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Mahesh Bailwal 29-May-14 6:36am View
thanks for the information. I hope this problem will get resolved soon. :)
Mahesh Bailwal 29-May-14 4:49am View
Sorry for that, the reason for posting this question here is that, I have not received any satisfactory response from the code-project on this and I am not aware who is the right person who can help me on this and also the impact of this issue is not limited to me.

Please share your views.
Mahesh Bailwal 13-Feb-14 6:59am View
Can you share your code snippet?
Mahesh Bailwal 13-Feb-14 5:48am View
what error are you getting?
Mahesh Bailwal 13-Feb-14 5:29am View
what are you trying to achieve in above code and what error are you getting.?
Mahesh Bailwal 12-Jan-14 9:28am View
which c are you talking about tubro, borland, etc and which operating system.?
Mahesh Bailwal 12-Jan-14 8:18am View
Please post your Jquery code for datepicker.
Mahesh Bailwal 11-Jan-14 11:16am View
This error means that compiler is not able to find any control with id "txtname". So you need to check where you have declared or defined "txtname" textbox in your code.
Mahesh Bailwal 11-Jan-14 9:43am View
This link will give you some direction
Mahesh Bailwal 11-Jan-14 9:30am View
can you please explain what you are trying to accomplish with above code?
Mahesh Bailwal 11-Jan-14 9:07am View
Please provide more detail to get correct answer.
Mahesh Bailwal 9-Jan-14 10:11am View
Check below link
Mahesh Bailwal 25-Dec-13 1:01am View
This error means that on the machine (server or local machine) where your code is running SMTP service is not available on port 25.
You need to check whether SMTP service is properly configured and running on the machine you are pointing to using "smtp.Host". Check below link "Setting up SMTP on IIS 7"
Mahesh Bailwal 8-Dec-13 12:13pm View
One more way of debugging is to remove not null constrain from StudentID column in SQL server and than do bulk insert and after that check SQL database if there is any null value got inserted for StudentID column.
Mahesh Bailwal 8-Dec-13 10:06am View
Can you debug at run time and check what values are getting filled in DataTable.
Mahesh Bailwal 8-Dec-13 9:57am View
can you share sample XML file and example of what you want to search in that.
Mahesh Bailwal 8-Dec-13 9:51am View
debug and see whether ReadLine returning string which got '\r' character. If yes then use '\r' instead of '\n'.
Mahesh Bailwal 7-Dec-13 8:58am View
yes, you are right :)
Mahesh Bailwal 7-Dec-13 8:47am View
Sorry, my intention was to give just any idea about "DATEADD" in SQL not the exact answer. :(
Mahesh Bailwal 7-Dec-13 8:27am View
Can you please tell me what was wrong with this solution.
Mahesh Bailwal 7-Dec-13 6:06am View
One way of doing this is to have database field which you can use as lock. Where whenever any user enter edit mode this field value should changed to 1 and when user is out of edit mode value should be changed to 0. Now when any user tries to add new line check this filed value and stop him accordingly.
Mahesh Bailwal 30-Nov-13 7:59am View
your question is not clear enough.
Mahesh Bailwal 30-Nov-13 5:42am View
your question is not clear.
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Nov-13 12:22pm View
Can you tell from where you got this code and what you want to do with it.?
Mahesh Bailwal 19-Nov-13 2:58am View
Are you facing slowness at the time you search image in database?
Mahesh Bailwal 19-Nov-13 2:52am View
why you want to do that?
Mahesh Bailwal 10-Nov-13 12:33pm View
what do you mean by you did not get database file. Please explain what you are trying to achieve.
Mahesh Bailwal 10-Nov-13 11:18am View
what error are you getting?
Mahesh Bailwal 10-Nov-13 10:23am View
Your question is not clear enough. Use Improve question link and provide more detail about your problem like at which line you are getting this error.
Mahesh Bailwal 10-Nov-13 9:28am View
According to my experience I think you should write a packet with a header telling the server what to do with the data.
Mahesh Bailwal 29-Oct-13 10:10am View
Logically there should be no problem but it depends on whether your external dll supports muti threading or not. So my suggestion is first you need to make sure that external dll supports muti-threading and this can be done only by testing and debugging application using muti-threaded approach. So all the best :)
Mahesh Bailwal 28-Oct-13 9:00am View
If response will not come with in 30 second then "workerThread.Abort()" will stop thread execution and if response comes before 30 seconds then thread is already finished. So anyway this thread will die with in 30 seconds. I hope its clear to you. Let me know if you need more clarification.

