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Aydin Homay 22-Nov-18 6:43am View
Try to write an algorithm first, then go to implementation. Take a pen/pencil no matter ;-) and a paper start writing:
1- Do this,
2- Do this,
3- So on.
Then make a code based on what you wrote this will help you to really understand the problem that you are trying to solve it. This will also make your language more accurate, for example, you are saying that "you want to insert a word into a line" but you are not specifying which line really mean? What is the input of your algorithm what is the expected output and what kind of process will generate such output to your input? these are questions that you need to think and answer clearly.
Btw, the code that you provided sounds to complex for this problem ...
Aydin Homay 22-Nov-18 6:36am View
Agree Vote 5 ;-)
Aydin Homay 19-Nov-18 17:14pm View
Krishna you are only presenting one method could you please show how your code exactly look likes? plus rephrase your question is not really clear what you want.
Aydin Homay 19-Nov-18 17:10pm View
AS far as I know regarding the code that you have provided above you are passing the struct Count to the printCode by value not by reference, could you please make your question more clear what are you trying to achieve?
Aydin Homay 19-Nov-18 6:10am View
Are you trying to load a file in C++ and search for a word on it?
Aydin Homay 19-Nov-18 3:24am View
Please post your code and explain on the code what you are trying to do
Aydin Homay 19-Nov-18 3:18am View
May I ask why you want to resize the scrollbar and what you would like to achieve by this?
Aydin Homay 19-Nov-18 3:13am View
Interesting, could you provide me a referenceable link (From Microsoft) that refers to what you say?
Aydin Homay 17-Nov-18 8:49am View
Ok good to hear that just please do not forget to press that green accept button ;-) this will help others to hunt the solution easily
Aydin Homay 16-Nov-18 8:23am View
First, we can not talk based on chance or likelihood. I have not seen their IL and I don`t know so as an engineer I prefer to see the worth case scenario. Second I have studied about the performance of List vs Array and some other collections as well (not ArrayList because it is a legacy collection and most probably is going to be dropped form some point of time from the .Net or at least it was clear for me that will be slow because of implementation complexity that it has) the result of my study is documented at the following link:
I have run several million with several iterations and collected average execution times.
Aydin Homay 16-Nov-18 8:01am View
I do not agree with OriginalGriff I also mentioned on my answer but I will say again:
List<t> has more strict and less stressed Add than ArrayList, then List<t> provides an extra interface (IReadOnlyList<t>) which ArrayList does not. Add in ArrayList returns int while in List<t> does not return anything this by itself is performance improvement because returning value from function has Stack overhead.
Aydin Homay 16-Nov-18 8:00am View
List<t> has more strict and less stressed Add than ArrayList, then List<t> provides an extra interface (IReadOnlyList<t>) which ArrayList does not. Add in ArrayList returns int while in List<t> does not return anything this by itself is performance improvement because returning value from function has Stack overhead.
Aydin Homay 16-Nov-18 7:14am View
Exactly after having a look, I wrote that. ;-)
I think go little bit more deep with those codes
Aydin Homay 16-Nov-18 7:08am View
Remove #include "stdafx.h"
Aydin Homay 16-Nov-18 6:58am View
But even having List of objects is better than using ArrayList because of low overhead of List<T>
Aydin Homay 16-Nov-18 6:49am View
Yes, totally understand I will update the solution and please read the new part.
Aydin Homay 15-Nov-18 7:43am View
Aydin Homay 15-Nov-18 5:56am View
Then the end user should wait for 10 to 15 seconds !!!
Aydin Homay 15-Nov-18 5:30am View
sorry I cannot help you more than this. Good luck.
Aydin Homay 15-Nov-18 5:21am View
I wrote the code in Visual Studio so if you open it there it will work otherwise you need to replace that header. Could you please let me know which editor are you using?
Aydin Homay 15-Nov-18 5:04am View
If you have seen other examples in stack overflow and etc. and still you are not able to understand how those solutions are working, then maybe you need some fundamental topics which require a bit of time to be spent and study fist the basic topics then jump to this problem.
