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David_Wimbley 30-Mar-20 19:43pm View
You need to provide a stack trace, without it no one here is going to be able to help you. None of us have access to your code, hard drive, source control nor can we see your screen or access your app. My guess is your error is in your GetListof2020LoadPass method on your BL_Report class.

Add a try catch to your controller action, log the exception and provide what the stack trace outputs if you would like more meaningful help.
David_Wimbley 6-Dec-19 13:20pm View
Use xpath to target specific id. Given is your site...add an ID to the div with no ID.
David_Wimbley 12-Nov-19 2:46am View
First or default has nothing to do with how a method works or available return values.

A method must have a return value regardless of its value. Your IF statement is preventing any values being returned if codename.Any() is false. If its true, you have a return value.

Based on your comment it seems you need to get rid of your if statement and just return FirstOrDefault as the .Any() check is redundant.

Ex: Change
if (codename.Any())
return codename.FirstOrDefault();

To just

return codename.FirstOrDefault();

That should accomplish what you seem to be indicating you need. Regardless of any contents within the codename List, it will return first or default (in this case null if the list is empty).
David_Wimbley 10-Jun-19 16:21pm View
Looks like the issue lies with your LDAP server, not your code. Need to take a look at your server or work with your sys admin.
David_Wimbley 7-Jun-19 23:39pm View
You have a relationship between Table A and Table C but no relationship from Table A to table B.

Therefore your attempt to "tableB is where each record is created" is useless as there is no foreign key to any other table defined.

You either need a foreign key added to Table C to indicate B.Id maps to A.Id...sort of thing.
David_Wimbley 7-Jun-19 23:11pm View
If im understanding you correctly, you pass one or the other, not both. Ex: a domain of maps to an IP address. Using DHCP, it will map the domain name to the IP.

If you mean just the domain of the AD instance, that would be the "domain2" in the username.
David_Wimbley 29-Apr-19 23:09pm View
How do you expect us to know when thats not a real URL? We don't have access to your code, servers or your computer. You are going to need to be more specific in terms of "i got error returned".

First guess, your URL is correct the URL.
David_Wimbley 16-Apr-19 15:09pm View
This is great and all but i don't know what you expect anyone here to do...this is not meant as rude or as me being a jerk, i genuinely don't know what you expect from anyone on a forum like this to do for you. We dont have access to your source code nor can we debug this code for you. We are not your coworkers nor do we have access to your servers.

My suggestion would be to do some research into what a segmentation fault is and see how it applies in reference to your code.
David_Wimbley 16-Apr-19 1:33am View
Encrypt your data on the server side which is completely normal and implemented with SSL is safe. Client side encryption is useless as the keys and methods of encryption are visible to the end user.

I also suggest given your comments, you read up on how SSL encrypts connections/works with requests in a browser. Your fear of it being in plain text for the user who is accessing the application doesn't make a lot of sense given any attacks would be from a third party.
David_Wimbley 16-Apr-19 1:30am View
Your going to have to debug your code yourself or post more specifics with relevant code samples. Think about it this way, you don't go into the doctors office expecting them to diagnose your illness and provide you a treatment program with medication all from you simply saying "i hurt". Thats kinda like what your doing here. You say you have a segment fault error but there is nothing any of us can do to help you without specifics given we aren't your coworkers, we dont have access to your project, source code, servers or databases.
David_Wimbley 14-Apr-19 2:35am View
SSL provides end to end encryption, there is no way to view messages sent to and from the server if you use SSL cert. If you still have questions I suggest reading up on man in the middle attacks in reference to SSL certs.
David_Wimbley 8-Apr-19 3:27am View
David_Wimbley 2-Apr-19 23:33pm View
David_Wimbley 2-Apr-19 23:33pm View
Shouldn't you be specifying the exact EXE, not a relative path to the folder?
David_Wimbley 2-Apr-19 18:10pm View
Are you getting any errors? Have you tried using RemoteWebDriver and passing in browser settings that way?
David_Wimbley 26-Mar-19 19:39pm View
Have you tried searching on google? how to use MFA to authenticate to AWS S3 returns a ton of results.

One of the first links looks to be exactly what you are looking for.

What i am trying to do is encourage you to think for yourself rather than relying on others to solve your problems for you. From the way it looks, you tried one thing (if that) and because it didn't work. Now you are asking me to show you code on how to do it in C#.

Another link
David_Wimbley 26-Mar-19 1:07am View
You need to indicate specifically where your issue is and what your expected outcome is. Right now you are asking people to guess where your issue is and what you expect the outcome to be.
David_Wimbley 26-Mar-19 1:04am View
What does "does not work" mean? What is the specific error you are running into. Off the top of my head im going to guess that it has to do with your *-Ini* commands you are calling.
David_Wimbley 23-Mar-19 3:34am View
If you are trying to get the value from TempData, off the top of my head, var ptran2 = ('@TempData["m_pran"]'); shoudl work (i think) so you may need to debug your application to see why there is nothing in TempData.

If you are trying to save a value from jQuery to tempdata you will need to perform an ajax call to the back end to set that value.
David_Wimbley 23-Mar-19 3:31am View
One option that I went with was overriding the machine key via web.config so if you've gotten a token from server A it will work on Server B.

Ex: Note, this is not my machine key, i just generated a new one for this purpose.
    <compilation debug="true" targetFramework="4.6.1"/>
    <httpRuntime targetFramework="4.6"/>
    <machineKey validationKey="DF81295AD0E82DBD0893CFFE4BA71D41C964D3A4AFD27887A36A8C3018C55FB71D524A7107FF27A2BC15CF9B22C5611C4D64308B1F3D039E0269A7461CE70853" decryptionKey="927FFC06AD876B9442AF184E8DAC1B58DEE2E313593B113258551F7B76D19610" validation="SHA1" decryption="AES" /> 

David_Wimbley 23-Mar-19 3:25am View
What have you tried? What is your issue? Are you just asking someone to write multi factor authentication integration for you? A simple google search on using say, google mfa would yield plenty of results to get started.
David_Wimbley 23-Mar-19 3:23am View
Ah ok, this may have been me getting confused about your question. So yea, sounds like you had the base classes separated out, I guess I was adding if there is shared logic between both, you could go a step further and have a BaseFunction class - then NonDeterministicFunction base class would inherit from BaseFunction...then all your NonDeterministic functions would inherit from that non-determin function base class.


public class NonDeterministicFunction : BaseFunction 
// Skip code and stuff
public class MyFunction : NonDeterministicFunction, IFunction

Then you'd have shared logic from base function accessible by MyFunction (in theory).
David_Wimbley 14-Mar-19 15:31pm View
Look at the google search and pick any of those top few links, your answer is there. If you show you've made an effort i'll be happy to help some more but what i've provided basically got you 90% of the way there.
David_Wimbley 28-Feb-19 12:37pm View
Download chrome?
David_Wimbley 3-Jan-19 4:37am View
You are asking someone to architect either your companies product or your personal product for you. It sounds like you've made the effort to do some research which is great but what you are asking is beyond the scope of a quick answer forum. These forums aren't meant for architectural discussions on how to build an app to do X Y and Z to the degree which you are desiring.