Please also mark it solved if it worked for you.
Mahesh Bailwal 27-Oct-13 13:13pm View
Below is what I was suggesting, its not properly formatted but what I was suggesting is that you need create protected string not property. Hope below code help.

public partial class Members_SearchResults : System.Web.UI.Page {
protected string OutPutString ="";
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {

if (this.Page.PreviousPage != null)

GridView GridView1 = (GridView)this.Page.PreviousPage.FindControl("GridView1"); //GridViewRow selectedRow = GridView1.SelectedRow; OutPutString += "Family: " + Session["FamilyName"].ToString() + "<br />"; OutPutString += "First: " + Session["FirstName"].ToString() + "<br />"; OutPutString += "Middle: " + Session["MiddleName1"].ToString() + "<br />"; OutPutString += "Middle: " + Session["MiddleName2"].ToString() + "<br />"; OutPutString += "Middle: " + Session["MiddleName3"].ToString() + "<br />"; OutPutString += "Gender: " + Session["Gender"].ToString() + "<br />"; OutPutString += "Birthday: " + Session["DOB"].ToString() + "<br />"; OutPutString += "Country: " + Session["COOB"].ToString() + "<br />"; OutPutString += "State: " + Session["SOB"].ToString() + "<br />"; OutPutString += "City: " + Session["COB"].ToString() + "<br />"; OutPutString += "Type: " + Session["GenType"].ToString() + "<br />"; OutPutString += "Rank: " + Session["GenRank"].ToString() + "<br />"; OutPutString += "Titles: " + Session["GenTitles"].ToString() + "<br />"; OutPutString += "Titles: " + Session["GenTitles1"].ToString() + "<br />"; OutPutString += "Titles: " + Session["GenTitles2"].ToString() + "<br />"; OutPutString += "Death: " + Session["DOD"].ToString() + "<br />"; OutPutString += "Country: " + Session["COOD"].ToString() + "<br />"; OutPutString += "State: " + Session["SOD"].ToString() + "<br />"; OutPutString += "Titles: " + Session["COD"].ToString() + "<br />"; }
Mahesh Bailwal 27-Oct-13 10:08am View
Please share your code.
Mahesh Bailwal 27-Oct-13 10:02am View
added second logic in my solution using thread, hope it will help
Mahesh Bailwal 27-Oct-13 6:13am View
what do you mean by "external function", are you making WCF/web service/Remoting call?
Mahesh Bailwal 27-Oct-13 5:26am View
Yes you are very much right about it. Thanks :)
Mahesh Bailwal 27-Oct-13 2:40am View
what error are you getting?
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Oct-13 15:36pm View
delete your existing code where you are using response.write and use outputstring.
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Oct-13 14:51pm View
did you ever created database connection from ASP.Net application to SQL server?
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Oct-13 14:45pm View
can you share what you have tried so far, so that we can provide you better solution.
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Oct-13 14:41pm View
what is "Search_Form.tb", is it one of the text boxes on the form?
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Oct-13 14:11pm View
what you tried so far?
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Oct-13 10:05am View
First thing the code you have mentioned above is server side code where else JQuery works on client side (in browser) just as JavaScript. So you can not convert server side code to Jquery code.
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Oct-13 9:34am View
Can you tell what approach you have used to get selected items.?
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Oct-13 8:43am View
your welcome :) can you please mark this question solved
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Oct-13 3:20am View
its seems like value in txtEmail.Text is not valid email address. Please check what value you have in txtEmail.Text.
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Oct-13 2:52am View
well in that case you can dynamically change the url of web service depending on which website you want to upload the file.
As I mentioned above that you can pass web service url as parameter to the proxy class constructor.
Mahesh Bailwal 10-Oct-13 8:34am View
what error are you getting?
Mahesh Bailwal 10-Oct-13 6:39am View
Did you thought of using Asp.Net Session object. Where you can keep value in one page and fetch that in any other page?
Mahesh Bailwal 9-Oct-13 1:32am View
Did you debug it?
Mahesh Bailwal 9-Oct-13 1:28am View
Your question is not clear. Do you want to maintain two price of product old price and new price in database ?
Mahesh Bailwal 8-Oct-13 9:28am View
I think you can go ahead with this approach I don’t see any technical hurdle in that except that you need to hit web site to start the thread.

