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Sushma_Patel 13-Jul-17 7:25am View
Did you find any solution? I am also facing same issue
Sushma_Patel 31-Jan-14 4:27am View
Thanks for reply.
Above will work for single entry. What if i want to insert multiple records like 10 in table1 and 10 in table2, Yes, i can do it with for loop but i want to elimiate it.
Sushma_Patel 7-Feb-12 7:01am View
My 5 to Sandeep. Good Answer
Sushma_Patel 17-Nov-11 12:45pm View
Yes, already set to True

<telerik:RadComboBox ID="cmbDocCode" runat="server" TabIndex="3" AutoPostBack="true" MarkFirstMatch="true" ToolTip="Select EmptyMessage="Select" Width="157px" Height="200px" Filter="Contains">
Sushma_Patel 17-Nov-11 12:33pm View
Yes, 2 dropdown in binded and value is selected based on 1st dropdown click and based on 2 dropdown value 3rd dropdown is binded(this happens on 1st dropdown click only).
Eg. From category > Group is binded and value is selected and > Employee is binded based on group
Sushma_Patel 28-Jan-11 5:29am View
What you have tried? Explain details in brief.
Sushma_Patel 18-Jan-11 6:18am View
Thanks Prerak
Sushma_Patel 13-Jan-11 6:10am View
I need an example on Floating image not on Accordion control
Sushma_Patel 25-Oct-10 6:48am View
Thanks for all your support and suggestion. I had workaround and finally found a solution. I was missing properties PopupDragHandleControlID. As i added this in my modalpopup it works like a charm.
Sushma_Patel 25-Oct-10 6:30am View
Still it's not working
Sushma_Patel 25-Oct-10 6:07am View
Where i am going wrong. Can you help me to identify!
Sushma_Patel 5-Aug-10 5:32am View
Yes! But not able to find any solution.
Sushma_Patel 2-Aug-10 3:28am View
Can you provide me any good link on how to do it ?
Sushma_Patel 15-Jul-10 23:58pm View
I know this is not exactly n-tier architecture....but i am applying that in my application. This is just one part of the code where i am facing the problem.
Sushma_Patel 22-Jun-10 4:36am View
Thanks for sharing just a wonderful article.
Sushma_Patel 3-Jun-10 8:36am View
Hi Sandeep,
Thanks for giving a solution.
but i want to show popup window on mouse over, i am able to do that on button click. Can you help me on javascript.
My code is:

function popup(stropen) {
open(stropen, "Info", "status=2, scrollbar=1, resizable=1, toolbar=no");

<asp:gridview id="GridView1" runat="server" style="font-size: small;
font-family: Verdana">

This above works great on linkbutton click. Can you help me on javascript of mouseover.