My suggestion would be this. It seems as though you have the app working for 1 video and each link as long as it is clicked on or the link is provided to some degree.

Figure out some way to put those links into a list/collection of some sort, loop over that list and play each video until it ends, then start playing the next one to create the continuous loop you desire.

I highly doubt your going to find someone whose built your solution for you in tutorial form. Your going to have to break your problem down to even smaller pieces and go from there.

Not what you wanted to hear im sure.
David_Wimbley 3-Jan-19 2:08am View
Pretty much a google search for any book on c# is probably a best bet. You can also follow tutorials/google for tutorials.

One of the things about getting into development is taking time to figure things out for yourself before having someone else do the leg work for you.

My suggestion for you would be to do a google search, pick a few books you think may be good and then come back and ask based on what you've found...which book others may find most beneficial.
David_Wimbley 4-Dec-18 16:25pm View
my above answer still would apply. Its nothing terribly magical, more resources are required to meet the needs of your traffic. Amazon isn't ran on one box and magically works for the millions of hits it gets per hour.
David_Wimbley 4-Dec-18 0:07am View
What have you tried? You need to post the code you've already attempted
David_Wimbley 3-Dec-18 2:16am View
So what is your issue?
David_Wimbley 2-Dec-18 23:07pm View
Why not just wrap the iframe in a div ahead of time?
David_Wimbley 2-Dec-18 0:42am View
You need to check your attitude towards people attempting to understand your issue. Telling them they are making it harder then it needs to be is insulting, if you were more clear (like the comment above) the first time you might not be getting so frustrated because someone asked for some clarification on an issue that isn't their problem to solve.

You use terminology that makes sense to you but sounds ridiculous to others. I've never heard parsing text (whether from a book or a pdf) as "eating it".

Looking over your explanation it looks like what you want to look into is called natural language processing (NLP)

This is not a simple topic to master (given you are new to development this is likely far beyond what you are ready for just yet), people get PHDs in this line of data science work so be prepared to dig in heavily to this topic.
David_Wimbley 1-Dec-18 22:17pm View
If you want to know if your code is EDI 837 compliant (or whatever the best phrasing is to mean "correct") you need to hire a developer who has experience in the domain that you are working in.

A quick answer forum is not the place to have someone do a code review and tell you what is/isn't right and how to go about correcting potential issues.
David_Wimbley 1-Dec-18 22:15pm View
What is your problem?
David_Wimbley 28-Nov-18 14:05pm View
Can you add the html/razor/cshtml portion of your code as well so we can see what you've attempted?
David_Wimbley 28-Nov-18 2:06am View
You need to post your code, not all of it but the relevant portions in order for anyone to even begin to provide you some guidance.

Likely, you've got an issue where your app has a lock on your files and it hasn't been disposed of properly. Given i can't see your code nor do i have access to your machine, thats the best guess i've got.
David_Wimbley 16-Oct-18 15:59pm View
you need to post the error you are seeing if you want meaningful help. Posting code and saying it isn't working won't get you very far.

What exception/error is your compiler giving you?
David_Wimbley 16-Oct-18 15:24pm View
Looks to me like you are missing a bracket between public class Die and public static void main
David_Wimbley 29-Aug-18 16:28pm View
If your POST to the SMS API is successful but no SMS is sent, i would think you need to get in touch with your SMS vendor/website ( about what the issue is.

We aren't your SMS vendor so we can't help troubleshoot why an HTTP POST is successful but the sms was never sent/received.
David_Wimbley 27-Aug-18 14:23pm View
Id recommend having a reporting server, like sql server reporting services, that is centralized (like your DB should be) and you just make calls to SSRS web service to generate reports which download to the clients PC. Thats the best option (not necessarily SSRS, but to not install a report generating server on every clients computer). You can also deploy RDL (which are ssrs reports) which you can deploy to clients computer and generate reports locally without a server.
David_Wimbley 26-Aug-18 0:59am View
I may be missing something but i dont see a difference between your before and after examples. Unless your saying the data is in a column and you want to insert it as a row (that part isnt clear).
David_Wimbley 8-Aug-18 11:19am View
The error is pretty clear, you are making a call to an API endpoint that has an [Authorize] attribute on it and you did not authenticate first. Either remove the authorize attribute (probably not smart but an option) or authenticate in some fashion to the API prior to calling it for data for your data table
David_Wimbley 1-Aug-18 16:59pm View
Hes being a jerk, his answer history is only replying with "did you try turning it off and on again"
David_Wimbley 1-Aug-18 16:57pm View
I'd recommend you get a profiler and see where the hangup is. Jetbrains has one that has a 10 day free trial.

There are a lot of unknowns about your server that only you know, no one else does since we don't have access to your box. It could be low resources on the server (cpu/ram/hdd) or it could be you have other things running on it that are fighting for resources...who knows.

Since none of us know anything about your project, nor can we run your code locally on our machines to try it ourselves (thats asking a lot anways) my recommendation would be for you to log and profile your app to see what is taking so long/is so slow.
David_Wimbley 13-Jul-18 12:28pm View
Did you read the answer i posted? If its not working check your css selector as its probably incorrect. That or attach a class to your buttons so you can target the class.
David_Wimbley 28-Jun-18 22:40pm View
I dont know anything about what you are trying to accomplish so your going to have to provide more info...whether its 1 directory or across 100 directories, you can write a script/console app to do the work for yourself.

Only you can figure that out given i dont have access to your PC or know anything about your project.
David_Wimbley 28-Jun-18 15:32pm View
What are you not clear with BOTO3 documentation that you don't understand how to go about implementing it?

I found 3 links, the boto3 docs, boto3 quick start guide and 1 walkthrough that seems pretty clear.

What issues are you having?
David_Wimbley 28-Jun-18 12:18pm View
I havent looked but if you are getting bad request as the response, check your JSON and that it is formatted properly according to the API docs for google. The issue is likely on your end and since your able to get a response...the issue is highly likely in your json request.

The other likely issue is likely in your authorization/credentials/permissions.
David_Wimbley 28-Jun-18 11:28am View
So assuming you've got a directory of images, just write a console app or some sort of script to read the directory, use the file name as the image name and just build strings of inserts and write them to a file.
David_Wimbley 27-Jun-18 23:47pm View
YOur issue isn't clear, are you just asking for a way to automate the insert statements being written instead of manually writing them yourself?
David_Wimbley 27-Jun-18 12:12pm View
Assuming you aren't creating a robo dialer, I'll just direct you to Twilio. They have great developer documentation and you should be able to do just about anything you could imagine with their API in regards to SMS/Voice/dialing out. I've created an IVR line using their APIs and was pretty easy to get up and running.
David_Wimbley 26-Jun-18 13:59pm View
Without detailing what the error is, no one is going to really be able to help you as we can't run your code since we dont have access to your computer or your servers.

You aught to update your question with what your error message is and if possible, post your DB schema with some sample data so it is easy to replicate your join errors.
David_Wimbley 25-Jun-18 23:33pm View
You labeled .net core so I'm not sure if this is same fix, but this worked in web api for me in .net 4.6

GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.Formatters.XmlFormatter.UseXmlSerializer = true;

You put that into your Global.asx within the Application_Start() method. Again, not sure if it is applicable in .net core as Im not as familiar with that but this is what i had to do to get xml to work.

