of QR code but does \n work? i.e. enc.Encode("Name :" +txtname.Text +"\n" + "Country" +txtcoun.Text);
MCY 23-Oct-13 7:20am View
OK. What have you tried so far?
MCY 23-Oct-13 3:24am View
please rephrase your question
MCY 23-Oct-13 3:23am View
and how do you store passwords? do you hash them? plain text? in database or binary file? We need more details to come up with an idea.
MCY 17-Oct-13 10:37am View
see the links in the updated answer
MCY 15-Oct-13 12:32pm View
I have added some tutorials and example solutions. If you need help on a specific point where your code fails to work, feel free to ask. Else, these examples will clarify basics of
MCY 11-Oct-13 4:59am View
your smtp server seems to allow single destination domain per send request (or transaction). That's what we can deduce without seeing the code behind.
MCY 8-Oct-13 4:02am View
and what have you written so far?
MCY 6-Oct-13 16:18pm View
MCY 5-Oct-13 14:46pm View
there are tutorials on plain speech recognition but noise removal and accents require extensive knowledge of signal processing and filtering, thus they are not mundane tasks to accomplish in a few lines of code.
MCY 4-Oct-13 6:31am View
use for what?
MCY 3-Oct-13 7:58am View
MCY 2-Oct-13 16:48pm View
I prefer to use 32 character GUIDs combined with other stuff as file names in these kind of applications.
MCY 1-Oct-13 17:23pm View
On antivirus and firewalls, for which actions do you think you should bypass them? Some events such as installation do not trigger most of the security suites, except for paranoid ones such as Kaspersky. Do you have an example for the need of security bypassess?
On installation verification, you could follow different approaches. I have edited the answer; you can find my suggestions there.
MCY 30-Sep-13 17:09pm View
why not try something using ?
MCY 30-Sep-13 17:04pm View
You should note that by this approach (correcting the mistakes in the comment before this one, of course), only strings you could parse would be simple equities such as x = a.
MCY 27-Sep-13 9:50am View
why not ask nitgen for any API?
MCY 27-Sep-13 9:35am View
why not add the new customer to namesCollection after you inserted it to database?
MCY 25-Sep-13 9:17am View
you can try
MCY 19-Sep-13 4:33am View
user name and password are the credentials. if you have them, you can control his account.
MCY 18-Sep-13 16:06pm View
first you should learn whether bank mail account has pop3 or imap support. If yes, well, you can get mails in a pop3 server as follows: Retrieve Mail From a POP3 Server Using C#[^]
But this requires your customer's credentials, therefore my recommendation is that, if possible, he should define a rule that every mail from the bank should be forwarded to your address. Then, you could use a basic string manipulations (regex or otherwise) to search for your text.
For SMS scraping, you may use GSMComm[^] but that would require physical connection to the clients phone
MCY 15-Sep-13 15:23pm View
I see. maybe debugging and tracing line by line helps to find why no excel is created?
MCY 20-Aug-13 4:20am View
looks fine. the error is possibly in somewhere else.
If you are not using variable a in anywhere, try omitting it:
textbox2.text = textbox1.text;
MCY 15-Aug-13 9:17am View
that is not a "problem", that is a "project". What fails to work in your code?
MCY 13-Aug-13 8:50am View
I have updated the answer a little. It may solve your problem.
MCY 9-Aug-13 6:36am View
excellent questions, good sir.
MCY 9-Aug-13 6:35am View
I believe entire question text is quoted in code block by mistake. It hurts eyes.
MCY 9-Aug-13 6:27am View
agree +1; a windows phone tag will be awesome
MCY 9-Aug-13 6:27am View
agree +1; a windows phone tag will be awesome
MCY 13-Feb-12 13:00pm View
is there a database ? what is updated ?
MCY 13-Feb-12 12:55pm View
I thought he sold several copies to different locations. for different offices of a company for example, so they do not have lan. but if they are all in the same network (same building maybe) a lan solution will also work.
