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Thomas.D Williams 30-May-18 17:12pm View    
That's pretty hard to read when it's not English, but...
I think you may want:
if(!zeka.korunuyorMuRakipTaslarTarafindan(this.Rengi ,komsuLokasyon ,tahta))

You may need to use "super.Rengi" I haven't used Java for over 3 years.
Thomas.D Williams 11-May-18 3:36am View    
What Asp.Net software? You need to provide significant information for someone to help. Also, you have it tagged as C++11 which it is not.
Thomas.D Williams 10-May-18 4:06am View    
It's been years since I've used Web Forms. I don't have a solution to your problem, we used to have lots of headaches ourselves, but we moved to Web Api hosting an Angular (4+) SPA. If you can change technology, I would take it.
Thomas.D Williams 6-Apr-18 14:50pm View    
Are you using Entity Framework? Is "home" a DbSet property on your HomeContext? Normally you would not need to call Database.Connection.Open() in EF, it's handled automatically when it's injected into your controller.