Also to note, when doing this, I didn't need to use dynamic i just used the class name in the Controller action method signature. Ex: public IHttActionResult MyMethod([FromBody] MyxmlClass value)
David_Wimbley 25-Jun-18 23:29pm View
Hope it helps, since I'm not familiar with your API only you are going to know how the authentication works (Ex: is it bearer token authentication? basic auth?) so you'll just have to google the type of authentication and then append VB to the end of your google search. Your API is likely straight forward so there is sure to be plenty of documentation that is just a short google search away.

Good luck.
David_Wimbley 26-Apr-18 17:22pm View
Are you saying you want to auto uninstall an exe after a certain amount of time? Why bother installing it at all?
David_Wimbley 4-Mar-18 21:28pm View
Why do you need a data cable to send an SMS? You are probably overthinking what you are attempting to do.

All you need is to create a web service that takes arguments/xml/json of an SMS structure that you define, the web service uses what it receives to then use something liek twilio to send an SMS.
David_Wimbley 2-Mar-18 1:05am View
The error is pretty clear although your sample code got butchered in process of posting it.

Make sure @Scripts.Render("~/bower_components/") is either in the tags of your HTML (not within any partial or in a div in the middle of your layout.cshtml) or at the footer of your layout.cshtml.

Make sure your not missing any other data table javascript files as well.
David_Wimbley 24-Feb-18 17:21pm View
Thats not what i asked...Where is your code for the controller. Your question is about your controllers action yet you sis not provide the code for it.
David_Wimbley 24-Feb-18 1:16am View
If you didn't get the mail and your code was successful i'm not sure what you expect any of us to do. My only suggestion is to try another email service. For example, i see you are using gmail, try using or what would be better is if you've got a personal website or something of that sort, try it using the smtp server provided by your hosting company.
David_Wimbley 24-Feb-18 0:41am View
You need to show your controller that you've created for these params that you are trying to have flow into your View.

Also, need to know if you've done anything to your RoutesConfig.cs (i think thats what its called, can't remember off top of my head, but the file with routes is in the App_Data folder) to configure customized routing within your project.

What you are attempting to do is pretty straight forward as long as the action in your controller is setup to accept 2 parameters.
David_Wimbley 23-Feb-18 2:00am View
You first need to post the relevant code...the issue is in dealing with a greater than comparison but all you've done is post a method call that doesn't really help any.

Not sure how much help anyone can be without additional code but the error is pretty clear, you can't compare AREUS_IMPORT*** to an integer apparently.
David_Wimbley 22-Feb-18 12:01pm View
How long does it take to run on ssrs server? Seems to me that to generate a 2688 page file via SSRS soap API's you probably are going to need more than 59 seconds.

What about your code that you are using to make this request?

You've got to think that even though it may run fast from SSRS its not trying to necessarily download those bytes to a third party client (your app) so your file has to be, i would think, at least 50mb to 100mb possibly depending on its contents.

You might need to rethink how you are going about generating that file/getting to the user...ex: a pub/sub event driven type model where you fire off the request to the report and have an API subscribe to those requests and generates it out of band.
David_Wimbley 22-Feb-18 11:37am View
Instead of trying to port something that I am sure has been done numerous times in java, why not just use a java library or do a google search for java aes256 encryption? This seems pointless to me

aes256 encryption in java

Plenty of links on first page of google result would get you the same result and probably much quicker.
David_Wimbley 22-Feb-18 11:35am View
You didn't post your controller code but, to me it looks like you have a typo in your routes.

action="GetStaudent" might need to be action="GetStudent"
David_Wimbley 20-Feb-18 12:32pm View
How do you expect us to help you if you don't provide any code or any error?

The best answer your going to get is to use google as thats all any of us can do given the lack of anything useful to go on.
David_Wimbley 16-Feb-18 16:52pm View
The way you've done it is fine, you can just add a script on your server to clear out the directory of zip files where they are saved when they are created and schedule it via windows scheduler to happen hourly/nightly...whatever meets your needs.
David_Wimbley 15-Feb-18 4:20am View
You probably need to use the latest chrome driver...what version chrome driver are you running?
David_Wimbley 14-Feb-18 13:47pm View
If you are using active directory...or some other similar management software...i'm sure you could do this via group policy.
David_Wimbley 14-Feb-18 13:45pm View
I dont think what you are asking is very clear.

Don't you already know the URL of where the JSON came from as you have to get the JSON from somewhere?

If thats not the case, how do you know the URL of the 5th record is /students/4.json?

I think you need to post your full JSON as an example.
David_Wimbley 14-Feb-18 13:43pm View
I think you need to look into powershell remoting or something like psexec rather than doing this through c#. I've never seen a protocal of "IIS://" before so im not even sure what you are attempting.

But psexec was built for stuff like this.
David_Wimbley 14-Feb-18 11:26am View
What is the exact error you get? Is it something like (this is sql server) Column '' is invalid in the select list because it is not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause.

Also, if this is a one time query or if you are able to, it looks like you've got 2 deep sub table queries which also may be part of the problem (you didn't post schema and I didn't attempt to recreate) so if you are able, you might consider using a temp table to load data into and massage it there rather than create a huge query. That may make it easier to work with but I don't know anything about your project.
David_Wimbley 14-Feb-18 11:21am View
You need to post your html and javascript in its entirety as what you've got should work so something else is going on.
David_Wimbley 14-Feb-18 1:17am View
By first using google to figure out how to make calls to facebook API and then google API respectively.

Then taking what you've researched and massaging it to meet your needs.

You need to realize there is no 1 size fits all solution for everyones problems, you need to do some work on your end via simple google searches in order to figure it out rather than attempting to have the work done for you.

If you aren't technical enough to work with API's, then i suggest you take some time to work through a bunch of tutorials or look at hiring someone from something like
David_Wimbley 14-Feb-18 0:16am View
Do you know how to google? Because the title is a perfect google search.

There are plenty of results in this search that will meet your needs regardless of winforms/wpf/ you need to do is a little work on your end and you can figure it out rather than try and get others to do it for you.
David_Wimbley 13-Feb-18 0:17am View
Have you see the nuget package for this? That may make things a bit easier for you.
David_Wimbley 13-Feb-18 0:15am View
And what would you like us to do? You indicate you haven't tried anything so that leads me to believe you'd like someone here to do the work for you.

