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Comments by luckycode (Top 16 by date)

luckycode 1-Jun-13 9:00am View    
sir for the same example above..i want to laod all rgb values in a 2 dimesional array without storing them in excel file or note do i do this...can u help me..i tried to use lock bits..but i ma getting array...i used lockbits for copying the values to a single dimensional that i can copy all values from single dimensional to two dimensional array
luckycode 1-May-13 3:42am View    
so..for my will i store all rgb values in 2D array..since both dimensions are not same..
luckycode 29-Apr-13 6:39am View    
forms application
luckycode 27-Feb-13 2:29am View    
ya..thsi works...and solved my problem..thank you
luckycode 25-Feb-13 23:52pm View    
I took a listbox and added all files in that list box instead of using IENUMERABLE...I DONT HAVE System.linq...mine is visual studio it is difficult to get LINQ...ANY WAYS MY PROBLEM IS SOLVED...THANKS FOR THE CODE..ONCE AGAIN...