Although this design is not a recommended one and I believe you are also aware of that.
Mahesh Bailwal 8-Oct-13 3:07am View
Do you have any server application running on target machine where you want to send text message?
Mahesh Bailwal 7-Oct-13 10:01am View
why you need "always running" application.?
Mahesh Bailwal 7-Oct-13 6:59am View
what error are you getting?
Mahesh Bailwal 7-Oct-13 6:07am View
You're welcome. Please mark it solved also.
Mahesh Bailwal 7-Oct-13 2:59am View
In your folder you need to check by which field your files are ordered/sorted whether its by file name,file type, date modified, etc.

Below link give you information about changing order of file in a folder .

Once you know by which order your files are showing up in folder. You can sort your File List in your code with same order and print it.
Mahesh Bailwal 7-Oct-13 1:30am View
Please share your code
Mahesh Bailwal 20-Sep-13 13:43pm View
Are you talking about rdlc report?
Mahesh Bailwal 17-Sep-13 8:56am View
Some of the WCF service error occur after WCF method executed successfully. These errors are usually related with serialization or message size. These errors you will not get at the time of debugging, the only way to to get error cause is through WCF logs. So turn on logs for WCF service also.
Mahesh Bailwal 17-Sep-13 8:23am View
did you turned on logging for both service and client?
Mahesh Bailwal 17-Sep-13 0:42am View
In which event are you doing this?
Mahesh Bailwal 17-Sep-13 0:13am View
This seems to be WCF client log. You might have error information in WCF service log please check that also.
Mahesh Bailwal 16-Sep-13 5:21am View
you're welcome :)
Mahesh Bailwal 15-Sep-13 5:18am View
Please elaborate little more.
Mahesh Bailwal 14-Sep-13 2:19am View
It's quit simple just use if and else condition and based on that redirect to different pages using Response.Redirect.
Mahesh Bailwal 14-Sep-13 1:50am View
At which line are you getting this error?
Mahesh Bailwal 12-Sep-13 9:52am View
I don't have any idea about that, but can you check at the start of you validate function whether "document.getElementById('show')" is returning null or not. Before making Ajax call.
Mahesh Bailwal 12-Sep-13 5:06am View
check whether "document.getElementById('show')" is returning null or not.
Mahesh Bailwal 12-Sep-13 5:04am View
From where you get reference to write postback event like this.
Mahesh Bailwal 11-Sep-13 23:52pm View
please share your code?
Mahesh Bailwal 6-Sep-13 8:08am View
can you share view source of this page?
Mahesh Bailwal 6-Sep-13 6:35am View
where you got stuck?
Mahesh Bailwal 6-Sep-13 6:21am View
Did you debug it on page load. why this new function is not getting called.
Mahesh Bailwal 6-Sep-13 4:35am View
Mahesh Bailwal 6-Sep-13 3:47am View
Just forget about txtRegNo2_TextChanged event create new function do whatever you want to do in txtRegNo2_TextChanged event in this new function and call it in every post back.

Let say you have created new function with name CheckTextChange() and copied all the content of txtRegNo2_TextChanged event inside it then using below syntax you can call it in every post back.