If you don't want anyone to do the work for you then you really ought to use google and try and figure it out for yourself. There are plenty of jquery video player plugins that I am confident have some sort of callback you can utilize once the video is done to handle your redirection...all you have to do is put in a little bit of effort on your part and do the research.
David_Wimbley 12-Feb-18 16:12pm View
Can you clarify that all you want to do is download files via SFTP from Server A and upload those same files to Server B. Your question is phrased as though you want to create your own FTP server which, gonna be honest, is pointless.
David_Wimbley 12-Feb-18 11:44am View
The := gives me delphi flashbacks
David_Wimbley 12-Feb-18 2:20am View
So what is your issue? YOu haven't stated a problem, and if your "problem" is that you want someone to tell you how to do character mapping your first stop ought to be google but alas, it was here.
David_Wimbley 12-Feb-18 0:57am View
David_Wimbley 12-Feb-18 0:57am View
David_Wimbley 12-Feb-18 0:50am View
Do you even have the schema done? If so can you post it with some sample data? Otherwise this reeks of a homework problem and the only answer your going to get is to talk to your teacher.
David_Wimbley 11-Feb-18 16:24pm View
I know you say you are a beginner but why would you want to reinvent the wheel and not use a framework that provides you the functionality you need instead of trying to roll your own? If this is for fun that thats fine...but knowing when to use a framework vs trying to build it yourself is a common issue with new devs.

You can most certainly build this yourself but it may take you a while where you could just use datatables or something like that to speed things along and not try to roll your own.
David_Wimbley 11-Feb-18 14:53pm View
You need to talk with your teacher rather than trying to get a forum to do your homework for you.
David_Wimbley 11-Feb-18 14:51pm View
Unfortunately what you've provided doesn't tell us if your CSS is working properly. You need to make sure within the tags of your HTML you are referencing your CSS file appropriately. If your CSS isn't working, that is the first place to start.
David_Wimbley 10-Feb-18 23:49pm View
Does the air force know you are posting code here?
David_Wimbley 10-Feb-18 14:34pm View
So what is your issue? If visual studio "doesn't run it"...what error are you getting?
David_Wimbley 10-Feb-18 13:33pm View
Without any code samples the only thing any of us can do is tell you to look at the stack trace as that tells you where the issue is.

My only other suggestion would be to create a project that only adds the toggle you are trying to use on it, see if it still throws an error...if it doesn't then start to debug from there, if it does then go to the metroframework creator and raise the issue with them.
David_Wimbley 10-Feb-18 2:03am View
So what is your question...all youve done is declare what you would like to do. If you are expecting us to do it for you, prepare for disappointment.

You ought to attempt the functionality you seek and do some research on your end to try and acheive that.

A simple google search would probably solve your issue and 90% of every issue you run into. keep in mind you can't expect a google search to yield results for your specific use case, rather you need to break your issue down into separate pieces, search google for this issues and then massage everything you've found into your code base to do what it is you need it to do.
David_Wimbley 9-Feb-18 13:25pm View
If you are unable to share your code then looks like you need to refer to google instead of forums.
David_Wimbley 9-Feb-18 3:49am View
All that is great but the issue still remains, you need to set a break point in your code and figure out where the root cause of the issue is.

Running it and finding that its empty in DB is fine but doing the same thing over and over and hoping itll start working isnt going to fix it.

Just eyeballing your code, if what you say is true that is happening your issue is likely in this area

TxtImageCust.BackgroundImage.Save(ms, TxtImageCust.BackgroundImage.RawFormat)
                Dim data As Byte() = ms.GetBuffer()
                Dim p As New SqlParameter("@Image", SqlDbType.Image)
                p.Value = data

Something with that, whether it be the memory stream/byte array/background image not working...that is a good place to start debugging, mind you we can't debug your code for you.
David_Wimbley 9-Feb-18 0:06am View
Do you happen to have a sample of the JSON you are attempting to deserialize?
David_Wimbley 8-Feb-18 23:33pm View
If your code is not giving any errors than how do you know it isn't working?

You need to realize we don't have access to your database, your code base or any of your servers...nor do we know anything about what it is your app is attempting to do so simply providing a code dump and saying it doesn't work isn't going to be of much use for anyone much less provide a resolution for your issue.

You need to do some leg work on your end to debug your code, figure out where the issue is and attempt to resolve it. If you've changed your code I would hope your using version control so you should be able to see what exactly changed and revert back to the old version. The other option is to start commenting things out or pull your code into a sample proof of concept console application to slowly add stuff to see where the issue may be.

Otherwise if you aren't willing to help you help yourself, youre probably not going to get much help here.
David_Wimbley 8-Feb-18 17:14pm View
Its name your least OP realizes they need to pay for it and didn't try and say "solve for me now!"
David_Wimbley 8-Feb-18 11:26am View
CP was struggling last night, kept hanging up on me...that or i was impatient :(
David_Wimbley 8-Feb-18 11:24am View
Yea unfortunately I'm not aware of a way that will wait for all elements that works...this was what i found worked for me.
David_Wimbley 8-Feb-18 4:25am View
Then what are you looking for? That first link seems to be what would resolve your issue.
David_Wimbley 8-Feb-18 2:52am View
If you knew that why didnt you include any of that in what you've tried. The first link "You could use a translation table to map everything outside of the BMP to the replacement character:" seems to be what would solve your problem yet your code does not reflect that.
David_Wimbley 8-Feb-18 2:50am View
Do you know how to use google? Because thats all i would be doing for you is linking you to a google search. You are going to need to do some work and research on your end to figure things out. If you don't want to do any research than I think your best option is to go to and hire someone.
David_Wimbley 8-Feb-18 2:02am View
Look into itextsharp or pdfsharp libraries, those will be able to do what you need.
David_Wimbley 8-Feb-18 0:22am View
Deleted - tripple post
David_Wimbley 8-Feb-18 0:16am View
Deleted - double post
David_Wimbley 8-Feb-18 0:15am View
What error do you receive? You really aught to not post code that includes your Id and secret key.

You are probably better off contacting paypal support with your issue than a random forum. To be honest, you probably need to go to and hire someone rather than trying to get someone to do the work for you for free given that you run a business and have simply copy/pasted code with, given your post, little experience with programming. This isn't a forum to teach you how to debug or code, thats what google is for.

If you insist on trying to resolve this yourself, I would encourage you to take whatever error message it is you receive, copy it into some research on your end and see if you can come up with a solution and then start trying to implement those solutions.
David_Wimbley 7-Feb-18 16:57pm View
Not sure what that means but you could have a PHP configuration issue on your server or a DB problem if you are accessing a database, given we don't have access to your server we can't help you with why you are getting a 500 response...only you can look into it.
David_Wimbley 7-Feb-18 12:16pm View
You need to post some code of what you've tried rather than just trying to describe what you've done.
David_Wimbley 7-Feb-18 11:20am View
So it looks to me you are trying to wait until something on the page loads correct? Or rather, you want selenium to wait until it can see whatever is on the page before it begins...ex: You want selenium to wait until it can see/interact with "someDaynamicElement" right?
David_Wimbley 7-Feb-18 1:38am View
My bad i didn't notice the scrolling in the code box of your text.
David_Wimbley 7-Feb-18 0:33am View
So what is your quetion? I don't see a question, just you laying out your plan for implementing a schema.
David_Wimbley 6-Feb-18 22:57pm View
Can you post the C# version, i've done a bunch of work with selenium and have found a wait function that works for me but I don't know what you mean by "implicit wait"
David_Wimbley 6-Feb-18 11:45am View
Is all your trying to do increment SNo variable by 1? Just do it inside your foreach loop below your linq query.
David_Wimbley 5-Feb-18 12:56pm View
Take a minute and think about the code you've written. Where are you consuming the code that requires you to manipulate the JSON. You are using PHP to access a ASP.NET web service (asmx) so where would it make sense that you need handle the conversion mentioned.