Aydin Homay 15-Nov-18 3:58am View
Hi, good to hear that. Just please do not forget to press that little green button and accept the solution as it will help others to consider as a valid solution and save their time. About the second topic, I would suggest you please create another question and ask it in a separate question plus copy paste your code this will help us to assist you better. I am looking forward to see your next question.
Aydin Homay 14-Nov-18 11:15am View
I think instate of writing a comment you posted an answer to your own question. I am going to update my solution to cover your question you can also remove this answer ;-)
Aydin Homay 14-Nov-18 10:36am View
What is the table? is a DataTable, DataSet, or you mean DataGridView
Aydin Homay 14-Nov-18 10:25am View
I also sent you an email with an screenshot to see how to switch the language.
Aydin Homay 14-Nov-18 10:12am View
You can switch the language form the right side upper corner. If you look at to the right upper corner you will see something like </>C# change it to VB. About another part of your question, the only thing that you would need to do is to change the driver in the ADO.Net I will update the solution to show you how ;-)
Aydin Homay 14-Nov-18 10:03am View
Please be patient and read the link. The ADO.Net has different adapters for different DBMS, it supports Oracle too, for example, go to the same link (the last link that I provided) and read about System.Data.OracleClient. As a programmer, you need to learn how to do search/research and make things working on your own.
Aydin Homay 14-Nov-18 9:51am View
We can keep in touch via this platform. Please do not forget to press that accept green button if it worked. ;-)
Git it a try I am sure you can do on your own.
Aydin Homay 14-Nov-18 9:50am View
Hi Back, I updated the solution and added a link that shows how to use ADO.Net in VB.Net.
Aydin Homay 14-Nov-18 7:16am View
How about the first link. I really think that link should solve your problem. Could you please say what it does not?
Aydin Homay 14-Nov-18 5:09am View
You are very welcome
Aydin Homay 14-Nov-18 4:31am View
Please reformat your question and use code tags to little bit make-up your question otherwise I doubt anyone will spend a time to read this ugly question in the way as it is now.
Aydin Homay 13-Nov-18 14:23pm View
Yes you are right this is why I said use EXE encryption software to encrypt your exe
Aydin Homay 13-Nov-18 3:42am View
Please spend a little bit more time and re-write your question in way that everyone can understand otherwise would be so difficult to help you.
Aydin Homay 12-Nov-18 16:00pm View
Happy to hear that, good luck
Aydin Homay 12-Nov-18 7:31am View
There is no such by-default behavior for VB as far as I know. I think there are some codes on your windows forms that causing such effect and you need to copy paste the code in here then we may find what is the problem.
Aydin Homay 12-Nov-18 4:03am View
Hi again, I updated the solution for you check it please. if it worked please don`t forget to accept solution to make it a valid solution for others as well.
Aydin Homay 12-Nov-18 3:57am View
In this case, since the presentation layer is in Qt I am not sure if the solution that I suggested will work. It requires more research. My first guess would be NO but who knows so many technologies and cross-compilers are out there in the Internet. Give it a try and see if you can find any link that leads you to use/integrate/mix a Qt application in .Net.
Aydin Homay 10-Oct-18 7:33am View
I know what you are talking about on that link. But my question is what is your suggestion? When there is no issue regarding to memory as I am not developing for an embedded system (even C# .Net is not supposed for such use) and I got enough hardware to handle relatively heavy operations. I just need to keep the order of list as it is and process with the rest of functionality.
Aydin Homay 10-Oct-18 4:35am View
I think in side of List is an array and array deals with pointers.
Aydin Homay 10-Oct-18 4:21am View
About the use of RemoveRange yes you are right but what is your suggestion if the sort of list is important to stay as it is. In any case you will have pointer correction cost.
Aydin Homay 9-Oct-18 8:20am View
Please do not provide me chunking algorithm I already aware of several such algorithms and I know how to solve this problem. My question is only about the wired behavior of RemoverRange or perhaps Take.
Aydin Homay 11-Apr-18 4:18am View
Hi Please copy also the method of CheckBoxCourses_Click to see how you are handling this event.
