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Comments by Manivannan Shan (Top 5 by date)

Manivannan Shan 24-Mar-11 9:43am View
Vijay i expected as per the code I posted.
see the code,In this During balance update,i need to wait withdrawal process.After updation of balance only allow to withdraw.

For normal withdrawal ,I dont want any lock
Manivannan Shan 24-Mar-11 9:39am View
[Code moved from this comment to the original question] - Nuri
Manivannan Shan 19-Aug-10 3:36am View
Reason for my vote of 5
useful to me
Manivannan Shan 11-Aug-10 5:24am View
Thanks for your response sandeep.
Manivannan Shan 11-Aug-10 5:23am View
Reason for my vote of 4
Helpful to making intelligence for my custom configuration tags in web.config file