if (IsPostBack)
{ {

Mahesh Bailwal 6-Sep-13 2:32am View
So in that case create a separate function, copy all the content of “txtRegNo2_TextChanged” event inside this function and call this new fumction in every post back. Also delete “txtRegNo2_TextChanged” event.
Mahesh Bailwal 6-Sep-13 2:32am View
So in that case create a separate function, copy all the content of “txtRegNo2_TextChanged” event inside this function and call this new fumction in every post back. Also delete “txtRegNo2_TextChanged” event.
Mahesh Bailwal 6-Sep-13 2:21am View
Do you need to fire this text change event in every post back even if the value entered last time and this time is same?
Mahesh Bailwal 6-Sep-13 2:07am View
is both pages are in same folder?
Mahesh Bailwal 5-Sep-13 11:19am View
is your problem solved?
Mahesh Bailwal 5-Sep-13 9:30am View
are you getting any error?
Mahesh Bailwal 5-Sep-13 9:03am View
What do you mean by “it should be enbled”. Please elaborate.
Mahesh Bailwal 4-Sep-13 11:20am View
Share your code.
Mahesh Bailwal 4-Sep-13 11:20am View
what do you mean by "it does not automatically click the input button"?
Mahesh Bailwal 3-Sep-13 10:08am View
can you please share output XML of this php page which browser is reeving through AJAX call.
Mahesh Bailwal 3-Sep-13 3:22am View
what you have tried so far?
Mahesh Bailwal 3-Sep-13 3:19am View
you can also use some web service for getting current date time.
Mahesh Bailwal 3-Sep-13 2:46am View
share your code.
Mahesh Bailwal 31-Aug-13 4:21am View
You need to get value from data source and assign it to report parameter.
Mahesh Bailwal 30-Aug-13 11:06am View
also check whether sender is null or not using alert
Mahesh Bailwal 30-Aug-13 9:15am View
debug and check value of empinfo whether is null or not.
Mahesh Bailwal 30-Aug-13 8:44am View
Please elaborate little more?
Mahesh Bailwal 30-Aug-13 8:36am View
Check in view source what id your getting for '<%= gvBookIssue.ClientID %>';
Mahesh Bailwal 30-Aug-13 8:28am View
Are you getting some error in acheving that or you want to know the syntax for reading values from web.config file?

And also share you loging code.
Mahesh Bailwal 30-Aug-13 8:20am View
what is sender._day?
Mahesh Bailwal 30-Aug-13 8:05am View
In FireFox you can check error console

Tools->Error Console
Mahesh Bailwal 30-Aug-13 7:39am View
yes you can. below is sytnax

Mahesh Bailwal 30-Aug-13 6:57am View
are you getting any error?
Mahesh Bailwal 30-Aug-13 6:46am View
Why you are still using IE6, it’s quite out dated browser. You should better update your browser.
Mahesh Bailwal 30-Aug-13 6:21am View
you can change WCF service URL in config file.
Mahesh Bailwal 29-Aug-13 11:57am View
where you are setting value for Contact cookie in code?
Mahesh Bailwal 27-Aug-13 11:56am View
you mean you want to track database changes made by user?
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Aug-13 14:14pm View
Check OpenXML link below
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Aug-13 13:31pm View
Check openxml on link below
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Aug-13 13:28pm View
You want to write whole logic in Stored Procedure?
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Aug-13 13:23pm View
Put a break point at sqlinsert.ExecuteNonQuery() and at debug time check the value of sqlinsert.CommandText or paste in notepad and check for the syntax error.
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Aug-13 12:41pm View
Check this. May be useful
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Aug-13 11:49am View
please post separate question so that you have better answer :)
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Aug-13 3:39am View
From above query you will get count of existing data for three fields in database in return set.

For Example if username already exist then UserNameCount value will greater than zero.

Now based on value of UserNameCount,EmployeeNumberCount and EmailCount. You can display popup message to the user.

Let me know if you need more clarification.

Mahesh Bailwal 26-Aug-13 3:00am View
"select top 1
(select COUNT(*) from ACRegistrations where UserName ='" + TxtUserName.Text + "') as UserNameCount,
(select COUNT(*) from ACRegistrations where EmployeeNumber ='" + EmployeeNumber.Text + "') as EmployeeNumberCount,
(select COUNT(*) from ACRegistrations where Email ='" + TxtEmail.Text +"') as EmailCount
from ACRegistrations"