Aydin Homay 28-Feb-18 8:23am View
Keep pulling, no other solution.
Aydin Homay 22-Feb-18 3:16am View
Hi, if you found C# example then it is so easy to use it in VB, just add a C# project to your solution and make a dll reference to your VB project that is all you need.
Aydin Homay 9-Mar-17 18:49pm View
Nothing. Just do not occupy a programmer place while you are not even a good program end user.
Aydin Homay 9-Mar-17 18:47pm View
Well, I am so surprised by this question. This question by itself raise so many basic questions like, which COM? What is Class Name? What does it mean adding random components? Come on ...
Aydin Homay 16-Apr-16 15:50pm View
Instead of giving the right answer you are redirecting to the google !!!
Everybody knows how to search in google if you don`t know the answer don`t make it fuzzy
Google for "TCP server C#" Really !!!!? OhOhooOoh perfect
Aydin Homay 13-Apr-16 19:04pm View
Give the answer if you know else leave it.
Aydin Homay 15-May-15 5:48am View
Sergey it dose not make difference, what you need you need to know about the above library so and what you suggested in your solution is not something else than System.IO.Path
Aydin Homay 12-May-15 6:14am View
Hi It is better to set break point and truck your code line by line you will find it problem easy than here, we can not compile for you
Aydin Homay 12-May-15 6:10am View
Thank you very much just please don`t forget adding finally block and making more optimize, your SQL commands can be optimize and also figure out about SQL Injection you have this issue right now ;-)
Aydin Homay 11-May-15 10:36am View
Please ask complete question, you need to gave more detail about your development environment, language, framework and etc. what is your confuse about Boolean array ?
Aydin Homay 11-May-15 10:18am View
Do you want something like installation batch file to installing your service and setting up your installed service permissions such as user and etc. ?
Aydin Homay 11-May-15 8:39am View
Yes I did, I copied his code because I just want to use his hand write what are you looking in this answer feel free and tell me :-)
Aydin Homay 11-May-15 6:33am View
Yes it is good idea but I left it as a practice for our friend ;-)
Aydin Homay 5-May-15 13:07pm View
I agree with SA, the question is not so good but if your mean is one file you can find the answer in the below
Aydin Homay 27-Apr-15 6:31am View
I am agree with Richard Mac and also please provide more information about your problem such as error, exception or etc.
Aydin Homay 12-Feb-15 7:21am View
Please clarify your web server and your mean about Android WebView !
Aydin Homay 4-Nov-14 14:43pm View
It can not support some functions same as EXEC(@SQL) and etc.
Aydin Homay 25-Jan-14 3:00am View
Your device has a SDK ?
Aydin Homay 25-Jan-14 1:59am View
Hi please tell me what is your programming platform? and which one programming language is your target language ?
Aydin Homay 22-Jan-14 0:11am View
Your question is not clear please enplane more than what you want?
Aydin Homay 8-Jan-14 0:50am View
Please check again my code repel inserting exist email id not new email id.
Aydin Homay 6-Jan-14 5:59am View
Fill DatView object from database and after than bind your list view to DataView. Make your filters on DataView
Aydin Homay 6-Jan-14 3:02am View
What is your ListView repository ? DataTable ?
Aydin Homay 29-Dec-13 1:39am View
Hi please add your entity relation diagram we can not diagnosis your problem with this information,But overall you should have teacher primary key from Group table for making one to many relation ship and you should have middle entity from group and learners for making many to many relation ship of course pay attention at this middle entity you should add group primary key and learners primary key ;-)
Aydin Homay 29-Dec-13 1:07am View
You can do it with Switch Case search in google and see how to use Switch Case in C# ;-)
Aydin Homay 28-Dec-13 3:55am View
Winch one dot net is your platform ?
Aydin Homay 28-Dec-13 3:50am View
Why you don`t use nvarchar data type ? it can make good facilities in implementation and you can handle data converting string to date time in the application layer.
Aydin Homay 28-Dec-13 3:25am View
Please explain your problem, Do you want convert String to DateTime ?