I'm trying to get you to think for yourself instead of attempting to just have answers provided for you, you'll never learn this way.
David_Wimbley 5-Feb-18 12:54pm View
If you are using selenium why do you need to disabled developer mode? While selenium is running, unless you want to crash the test, you can't touch it anyways.

What issue is it that you think developer mode is causing that you need to disable it?
David_Wimbley 3-Feb-18 13:46pm View
You are better off posting this on the devexpress support forums than here.
David_Wimbley 2-Feb-18 12:56pm View
A simple google search of winform UI libraries will give you plenty to research. I can't tell you what to use as I'm not your coworker or employee...just do some simple research and see what best meets your needs.
David_Wimbley 1-Feb-18 22:54pm View
The instructions seem pretty clear to me.

Original Port:
Unpack, build, and then go to the directory containing your DOOM! wad file and run the built executable "sdldoom"

LxDoom Port:
Unpack, build, copy data/boomlump.wad along with your original DOOM! wad file to the ~/.lxdoom/ directory, and then run the built executable "lsdldoom".
If you want music, make sure you install the timidity patch files in /usr/local/lib (on UNIX)
David_Wimbley 1-Feb-18 15:58pm View
What error are you getting, if you are expecting someone to copy and paste code to see what the error is for themselves you are likely not going to get much help.

You need to be clear with your issue, indicate what the error is by providing a stack trace or a detailed description of the behavior you are seeing and what it was supposed to do that you dont understand.

Simply saying "i dont know where the misake is" and expecting us to do the leg work isn't going to help you much.
David_Wimbley 1-Feb-18 11:10am View
I may be missing something but if you want to run it as HTTPS why not just get an SSL cert, put it into IIS and then you have SSL/HTTPS.
David_Wimbley 1-Feb-18 11:07am View
Then you should try working with it instead of downvoting.
David_Wimbley 1-Feb-18 2:52am View
Can you do what i mentioned which is provide the HTML via the improve question link.
David_Wimbley 1-Feb-18 2:51am View
I'm not sure what am I supposed to get out of that? It looks like you just copy and pasted the content of one of the links i provided.
David_Wimbley 1-Feb-18 1:40am View
Your question isn't very clear, can you use improve question link and update it.

Also, you indicate there is a drop down that selects something but you didn't include that in your snippet either. Can you include the HTML portion as well in an update to your question.
David_Wimbley 31-Jan-18 17:38pm View
I would start with a google search.

How to use c++ dll in c#
David_Wimbley 31-Jan-18 10:24am View
I might be confused but if you've added the device id to the header and you don't want to use it anymore than don't use it...I don't see what the issue is. If you need it elsewhere than modify your code to implement a solution that allows you to remove it from auth header and passes it in via the body of a post request

I don't have access to your computer or code so your going to have to try.
David_Wimbley 31-Jan-18 10:20am View
Did you even run the code or read my answer? The code does what you need...Your going to have to do some work on your side to actually put it in place how you need it, this isn't a 100% solution but it gets you 90% there.

If your looking for an exact solution to your problem then you need to go to

All you have to do is read the code and massage it into your wpf one here has access to your app, code, or hard drive.
David_Wimbley 30-Jan-18 15:24pm View
Why can't you insert or update? What error are you getting? We don't have access to your code, your computer or your servers so how do you expect us to figure out the error on our own?

The other thing, your code is wide open for sql injection attacks.
David_Wimbley 30-Jan-18 13:41pm View
Given i dont have access to your data or your schema, then you need to figure out what is different between this querys results and what you get against your normal DB.
David_Wimbley 30-Jan-18 11:28am View
EDIT: I missed your customer Id condition
David_Wimbley 30-Jan-18 11:27am View
This part is a bit confusing "WAN can access both projects but the project2 generates ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED once you try to enter log in credentials "

You say you can access both projects but then you turn around and say project2 gives an error either your able to access it or your not.

I would first start to look at firewall and make sure youve added proper ports to firewall access rules for 81 and 82.
David_Wimbley 30-Jan-18 11:21am View
You haven't given enough info (how are we supposed to know you are using OWIN for whatever you are doing?), but it seems that the code you posted might mean you have written a custom authentication attribute?

If so, you shouldn't use the device id as part of your auth header and just include whatever you need to do with the device id as part of the API endpoint itself.

If you need the device ID as part of your authentication than without more info, you are probably stuck using device id as part of your authentication attribute/passing it in via header.
David_Wimbley 30-Jan-18 0:57am View
You shouldn't repost the same question, which was the same and just as unclear as you asked the first time.

You need to be more clear with what it is you want help with by clarifying what you are having issues with and providing code samples of where you are stuck.
David_Wimbley 29-Jan-18 15:01pm View
Your question is a word salad, can you clarify what it is you are accomplishing...also if you want some useful help, providing samples of your code and indicating where you are stuck would be helpful
David_Wimbley 29-Jan-18 11:50am View
What code have you tried? Do you expect us to do all this for you? You need to help you help yourself first and let us see what code you've tried, where you got stuck and what issue/error you may have encountered.
David_Wimbley 29-Jan-18 11:42am View
Your question is a bit unclear. Is your issue that you don't know how to download an email (outlook doesn't matter here, its just the client, you'd be downloading from an email server...ex: exchange or gmail).
David_Wimbley 29-Jan-18 1:50am View
Im not sure .menu_series ul a would work as the XPATH location of the anchor tag is not /nav/ul/a, the anchor tag is under /nav/ul/li/a so by not including the li element in your .find method i would expect it to not work.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are trying to target nested HTML/XML you can't necessarily skip elements unless the library you are using supports not specifying the exact location.

What i mean by this is your current usage in .find method seems to be thinking the anchor tag looks something like this
	<nav class="menu_series cron">
			<a href="url">link</a>

When in reality, according to the link you posted in your question, the anchor tag is under a li element like so.

	<nav class="menu_series cron">
				<a href="url">link</a>

All this to say I think you need to change .menu_series ul a to .menu_series ul li a
David_Wimbley 29-Jan-18 1:41am View
Looking at your code, given that it only executed the loop once you may need to change foreach($html->find('.menu_series ul') as $element) to foreach($html->find('.menu_series ul li') as $element)
David_Wimbley 29-Jan-18 1:39am View
Your github link didnt work for me.
David_Wimbley 29-Jan-18 1:38am View
Given I don't know anything about your schema/data nor do i have access to it you are better off google SUBSTRING and REPLACE functions to see if they meet your needs.
David_Wimbley 29-Jan-18 1:04am View
Not sure if applicable given i dont know what kind of data you are attempting to inject using STUFF nor do I know anything about your schema but have you tried using SUBSTRING and REPLACE functions instead of STUFF?
David_Wimbley 28-Jan-18 12:09pm View
Responses like these are as helpful as questions of "I get an error".

