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vagelis1 24-Jun-16 10:36am View    
Something else is the problem here, probably sql connection, or error in parameter values 'lblSize.Text' seems suspicious.
vagelis1 21-Sep-15 6:32am View    
You should try debuging InsertMethod on the server side. Something raises exception there.
vagelis1 21-Sep-15 5:30am View    
sorry i missed the comparison part. I thought our friend just wanted array merge.
Given the new (for me) input our friend must do a property by property check for duplicate records. The length part is a little fade
vagelis1 21-Sep-15 5:25am View    
in your question you set
Items= "some thing"
on server side you do
string[] Allitems = item.Split('_');
string itemValue = Allitems[0];
string itemID = Allitems[1];

SO Allitems[1] will throw indexoutofrange exception as item.Split('_') will return only one element in Allitems
vagelis1 21-Sep-15 5:01am View    
please post your error message