Above query will work for you, use this query with SqlDataReader, below link is reference for using SqlDataReader.
Mahesh Bailwal 25-Aug-13 12:19pm View
can you share code which is calling this SP.
Mahesh Bailwal 25-Aug-13 11:53am View
As far as saving and reverting data from database it remains same for all languages whether english, hindi or marthi. So where do you think you will have problem.?
Mahesh Bailwal 25-Aug-13 9:45am View
did you debug the code whats going wrong, where do you think problem is?
Mahesh Bailwal 25-Aug-13 9:20am View
what's going wrong with this code?
Mahesh Bailwal 25-Aug-13 9:09am View
where you got stuck?
Mahesh Bailwal 25-Aug-13 4:56am View
at which line number are you getting this error?
Mahesh Bailwal 25-Aug-13 4:50am View
so where you got stuck?
Mahesh Bailwal 25-Aug-13 4:19am View
are you using dataset/datatable for binding data with gridview?
Mahesh Bailwal 25-Aug-13 4:01am View
you're welcome.
Mahesh Bailwal 25-Aug-13 3:52am View
Please follow below link for getting file size
Mahesh Bailwal 25-Aug-13 3:18am View
please provide example of what your listbox contains.
Mahesh Bailwal 25-Aug-13 1:35am View
Your question is not clear.?
Mahesh Bailwal 25-Aug-13 1:33am View
Sorry, It should be Integer instead of Int.
About other problem your facing, in the question you have mentioned "sum all value that shows the size of the files in listbox1" based on that I provided solution best to my knowledge.Too to get correct answer you must provide all the information in the question including code snippet, other wise answers are given on assumption which may not be right.

Please click on "Improve question" link and update your question with relevant information.
Mahesh Bailwal 24-Aug-13 14:47pm View
Please mark it solved :)
Mahesh Bailwal 24-Aug-13 14:24pm View
I tried the same scenario what you mentioned, it did not post back in my case when I clicked browser back button.

Can you share your code and tell which browser are you using.
Mahesh Bailwal 24-Aug-13 13:56pm View
you need to use where clause in your sql statement for showing one record.
Mahesh Bailwal 24-Aug-13 13:39pm View
can you provide url from where you picked this code?
Mahesh Bailwal 24-Aug-13 11:03am View
one more suggestion add check box column to your datagrid and
onclick of print all button check the numbers of rows in gridview if they are say less than 200 then print all rows images else show message to user “can not print more than 200 rows please select rows for print".
You can take input from user for the range of rows user wants to print.
Mahesh Bailwal 24-Aug-13 10:47am View
One thing I want to point here is that there is a separate http hit from browser to the server for retrieving every image referred in web page.
So in your case once your page is loaded browser will make 20000 hits to the server for reverting all the images and that might be the reason your page is getting hanged.
Mahesh Bailwal 24-Aug-13 10:28am View
Sorry, I don't have any sample which will fit in your need.
Mahesh Bailwal 24-Aug-13 9:00am View
You can use report parameters in this case.
Mahesh Bailwal 24-Aug-13 8:21am View
are you talking about database table or ADO.Net datatable?
Mahesh Bailwal 24-Aug-13 8:18am View
Looking at your code I think you need to debug your code in two ways.
First create hard coded skill string instead of making it dynamically and pass it to stored procedure and check whether SP is working as expected.

Once you have checked that your SP is working fine then create skills string dynamically and check whether your code is making correct skill string or not.
Mahesh Bailwal 24-Aug-13 1:58am View
you're welcome :) Please mark it solved if it worked for you.
Mahesh Bailwal 24-Aug-13 1:49am View
Please share your code where you are facing problem.
Mahesh Bailwal 24-Aug-13 1:45am View
Please share your stored procedure and C# code calling it.
Mahesh Bailwal 20-Aug-13 13:32pm View
you are not able to see logo image in print or in browser window?
Mahesh Bailwal 20-Aug-13 13:11pm View
You did not copy my mentioned code properly.