MCY 13-Feb-12 12:52pm View
heh :)
MCY 13-Feb-12 12:50pm View
MCY 13-Feb-12 10:13am View
yet still needs lan access :)
MCY 13-Feb-12 10:12am View
yeah good one. but Steve's point is true & p2p system may be little complex
MCY 11-Feb-12 15:57pm View
excellent points
MCY 11-Feb-12 15:51pm View
how can i create facebook? different questions, same answer: with a team of software developers in a long time with a large budget.
MCY 11-Feb-12 15:39pm View
registry wont work for multiple computers
MCY 11-Feb-12 15:34pm View
it is a windows app
MCY 11-Feb-12 15:33pm View
yeah figured out something is wrong hehe
MCY 11-Feb-12 15:30pm View
close the opened images before renaming?
MCY 11-Feb-12 15:22pm View
yep, that's what i usually do
MCY 11-Feb-12 15:21pm View
that's the worst sqlcommand I've seen for a while
MCY 11-Feb-12 15:11pm View
yeah, good points
MCY 4-Jan-12 12:51pm View
yeah, that's true. If you were able to get folder structure of clients, we would be in trouble :)
MCY 20-Feb-11 17:32pm View
nice links.
MCY 20-Feb-11 5:15am View
nice. 5!
MCY 18-Feb-11 14:27pm View
Isn't it a difficult task for someone with no background in programming?
MCY 16-Feb-11 6:56am View
I do not think anyone would give full coding.
MCY 14-Feb-11 18:08pm View
true, seems the easiest (and classiest) way. my 5
MCY 14-Feb-11 15:30pm View
oh, thanks.
MCY 13-Feb-11 11:17am View
good answer. 5+
MCY 13-Feb-11 5:20am View
why people do not spare few minutes to explain the problem and then wait for others to spend much more to give answers is a mystery to me.
MCY 13-Feb-11 5:18am View
I used crystal reports once or twice, but there is a point I wonder: Should any additional libraries be installed on client machine for crystal reports to work? Is .net framework enough? i.e. could a software print a report using crystal reports on a computer that nothing else is installed beyond .net framework?
MCY 13-Feb-11 5:13am View
In your solution, you call one of the client methods in server. I kindly recommend to part b of my answer; serialize the listviewitems on the server, send them to clients via TCP, then when the serialized packets arrive to the client and deserialize them, cast them to listview items. finally add them to target listview one by one. Of course, two listviews in server and client should be compatible. If not, you should do some extra work for compatibility.
MCY 13-Feb-11 5:09am View
1. on the server side, you utilize the method ListCopier, but the method is defined in client side. Is this "listcopier" also available in server? or do you somehow supply the connection between the call to the method in server and the body of the method in client?
MCY 12-Feb-11 12:16pm View
I kindly suggest naming search buttons as A B C and re-phrase the question as "when I press A, this and this should be done
MCY 12-Feb-11 12:13pm View
Easiest and most elegant way imho
MCY 11-Feb-11 4:45am View
how do you get your index value on just clicking? by clicked event?
why don't you check the value using selectedindexchanged event?
MCY 8-Feb-11 8:33am View
So you see that id is not zero in the address bar, right?
it will be easier to solve the problem if you post the code where you get the id plus how do you form your querystring plus how do you get id from querystring.
MCY 8-Feb-11 8:31am View
I asked that because sessions do not change the stored variables. The id you present should be zero before passing to the session. it is highly possible that either you get the id from querystring as zero, you store erroneous variable, or you retrieve the wrong one.
The code you provide up states that you get id from "id = gvCheckboxes.Rows[i].Cells[1].Text;".
it will be easier if you post the code where you get the id plus how do you form your querystring plus how do you get id from querystring.
MCY 8-Feb-11 8:27am View
what type of file you have in mind? text, image, pdf, they all have different algorithms and methods.
