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Padam Agrawal 25-Sep-15 7:33am View
Thanks for suggestion. Would be better for me if get some reference.
Padam Agrawal 25-Aug-15 2:58am View
Thanks Maciej,
You got exactly what i want that would work also;

But is there any way to pass directly list<Product> to RDLC As data source rather than flat records. because in case of flat records mostly columns are repeating.

I sent List<product> at RDLC and able to access Pid, sName but not List<variance> cvariances

This was my concern hope you undersatnd.

Thanks a ton for quick response and solution.
Padam Agrawal 9-Apr-15 2:22am View
Peter I am new in MVC, My query was is there any way to see page design as development level?
Padam Agrawal 7-Apr-15 8:15am View
Contact at
Padam Agrawal 7-Apr-15 7:12am View
if sender email has 2 step Google verification then remove/deactivate then try..

search how deactivate Google authentication 2-step verification
Padam Agrawal 7-Apr-15 7:10am View
you have to setup sender email details.
Padam Agrawal 23-Oct-13 5:06am View
try to increase width of the control
Padam Agrawal 15-Oct-13 4:48am View
Hmm, Instead of doing adhoc solution you can update the record as st.johns
Padam Agrawal 8-Oct-13 10:58am View
Yes, it is working with numeric variable too. but safer side you should use casting.

Cast is ANSI, convert is not.
ANSI-SQL is more portable across database platforms. So if you ever wanted to use the query on Orcale or others.

Padam Agrawal 8-Oct-13 10:47am View

Your code seems don;t have any problem.
What about when you debugging the code?
Are you using any PostbackURL in button?

Better create a new sample project and try same step by step don't copy/paste the web controls!!

Padam Agrawal 8-Oct-13 10:20am View
I didn't get your requirement. if you want solution provide me following,

1. Your table structure query (Create statement)
2. Some insertion queries for sample data (Insert statement)
3. and your clear requirement with output of given sample data

I will provide solution if logically.

Padam Agrawal 8-Oct-13 9:41am View
Can you paste whole page code? as per your problem DropDownList2 must be rebind some where.
Padam Agrawal 8-Oct-13 9:33am View
Hey, I am not getting what you want, as logically can you explain when you pass 'st.' then how it can be returned all of three? what the logical behind it can you describe then i can help you.

on other hand instead of 'st.' you can just pass 's' for all 3 records.

I can help you out only when you describe logic what you exactly want.

Padam Agrawal 7-Oct-13 9:13am View
Yes it is and its by default property, no need to give any special treatment. try again with new project if still facing problem attach same project here.

Have a great day !!!
Padam Agrawal 7-Oct-13 0:36am View
Return as a class object, like _GetInformation class you have to define own employee class with required members.
Padam Agrawal 5-Oct-13 11:04am View

As you already tested timeout property with 0 value and its not working for you, so we can observe others things too like,

1. What is the SP execution cast if directly run on MS SQL server?

2. Are you able to use other SPs using project for the same DB?

3. Make sure there is no internet braking issue

4. As CommandObject.CommandTimeout = 0 should work, can you try it again in fresh separate code.

Padam Agrawal 5-Oct-13 11:04am View
Padam Agrawal 5-Oct-13 11:03am View