Aydin Homay 28-Dec-13 0:47am View
Please explain what you want exactly ?
Aydin Homay 25-Dec-13 2:22am View
My vote of 5 ;-)
Aydin Homay 23-Dec-13 23:47pm View
Please add more information about you error same as error message and lab lab lab
Aydin Homay 23-Dec-13 23:43pm View
I agree with sergey you can do it with panel visiable property and if you want make a collapsible panel and showing a little panel when you collapsed, you can decrease you panel height, however if you create your own panel user control you can use more facilities ;-)
Aydin Homay 23-Dec-13 0:21am View
I am agree with BillWoodruff how ever you can tell us what you need maybe you can do it without using System.Properties what is requirement ?
Aydin Homay 21-Dec-13 6:39am View
Why you don`t use TPL library? Task.Factory can solve your problem easily
Aydin Homay 21-Dec-13 1:45am View
Your welcome ;-)
Aydin Homay 20-Dec-13 5:40am View
You can have more solutions for identify server/client one of the famous solution is detecting Operation System or IP table information or some other solutions oriented with asp and IIS services
Aydin Homay 16-Dec-13 4:50am View
Your welcome just please don`t forget accept green button ;-)
Aydin Homay 16-Dec-13 1:50am View
Like ;-) Sergy these codes are in header file I did not write it. these codes are generated by visual studio from header file.
Aydin Homay 16-Dec-13 0:14am View
Dear Sergy it is not answer of my question !!!!
Aydin Homay 15-Dec-13 14:21pm View
I get this exception in this line :
this->imageList1->ImageStream = (cli::safe_cast<system::windows::forms::imageliststreamer^>(resources->GetObject(L"imageList1.ImageStream")));
Aydin Homay 10-Dec-13 12:57pm View
Aydin Homay 9-Dec-13 8:15am View
You need to the set Text property I updated solution check it again please ;-) of course down vote is not good idea when you are wrong !
Aydin Homay 9-Dec-13 7:49am View
Use solution#1 you just need to the add comfortable checkedlistbox event same select event and call controls creation method after deciding with switch case or if commands about selected item ;-)
Aydin Homay 9-Dec-13 6:45am View
Could you explain what is your meaning of auto generate ? are you want create dynamic(run time) label or text box or ...?
Aydin Homay 7-Dec-13 1:29am View
what line you get error ?
Aydin Homay 7-Dec-13 0:02am View
Your question is not clear because I don`t know you want to the hide file name or you want to the hide path from gridview and I don`t know your file name in different column with file path or they both in same column please review your question and add additional comments
Aydin Homay 4-Dec-13 2:53am View
What is your windows operating ? if you are using Windows 7 it can`t work well ! check the try this link I added in the solution
Aydin Homay 4-Dec-13 2:14am View
Could you add you codes here ?
Aydin Homay 4-Dec-13 0:11am View
Why you don`t want to use Telerik Report it is really powerful than Crystal Report ;-)
Aydin Homay 2-Dec-13 6:48am View
Hi please ask you question clearly and why you don`t user Richtextbox ?
Aydin Homay 30-Nov-13 2:50am View
Aydin Homay 30-Nov-13 2:49am View
Thank you
Aydin Homay 29-Nov-13 7:39am View
So what is your question ?
Aydin Homay 29-Nov-13 1:45am View
in web application we have one sever(IIS or Apache lab lab lab) and clients, actually client sent request to server and server response to client so could you tell what is your meaning of term server?
Aydin Homay 28-Oct-13 8:58am View
:laugh: ;-) good job
Aydin Homay 28-Oct-13 8:27am View
Exactly, So I think maybe you need to the change your solution, because your solution is not clear and we don`t know where we should use it, from every where at code or just after finalizing window events.