MCY 8-Feb-11 3:49am View
I kindly suggest to use punctuation marks so that your question is easier to understand.
MCY 6-Feb-11 7:18am View
is it possible that your id is zero? have you checked its value before passing to a session?
MCY 4-Feb-11 15:36pm View
hashed values cannot be de-hashed, nor a password can be created to form the same value, as said by Henry.
if the hacker knows the password, then he does not need hashed value of it.
MCY 4-Feb-11 15:33pm View
yeah, classic and elegant approach
MCY 30-Jan-11 14:12pm View
good one
MCY 28-Jan-11 7:38am View
are input fields "html input" or asp textbox?
MCY 27-Jan-11 4:01am View
good one
MCY 25-Jan-11 17:50pm View
I agree. It is highly possible that the server will require an authentication, either by logged windows credentials or other.
MCY 22-Jan-11 8:22am View
Report of what, data in database? system status? weather?
MCY 18-Jan-11 7:48am View
yep, a most commonly used way
MCY 16-Jan-11 5:51am View
yes, it works. good one
MCY 9-Jan-11 15:12pm View
that is one of the most obscure questions I've seen around.
how? where? when?
MCY 9-Jan-11 15:10pm View
MCY 9-Jan-11 15:08pm View
yep, that's what I always do :)
MCY 7-Jan-11 15:07pm View
I have found some free OCR libraries, but how could an OCR library be used for OMR?
MCY 7-Jan-11 15:06pm View
ummm, could it be used in windows?
MCY 30-Dec-10 10:09am View
what is the renaming rule? keep only first 5 characters? remove after "_" character? remove last 9 characters?
MCY 29-Dec-10 16:09pm View
yeah, that's what I usually do
MCY 28-Dec-10 14:58pm View
I have two words: "parameterized" and "queries"
MCY 23-Dec-10 14:24pm View
as far as I remember versatile library has some problems with VS2010 due to deprecated filtering libraries. Still, it is a good one and work-around of this point could be found on internet
MCY 20-Dec-10 3:39am View
MCY 19-Dec-10 12:40pm View
ummm....what exactly does this code do? you do realize it is not c#?
MCY 19-Dec-10 12:35pm View
it is in a good balance of readability and length. why to disturb?
MCY 17-Dec-10 8:55am View
solid point
MCY 15-Dec-10 17:43pm View
good one
MCY 12-Dec-10 17:54pm View
nice :)
MCY 12-Dec-10 17:53pm View
good one
MCY 12-Dec-10 14:06pm View
solid point
MCY 12-Dec-10 8:57am View
are you conducting an exam? It sure looks like an exam question.
MCY 12-Dec-10 5:46am View
true. one notice that String[] text = { "hello", "elephant", "pig", "dog" };
MCY 11-Dec-10 11:53am View
what is "throw database"??
MCY 11-Dec-10 9:09am View
why not use comment instead of posting request in to form of an answer?
MCY 11-Dec-10 9:09am View
exactly. txtCipher(i+1) is a call for method txtCipher with input parameter i+1.
if you cannot change textbox names, use substring to get the number instead of split.
I do not mind having low votes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But it would be nice to have some feedback, you know, what is the matter with the current code.
MCY 5-Dec-10 12:01pm View
you're kidding, right?
MCY 3-Dec-10 15:11pm View
you do realize that it is a complicated application and requires moderate coding time and work, right?
MCY 2-Dec-10 16:29pm View
MCY 2-Dec-10 15:42pm View
Could you please restate your question by using punctuation marks?
MCY 21-Nov-10 13:24pm View
If possible, you might want to change database architecture, prevent null FK's by seperating them into another table
MCY 21-Nov-10 13:22pm View
I do not think that sentence (having three "table" occurances) is explanatory enough to suggest a solution.
MCY 14-Nov-10 7:46am View
session variables do NOT work in .net windows applications