Wrong : $("spnProductID").text = prod.ProductID;

Correct : $("#spnProductID").text(prod.ProductID);

Mahesh Bailwal 19-Aug-13 7:59am View
Please provide more information.
Mahesh Bailwal 19-Aug-13 7:54am View
Can you post your code snippet you are using for accessing this web page.
Mahesh Bailwal 19-Aug-13 7:17am View
Please provide more information and your code.
Mahesh Bailwal 15-Aug-13 2:13am View
inside click function check the height of image if its height is enlarged then reduce image size else enlarge the image.
Mahesh Bailwal 10-Aug-13 0:46am View
Check this link below, may help.
Mahesh Bailwal 30-Jul-13 7:45am View
your welcome MAN :)
Mahesh Bailwal 28-Jul-13 11:42am View
Refer link below for determine Selected Cell's Value In DataGrid(WPF)
Mahesh Bailwal 27-Jul-13 14:34pm View
You add dropdownlist same way as you are adding text box. Are you getting any error while doing that?
Mahesh Bailwal 27-Jul-13 13:54pm View
It will be easier to answer your question if you can share your code for capturing short cut keys.
Mahesh Bailwal 27-Jul-13 12:33pm View
No one can provide you whole solution. You need to tell where you got stuck and what you tried in
Mahesh Bailwal 27-Jul-13 12:28pm View
Are you using template column or adding text box to datagrid dynamically at run time?
Mahesh Bailwal 27-Jul-13 11:47am View
Well you can loop through all values in datagridview and insert them in database one by one inside loop.
Is this what you are looking for?
Mahesh Bailwal 27-Jul-13 11:44am View
What you have tried so far?
Mahesh Bailwal 26-Jul-13 8:53am View
Please share code of page no 6
Mahesh Bailwal 23-Jul-13 22:48pm View
Is it windows or web application?
Mahesh Bailwal 17-Jul-13 11:58am View
why you want to do that?
Mahesh Bailwal 15-Jul-13 6:46am View
Please post new question of your new issue so that its visible to everyone and you can have better answer.
Mahesh Bailwal 13-Jul-13 11:58am View
Well if you want to bind one data-source at one time then its always possible but if you want to bind same grid with more than one data-source at the same time then its not possible and your dataset approach is correct.
Mahesh Bailwal 13-Jul-13 11:38am View
Its not possible, but why you want to do that?
Mahesh Bailwal 13-Jul-13 11:30am View
Share your code for better answer.
Mahesh Bailwal 13-Jul-13 5:40am View
Are you trying to read custom attributes or normal property?
Mahesh Bailwal 13-Jul-13 4:16am View
what are you trying to do?
Mahesh Bailwal 13-Jul-13 3:42am View
Debug and find at which line you are getting this error and then update your question with more information?
Mahesh Bailwal 13-Jul-13 3:36am View
Your Welcome. Please mark this question solved.
Mahesh Bailwal 13-Jul-13 1:28am View
what are using for reports on windows application, crystal report or RDLC?
Mahesh Bailwal 13-Jul-13 1:24am View
I believe you should cache this much amount of data in memory as it may have adverse impact on your performance and its not scalable. You should better go for retrieving Page data from SQL Server. Please check below links
Mahesh Bailwal 9-Jul-13 1:57am View
Below links may help
Mahesh Bailwal 9-Jul-13 1:57am View
Sorry, it was by mistake.
Mahesh Bailwal 9-Jul-13 1:26am View
Below links may help
Mahesh Bailwal 8-Jul-13 14:01pm View
May be I am wrong, but this issue can also occur if someone is not providing STMP host name and genuine email address registered with SMTP server. That's why I asked for code.

Please check this thread.

Mahesh Bailwal 8-Jul-13 9:43am View
Can you share your code?
Mahesh Bailwal 5-Jul-13 12:10pm View
What values you have in Name Column? Give some example.
Mahesh Bailwal 3-Jul-13 8:23am View
Press F5 once you get cursor on datadapt lines, then you will get some error.
Share that error.
Mahesh Bailwal 3-Jul-13 8:17am View
Sorry for the late reply. The above solution is only for HTML controls. For PDF please visit below thread.
Mahesh Bailwal 2-Jul-13 12:44pm View
thanks :)
Mahesh Bailwal 2-Jul-13 12:09pm View
you mean same file or namespace because by default if you add new class or form in visual studio to the project they always have same namespace.
Mahesh Bailwal 2-Jul-13 11:47am View
Did you debug it?
Mahesh Bailwal 2-Jul-13 11:23am View
Please elaborate more?
Mahesh Bailwal 2-Jul-13 2:57am View
Check Below code