What would you use if not a loop? Would be more helpful to OP rather than just saying not to use a loop.
David_Wimbley 27-Jan-18 16:23pm View
Your website looks like its borderline fishing for McAfee logins. I don't think you are going to find much, if not any, help here.
David_Wimbley 26-Jan-18 12:52pm View
If you think that single insert statement is inserting 2 records you need to take that statement and run it in sql developer and see if it inserts 2 records there. Without seeing your code I imagine you've got an insert statement somewhere else in your code you aren't aware of that makes you think 1 single insert statement is adding 2 rows.

That or your code, someway some how, is running 2 times...ex: click a button and click it again fast because you dont think it did anything the first time.
David_Wimbley 25-Jan-18 15:18pm View
I suggest you use google for your error. You've burried your error message so it looks as though your error is simply you saying "im doing a binary search tree and it gives an error" which is where his reply comes in.
David_Wimbley 25-Jan-18 13:16pm View
Yep I agree, good feeback, I was more just thinking it was probably a web app and didn't notice the xamarin tag.
David_Wimbley 25-Jan-18 12:27pm View
Sounds good, if you get into your work and have more specific questions, feel free to come back with clear explanation of your issue with any relevant code samples (if possible) and I'm sure someone here will do their best to help answer your question.
David_Wimbley 25-Jan-18 11:54am View
What code have you tried? If you havent tried anything, how about attempting something and then providing your code for some feedback. Right now it just looks like you are asking someone to do your homework by saying "feel free to use the below as an example for me to follow along".
David_Wimbley 25-Jan-18 11:48am View
That is what i said albeit in the definition of non-commercial use is to not make money off of the product...simply having the API does not break those rules so if OMDB stopped requiring payment for the API then they would not be breaking those terms.

However my issue I have with your comments from the beginning which you seem unable to grasp is you declared with absolute certainty that what OMDB has done is theft and defaulted your response to personal attacks which truly shows the depth of your intelligence (or lack there of).

You may toss around criminal accusations with no thought but I take accusing people of theft seriously which is why I asked for your proof.

Given IMDB provides its data for download, unless you know the OMDB dev you cannot say with absolute certainty that they don't just take IMDBs data dump and create an API around that just like I can't say with absolute certainty they didn't steal it.

At best they are misusing data that is provided by IMDB so they've broken copyright rules but to say they've stolen IMDBs data is unreasonable and to occuse OP of indirect theft is absurd on your part.

I see no further purpose of this discussion so feel free to get the last word in, I am done conversing with you, I only re-commented as you actually provided some facts to what I asked for initially.
David_Wimbley 24-Jan-18 23:49pm View
So why dont you do it? Are you asking for permission? I don't understand the question. If you don't know how to do it, google is your friend. If you actually attempt what you want to accomplish and get stuck...that is a good time to ask a question. At the moment it just seems like you either want someone to do the work for you, or someone to google for you.

You need to clarify your question and provide code samples of what you've attempted, otherwise you probably aren't going to find much help here.
David_Wimbley 24-Jan-18 18:55pm View
The IDE you use doesn't really have a whole lot to do with your code not working. You need to post the code you are trying to execute and describe the errors you are getting in visual studio if you expect to get meaningful help.
David_Wimbley 24-Jan-18 18:52pm View
"I capture the parameter and i process the correct connections string but when the code gets to the ExecuteSQL subs, i get a few different error messages. Below is what i tried to do."

And what error messages did you get? We can't replicate your errors without having access to your servers so thats not much to go on.
David_Wimbley 24-Jan-18 18:49pm View
Yea, I think to do what you are describing I think gets into a grey area. You essentially have to get users to visit Site A to obtain say...a tracking cookie or browser local storage to try and do what you are asking. Some big websites have had news break that they track you even when your not logged into their site.

I think the only proper way to do this is to get permission from the sites directly which they would have to effectively give you access to something of the equivalent of google analytics. As for the third party calls, I don't know enough about how the third party apps access the sites but if they are using an API then don't think you have much opportunity in the way of tracking that either.
David_Wimbley 24-Jan-18 15:44pm View
Are you trying to monitor traffic externally from the website itself. Meaning i want to build a console application that monitors traffic on

Also, your portion about count/track "B" isn't clear. What kind of 3rd party program are you talking about tracking? Ex: Are you trying to track firefox and its usage?

Some of what you are asking, i would think, would have to access the server logs itself.

For example "does "B" leave a record or a "hit" of visiting "C" even though "B" isn't technically using an HTTP browser link to access "C"?" that portion, off the top of my head would require access to the server logs itself to see any and all HTTP requests made if they were done say via API request.

If this is all on your personal server, some of what you are asking is do-able. If this is not on your server nad you are trying to monitor someone elses box without permission, I would say probably not but I'm not exactly clear with what you are wanting to accomplish.
David_Wimbley 24-Jan-18 14:32pm View
IMDB appears to provide its data (or a subset of it) for free for personal and non-commercial use ( but given OMDB is requiring payment this would break those conditions. = This is called facts, not me lobbing insults at you.
David_Wimbley 24-Jan-18 14:02pm View
See this is proof, maybe next time learn to read my question the first time instead of getting emotional and making insults your first go to response.

I agree, omdb appears to not be an ethical choice of API's to use.
David_Wimbley 24-Jan-18 13:33pm View
If its a database...add another column via ALTER TABLE script. If this is a C# class...add another property. What is the issue?
David_Wimbley 24-Jan-18 13:30pm View
Your best bet is to google facial recognition APIs and experiment with them to see if it meets your needs. Also in your search, look for SDKs that seem to have good support from the sdk vendor or good community support. That way if you have issues with the SDK you can take your niche questions and direct them to either the vendor of the SDK or the community around the SDK that would be better equipped to answer your questions.
David_Wimbley 24-Jan-18 13:17pm View
Unless you know for an absolute fact how omdb and the movie database get their data and that they screen scrape from IMDB this seems like personal opinion and served no purpose to OP other than to accuse him of indirect theft. There can be more than 1 database in the world.

You don't know if its community based or if they steal and neither do I, although the movie database seems more reputable in that they even says they are a community built DB...but i'll give it to you omdb doesn't indicate any of this.

If i start listing movies and create a DB out of it...according to you does that mean I now stole my data from IMDB?

--"If you can't see any ethical issues then that just says what kind of person you are"

There was no need for you to attack me personally , I simply asked for your proof of how you knew OMDB was stealing data and instead you decided to attack my ethics which goes to show you have no proof and this was merely a way for you to vent your unfounded, ill-informed personal opinion and shows me what kind of person you are.

No need to pick apart this comment line by line, I'm done as you clearly can't have a civil discussion.

David_Wimbley 24-Jan-18 11:52am View
How do you know they are stealing imdbs data? They state at bottom of page that they are not affiliated with IMDB (doesn't necessarily mean a whole lot) but i don't see any indication that they steal IMDB's data. Just curious how/why you think they are stealing data.

There are other movie database sites like omdb,, is themoviedb stealing imdbs data also?

