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Comments by Philip Stuyck (Top 187 by date)

Philip Stuyck 16-Dec-13 14:38pm View    
Don't know why this question was downvoted. Seems like a valid question to me.
And not easy to solve either.
Philip Stuyck 15-Jun-13 9:31am View    
I think you will have to show what you have in order for anybody to help.
Philip Stuyck 21-May-13 12:33pm View    
What happens is that each time a charackter is typed in the textbox that belongs to the combo a textchanged event is processed by the combobox event code. In that code a binding expression is created based on the displaymemberpath and evaluated for each and every entry in the combobox. The reason it does so is that it tries to perform completion and calculate the selected index for the text the user has typed in the combo at that time.
Philip Stuyck 24-Mar-13 17:06pm View    
An what is your question ?
Philip Stuyck 4-Feb-13 16:07pm View    
since this is the solution i give you 5