<%@ Page Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/Master.Master" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="Content.aspx.cs" Inherits="WebApplication3.Content" Title="Untitled Page" %>
<asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="head" Runat="Server">
<link href="css/ui-lightness/jquery-ui-1.8.21.custom.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {
function SearchText() {
$("input[id*= txtSearch]").autocomplete({

source: function (request, response) {
alert('In AutoComplete ');
type: "POST",
contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
url: "Default.aspx/GetAutoCompleteData",
data: "{'username':'" + extractLast(request.term) + "'}",
dataType: "json",
success: function (data) {
error: function (result) {
focus: function () {
// prevent value inserted on focus
return false;
select: function (event, ui) {
var terms = split(this.value);
// remove the current input
// add the selected item
// add placeholder to get the comma-and-space at the end
this.value = terms.join(", ");
return false;
$("input[id*= txtSearch]").bind("keydown", function (event) {
if (event.keyCode === $.ui.keyCode.TAB &&
$(this).data("autocomplete") {
function split(val) {
return val.split(/,\s*/);
function extractLast(term) {
return split(term).pop();

<asp:Content ID="Content2" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1" Runat="Server">

<div class="demo">
<div class="ui-widget">
<label for="tbAuto">Enter UserName: </label>

<asp:TextBox ID="txtSearch" runat="server" Width="300px">
Mahesh Bailwal 2-Jul-13 1:56am View
Above solution is only for HTML controls. For PDF please visit below thread.
Mahesh Bailwal 2-Jul-13 0:02am View
Please share you code.
Mahesh Bailwal 1-Jul-13 7:05am View
I am not familiar with itextsarp. So please post new question for your new issue so that its visible to everyone and you can have better answer.
Mahesh Bailwal 1-Jul-13 5:41am View
Please post new question of your new issue so that its visible to everyone and you can have better answer.
Mahesh Bailwal 1-Jul-13 5:36am View
Below mention solution should work on all browser

<html xmlns="">
Untitled Page
@media print
<form name="form1" method="post" action="WebForm4.aspx" id="form1">


<iframe src="" id="iframe1" class="hide"></iframe>




Please mark question solved if it worked for you.
Mahesh Bailwal 1-Jul-13 3:29am View
Yes, you are right chrome does not support.
Mahesh Bailwal 1-Jul-13 3:28am View
Unfortunately Chrome does not support before and after print. So you need to use CSS @media print. Just updated my solution.
Mahesh Bailwal 1-Jul-13 2:42am View
Can you tell me which browser are you using?
Mahesh Bailwal 30-Jun-13 9:56am View
can you share your loadPopup function code.
Mahesh Bailwal 30-Jun-13 3:07am View
You must be getting some error, can you share that?
Mahesh Bailwal 30-Jun-13 2:42am View
Can you tell what is your exact requirement? Why you want to parse string?
Mahesh Bailwal 29-Jun-13 12:10pm View
Check this link. May help
Mahesh Bailwal 29-Jun-13 11:10am View
What do you mean by hide value 400?
Mahesh Bailwal 29-Jun-13 11:02am View
Can you share your code to give clear idea?
Mahesh Bailwal 29-Jun-13 10:56am View
you need to sort your data by date before adding it to listView. Any issue in that?
Mahesh Bailwal 29-Jun-13 5:44am View
Why you are not using Dataset? You can create dataset at runtime.
Mahesh Bailwal 29-Jun-13 4:35am View
The code you have mentioned is Proxy client for calling web service. This code is not web service code but instead client code for consuming web service.
Mahesh Bailwal 29-Jun-13 3:59am View
Below is the syntax to add child node.
TreeNode nodeParent = new TreeNode();
TreeNode nodeChild = new TreeNode();
Mahesh Bailwal 29-Jun-13 3:41am View
where you got stuck?
Mahesh Bailwal 28-Jun-13 10:32am View
First try with static report without any dynamic data. I mean report with some hard coded value. If its work then try again with SQL data.
Mahesh Bailwal 28-Jun-13 10:13am View
Share your ASP.Net code from where you are making call to this SP.