If OP was asking "how do i use selenium to scrape" then I would completely agree with you but to just blanket say IMDB has a monopoly over all movie data seems a bit extreme.
David_Wimbley 23-Jan-18 14:36pm View
If you don't know the recipients email how are you sending them emails in the first place so they can unsubscribe?
David_Wimbley 22-Jan-18 16:21pm View
It sounds like you might be using oracle since you talked with an oracle engineer? Unless you are aggregating data for reporting purposes, if you are trying to show massive amounts of data in a UI all at once without pagination I would rethink what you are trying to do.

But Anyways, you can try and speed up your sql results all day long but if response time is that big of an issue that you need to run against the GPU i would be inclined to look at the schema first and see if the db server has hardware problems or review indexes on the tables to see if some need to be added or removed.

How many rows does your table have? You indicate a select statement took 1 minute to return all rows in your table...For it take a full minute it better have a few million put this in perspective I've got a poorly indexed table with over 7 million rows that took 1 minute to return those rows.

SQL is designed to handle huge amounts of data but if you are trying to run reports or aggregate that data in a production database, I would either look into setting up a reporting database that allows you to do your work with no impact to production or look into making your indexes more efficient. There is a lot out that about indexes and given i don't know your exact DB i won't go to far into that but indexes will help your query speeds greatly.

All this to say, rather than going and trying to implement sql gpu is important to evaluate what the true cause of your slowness is rather than building something on top of it as a band aid.

The other suggestion is, if you need this kind of speed, maybe look into NoSQL db options.
David_Wimbley 22-Jan-18 13:38pm View
Richard provided you valuable response. You provided a generic error that is of no use to anyone...look at what the Exception in your catch statement is saying. Only you can debug your code...not us, we don't have access to your computer, code, nor do we know anything about what it is you are doing.

If you want meaningful help, give us a meaningful error message/stack trace as a good place to start.
David_Wimbley 22-Jan-18 13:34pm View
Can you post some code samples that would be most helpful, you've posted one variable but the whole xml writing that you are attempting to do would be best.
David_Wimbley 22-Jan-18 11:38am View
Happy to help!
David_Wimbley 22-Jan-18 11:09am View
EC2 is amazons virtualized servers. I was just saying you could create say...a web API project (restful web service) that exposes your database/necessary actions/data feeds of your database to any desktop apps without having to deploy app.config updates if you change servers on RDS.

But if you aren't familiar with web api, I'd start with a simple google search as there are tons of tutorials but in can do all CRUD actions using web api.
David_Wimbley 21-Jan-18 22:09pm View
An alternative idea if you are concerned about connection strings on tons of desktops...I would just create an API that sits on EC2 to expose the various data feeds your desktop app needs so that way your desktop app just connects to the API rather than having tons of individual connections to your DB.

This also provides a maintenance relief, if you ever change the user/pass to your DB...or change your DB server all together you dont have to worry about deploying a new app.config out to all the client machines.
David_Wimbley 21-Jan-18 22:06pm View
Can you provide some html so we can see how your linking your CSS files in the html?
David_Wimbley 21-Jan-18 2:03am View
Why do you need to only update in groups of 5's. Seems in efficient to me, SQL will optimize the query accordingly and you can also look into indexes on your tables to see whether or not you need to add/remove indexes.

The second question is, how do you determine what 5 get updated in a group? Are you just trying to update all records with name "YAL"? Or are you just wanting to update it 5 at a time regardless of criteria...meaning 5 at a time with how they come out of the table. Meaning you could be updating id's 11, 3, 2, 1, 55.

In my opinion i think you either need to clarify what you are doing or rethink what you want to accomplish.
David_Wimbley 20-Jan-18 22:12pm View
What problems are having? We can't help you if you don't explain what the issue is.
David_Wimbley 20-Jan-18 18:14pm View
What have you tied? Using a JsonResult action is not much different than using an ActionResult. What issue did you have when attempting to save data with an action of type JsonResult?
David_Wimbley 19-Jan-18 10:46am View
Create a bundle per page so that you only have relevant JS for each page. I'm of the opinion that it probably doesn't really matter as most of the stuff i work on...trying to save a few milliseconds of download speed isn't crucial for me so i just use BundleConfig.cs
David_Wimbley 19-Jan-18 10:43am View
Your not going to be able to just read the file without downloading it...that is unless google buys your software and puts it on their server. How else do you propose you gain access to a file without downloading it? Downloading it doesn't mean you have to write it to disk, you can download and deal with the bytes only.

Use something like new WebClient().Download("http://path/to/google/file"); which i think should download it in bytes (not 100% but its one of those methods) and then do what you need to with the bytes of that file without having to save it to the hard drive.
David_Wimbley 18-Jan-18 23:11pm View
What have you tried? Where are you stuck? How do you expect us to help you when we don't have access to your computer or PC.

If you haven't tried anything...i suggest you try something.

If its passing an email address to the html template that is being emailed to each person and making it where the unsunscribe link calls a URL with your email address attached (ex: you do it is up to you since we know nothing about your project nor do we have access to any of your code.
David_Wimbley 18-Jan-18 23:09pm View
update customer set age=19 where ???? in (select *from customer limit 9, 1)
is the general idea but there has to be an ID column or some unique identifier to this table that allows you to specify the table. Maybe its Select Id FROM Customer or Select CustomerId From Customer but that would be how you'd do this query.

Given we don't have access to your server, your DB table, nor can we see the schema...that is about as good as it gets.
David_Wimbley 18-Jan-18 17:07pm View
All anybody here is going to do is google your answer which is exactly what you can/should do also. I suggest looking for bitcoin exchanges in india and then reviewing the results to see if they expose API's to do what you need.
David_Wimbley 18-Jan-18 17:06pm View
Couple of issues, we don't know what your Product class looks like (S4c.Models.Product) so would need you to use improve question to add that.

Also, it looks like you are attempting to set ViewBag.ProductList = new SelectList(product) but you indicate its for "prodname", "Name". Do you need to swap out ViewBag.ProductList = new SelectList(product, "prodname" , "Name" ); to be ViewBag.ProductList = new SelectList(result, "prodname" , "Name" );
since the result collection is the only thing i see with a propery of prodname and Name.
David_Wimbley 18-Jan-18 14:02pm View
When you create a new project doesn't it auto create a Scripts folder and you just put your JS in there? If thats not what you want you are free to put it anywhere you want and just reference it in your BundleConfig.cs file.
David_Wimbley 16-Jan-18 16:21pm View
Are these tasks dependent upon each other or cant hey run in parallel?
David_Wimbley 16-Jan-18 15:10pm View
If you already know python think about how you would go about learning this in python. I'm willing to bet you'd probably say google.

I would first google "How to upload files to ftp c#" (or i would google "how to send email with attachments c#" (or I can guarantee you both of those google searches will more than answer this question.
David_Wimbley 16-Jan-18 13:11pm View
I was aware of public string DbType { get; } = "MDB"; but are you saying doing public string DbType { get; }...then later in code DbType = "MDF"; is now valid? I don't see that in the article, honest question.
David_Wimbley 16-Jan-18 13:10pm View
Good catch, thats what i get for typing it off the top of my head.
David_Wimbley 16-Jan-18 13:07pm View
Oh yea i didn't clarify esign. Correct i use digital signatures and esign interchangebly.