Aydin Homay 28-Oct-13 7:30am View
you can see this link to the get more information
Aydin Homay 28-Oct-13 7:28am View
Ok test this code ;-)

public Form1()
TabPage tp = new TabPage();
tabControl1.TabPages.Insert(0, tp);
Your code can add because you used button event in other words you are done initializing process ;-)
Aydin Homay 28-Oct-13 6:11am View
However it is non of your business, it is a Microsoft Problem
Aydin Homay 28-Oct-13 6:09am View
No you can not!!! you should read handle of TabContorol before the inserting new TabPage please check your code ;-)
Aydin Homay 28-Oct-13 5:22am View
Dear OriginalGriff
Your answer is not complete because you can not add new tab page with these cods you should
read TabControl handle before than !!!!!!!!!
TabPage tb = new TabPage("Hello");
IntPtr h = tabControl1.Handle;
tabControl1.TabPages.Insert(0, tb);
Yes it is a bug in Microsoft Tab Control
Aydin Homay 17-Oct-13 8:47am View
I suggest to you used command design pattern, however my mean is send shutdown message for your client, so you should run shutdown command with using shell when get this message from client.
Aydin Homay 25-Sep-13 1:01am View
Aydin Homay 24-Sep-13 15:27pm View
Good job Sergey ;-)
Aydin Homay 23-Sep-13 1:32am View
I think you should pay attention "gridview" word in your question maybe your mean is DataGridView how ever when you ask a question you should provide necessary details such as platform, language, library and lab lab lab
Aydin Homay 10-Sep-13 8:14am View
Good job guys
Aydin Homay 10-Sep-13 8:12am View
Think about it I know what is answer ;-)
Aydin Homay 16-Aug-13 6:11am View
you question same as this question:
look at here and check the solution 2
Aydin Homay 15-Aug-13 6:53am View
Hadi trace your code and check it datenow format and compare with your database field date format, they both of dates should be same format for example dd/mm/yyyy
Aydin Homay 10-Aug-13 23:52pm View
I agree with Maciej Your question is not clear
Aydin Homay 10-Aug-13 4:23am View
My vote of 5 Sergey ;)
Aydin Homay 2-Aug-13 23:39pm View
Your question is not clear and we have not any magic for reading your mind ;)
Aydin Homay 28-Jul-13 6:58am View
Think about again please, what is your database? oledb or sqldb ... are not database they are objects and jet4 is a provider, your database is MS Access maybe ...
Aydin Homay 28-Jul-13 0:31am View
I agree with OriginalGriff, please explain what is your mean exactly you want compare two database table schema or table data? why you don`t use SQL compare tools?
Aydin Homay 27-Jul-13 1:31am View
Hi Could you tell me what is your database ?
Aydin Homay 23-Jul-13 0:11am View
Please copy/paste you complete code at here
Aydin Homay 22-Jul-13 22:35pm View
Hi Could you tell me why you want used USB.? Why you don't want used soocket ?
Aydin Homay 20-Jul-13 1:10am View
My pleasure mate ;)
Aydin Homay 18-Jul-13 2:28am View
Hi could you tell me why you don`t used UpdateCommand in TableAdapterManager ? and please tell me what is the TemplogBindingSource? and why you don`t used WCF ? at the finally please look at this question answers
Aydin Homay 17-Jul-13 0:38am View
Please copy your source link address it is better than copy/paste source code.
Aydin Homay 9-Jul-13 6:52am View
Ok you can use window handles for do that
Aydin Homay 7-Jul-13 5:09am View
Could you post your combo box binding and combo box properties code here ?
Aydin Homay 1-Jul-13 5:27am View
Ok could you tell me what is data type of this column?
Aydin Homay 1-Jul-13 0:02am View
For the Encryption/Decryption you should have a key if you don`t have a key so you should know which one algorithm used for Enc/Dec so could you tell me do you have a key?
Aydin Homay 30-Jun-13 0:27am View
you can use my comment code in solution:

LstLog.ListItems(i) & LstLog.ListItems(i).SubItems(1) & LstLog.ListItems(i).SubItems(2)
Aydin Homay 30-Jun-13 0:25am View
Ok tell me what you want exactly ? what is your requirement ?
Aydin Homay 29-Jun-13 6:32am View
Oh so sorry you right I changed it ;) check it again
Aydin Homay 29-Jun-13 6:32am View
For Each in vb6 ? !!!