If you need to validate the document so that you can tell when it has been tampered with this can get pretty complicated but you essentially need to look into Digitally signing pdfs with .net and a google search of the same thing.

Although i will say, you are probably better off looking into something like Docusign if you need the non-repudication factor of digitally signing documents.

In order to esign yourself your going to need a certificate from a CA authority that will allow you to esign documents (, along with the infrastructure to handle the public/private keys of signing documents for your invoices (which may not be as big of an issue for you as you don't have thousands of clients, just one being your employer) The managing of certs comes in if you have 100 customers and each customer needs their own public/private key to authenticate their PDF/digital signatures that they receive. I forgot the name of this tech...its something like HVM or something...i looked into a while back and it was something like 21,000 dollars from entrust to just have the infrastructure to manage keys.
David_Wimbley 16-Jan-18 12:07pm View
No worries, your english is perfeclty fine, sometimes i tend to make assumptions as there are a lot of people that come on here that do look for others to do their work for them.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

My only other suggestion is instead of looking for a course that is specific to what you are doing, break your task down into smaller tasks (like you described) and start to look for tutorials on that (ex: generating a PDF, writing XML). Then once you've found each individual thing you need to do, piece them together to build the module that you need to build
David_Wimbley 15-Jan-18 22:51pm View
Why would you want to reinvent the wheel. does a perfectly fine job with serialization/deserialization.

I suggest you google, what you want to do is pretty straight forward even without a library.
David_Wimbley 15-Jan-18 17:27pm View
Your question is a bit all over the place. What is it you want help with? Just generating a PDF in How to esign a document in Both? Can you clarify?
David_Wimbley 15-Jan-18 17:26pm View
How in the world is anyone supposed to help you with this? You really ought to read your question back to yourself and see if you honestly think anyone who doesn't know anything about your project or issues could help you.

You clearly know the error so its providing a stack trace, you need to include the full stack trace, a snippet of your code (relevant snippet) of where its happening and a better explanation of your issue.

You've posted this question as though we have access to your computer (which we don't), know anything about your project (which we don't) and can read your mind (which we can't).
David_Wimbley 15-Jan-18 15:44pm View
Why don't you try and see what doesn't work rather than getting us to do the work for you.

Create a mvc core project, put this code in there similar to your current project with your desired changes and see if it compiles/works. If it doesn't then you've got a real question that you can come back here with a clear explanation and relevant code samples.
David_Wimbley 15-Jan-18 14:50pm View
You might get better feedback by directing this to the site bugs/suggestion forum
David_Wimbley 15-Jan-18 14:00pm View
The better route to go is to just provide a link for the users of your app to download and let them do with the file what they will. Forcing the content into their clipboard is intrusive, sketchy and just a plain terrible idea. I would never use an app that forced itself so intrusively into my computer like that.
David_Wimbley 15-Jan-18 11:20am View
Just a note on the setters, leaving out the setter itself doesn't allow it to just have one magically. If you want it to only work in the constructor then you need to attach the readonly modifier. Would look something like private readonly string DbType {get; private set;} but in this situation your whole property would need to be private as it cannot be decorated readonly and also public.

That, or if you only want the class itself to set the value and nothing outside of it, you can make the setter private. So that would look like public string DbType { get; private set; }

Correcting the class you provided (it had all the compile errors i mentioned) and adjusting your usage example to use RBOleDb instead of RBDataOleDb the switch statement worked fine.

If the switch statement is till not working it sounds like you've got something else going on and need to add break points to your code and start to step through/debug what is going on.
David_Wimbley 14-Jan-18 23:09pm View
Way to be helpful...
David_Wimbley 14-Jan-18 16:07pm View
This is quite the code dump that I am sure no one here is going to want to dig through.

You say you aren't getting an error but have you actually tried to troubleshoot it beyond "does it work? yes or no?" meaning, have you taken the code that does the actual emailing into a separate proof of concept type project that is say, a console application and all you are doing is sending an email to see if it works?

Have you checked spam folders? Is there a firewall issue on your server preventing emails from being sent (or phone)?

If you aren't getting an error message I don't know how much help you can really expect. Its not like we have access to your PC or your gmail account and run this code ourselves.

My only suggestion is to try and start narrowing down what your problem is not in order to try and find what it is. Then feel free to come back with better details of what you've tried for some more useful feedback.
David_Wimbley 13-Jan-18 14:55pm View
Are you wanting to just count the number of "phones" connected to your website or are you wanting to say "For iphones, show iphone welcome message, For Android phones, show android welcome message"?
David_Wimbley 13-Jan-18 2:24am View
When i post your code into notepad it only has 30 lines so my first suggestion would be to post the first actual 32 lines of your code (or say 40 lines) instead of this snippet. All this is is a guessing game for us. If we can see the line that specifies the error.

My other suggestion is to remove your @ signs. I'm a bit rusty on my PHP but i believe those are to supress any error messages. By supressing error messages all you are doing is kicking the can down the road a bit further and causing yourself more headaches as the "error" is triggering as a false positive.

Remove your @ signs and then retry your code.
David_Wimbley 13-Jan-18 1:12am View
What is your error that you are getting? Any exceptions? You have to realize we don't have access to your server and saying "wcf not working on server" is the equivalent of going to the doctor and saying "im sick" and expecting him to fix you.

If you want some help you need to help yourself and post the error that your getting, any relevant stack traces or screenshots.
David_Wimbley 13-Jan-18 1:06am View
How about you phrase this in a way that shows you semi-understand what your doing and that you are seeking validation of what you've rather than trying to get us to do your work for you.

You'll never learn anything if others do your homework for you, and if this is the desired industry you wish to go in you'll have a real tough time staying employed when you can't complete any assignments.
David_Wimbley 12-Jan-18 15:10pm View
What is an enhanced for loop? This really isn't clear. You should post some code of what you've tried as at the moment, it just looks like you're trying to get people to do your homework for you.
David_Wimbley 12-Jan-18 13:41pm View
Have you not added an order by to your query? If the time column at the end is observTime then you would add ORDER BY observTime DESC
David_Wimbley 11-Jan-18 13:13pm View
To see traffic (or its attempts) of what your computer is requesting you could utilize something like Fiddler if its an HTTP request. You could also utilize the netstat command.

And then one other question, are you on the same PC that is getting the resource not found error?

David_Wimbley 11-Jan-18 1:19am View
Stupid question but have you tried google? I can assure you that you are not the first person to attempt this and there are probably even pages of tutorials/examples for you to follow.
David_Wimbley 10-Jan-18 15:01pm View
How in the world do you expect any of us to know how to finish this code? You need to update your question using improve question to provide relevant code samples (not a code dump, nobody has time to read a massive code dump) and a clear explanation of where you are stuck.

All you did was provide a sample of a bunch of function calls.
David_Wimbley 10-Jan-18 3:30am View
Have you tried a google search?
David_Wimbley 9-Jan-18 1:48am View
So what is the error you see? How about providing some screenshots and linking to them here. Otherwise there isn't much anyone can do to help you as you've posted this question as though we have access to your PC...which we don't...and as though we know anything about your project...which we dont.