Aydin Homay 26-Jun-13 10:28am View
Ok I will do it
Aydin Homay 22-Jun-13 7:01am View
Do you want to the synchronize your Database ?
Aydin Homay 18-Jun-13 0:22am View
Could you write the two string builder and check the ToString() method output ? I think you should think about it again ;) you are Downvoted me !!!!!!!
Aydin Homay 17-Jun-13 23:17pm View
My pleasure sir ;)
Aydin Homay 17-Jun-13 8:44am View
Check it again I have modified ;)
Aydin Homay 17-Jun-13 8:19am View
What is your meaning of multiple label? are you have a list<label> or same some thing?
Aydin Homay 17-Jun-13 3:07am View
Could you tell me what you want exactly at just 1 row ?
Aydin Homay 12-Jun-13 4:37am View
ya, you right if you are find a solution please tell me it is amazing for me ;)
Aydin Homay 12-Jun-13 1:51am View
Do you want to the find a control from web page?
Aydin Homay 12-Jun-13 1:50am View
Ok Ali please give it me for thinking about, But I think try to change your solution ;)
Aydin Homay 12-Jun-13 1:15am View
Yes you right but I just guess ;) what is your purpose ?
Aydin Homay 11-Jun-13 1:00am View
Hi I think your project can not find UpdatePanel on the System.Web.UI namsespace please look at the UpdatePanel namespase, maybe it was not .net component and you should add some dlls at your project reference
Aydin Homay 9-Jun-13 0:55am View
Yes I am agree with Mr.Zoltán Zörgő and please don`t forget green accept button after that ;) you can join views with each other tables and lab lab lab ....
Aydin Homay 8-Jun-13 5:58am View
Hi To the get your question answer please study follow of links ;)
Best Regards.
Aydin Homay 6-Jun-13 11:55am View
Congratulation sir ;)
Aydin Homay 6-Jun-13 5:40am View
Hi you should check IsPostBack on FormLoad event before than binding ddl ;)
Aydin Homay 3-Jun-13 9:23am View
It is not a good think change your business
Aydin Homay 3-Jun-13 7:32am View
Aydin Homay 1-Jun-13 8:46am View
I can`t understand what you want exactly please explain a little about your purpose.
Aydin Homay 1-Jun-13 1:14am View
Please tell me what you want exactly ?
Aydin Homay 21-May-13 3:25am View
Why what is your problem please show me your code and describe problem for me.
Aydin Homay 21-May-13 2:48am View
I think you want export your data from gridview to table in sql server so if my understand is true you don`t need to the any automatically action you can do it with dataset very easily just read ever row in your datagrid or dataset and generate Insert Sql command ;)
Aydin Homay 21-May-13 2:44am View
Ok tell me where you bind your sql serve column of table in your application ?
Aydin Homay 21-May-13 2:39am View
Column value where ? in datagridview or something else ? please describe your question :P
Aydin Homay 21-May-13 2:38am View
Ok Please don`t forget accept green button and the after why not sure ;)
Aydin Homay 15-May-13 12:19pm View
Ok I am really happy just don`t forget accept green button please .... :)
Aydin Homay 15-May-13 11:54am View
Ok it is a good news
{ ADO.NET: Execute Reader "SELECT text FROM new WHERE memo The command text "SELECT memo FROM new WHERE memo="" was executed on connection "Data Source=.\sqlexpress;Initial
Catalog=details;UserId=sa;Password=P@ssw0rd",building a SqlDataReader. }
at here { "SELECT memo FROM new WHERE memo="" } we can see our query condition is empty and we have not any value after WHERE memo="value" so we have a problem in selected item in list box ;) try with this code :
Please check this links it can be usefully :
Aydin Homay 15-May-13 1:17am View
We can sure our algorithm is the Ok but we have a problem at Select query could you trace filltext() method and send me result of cmd.commandtext value after adding memo from where condition?
Aydin Homay 14-May-13 5:19am View
Please tell me what you get Error ?
Aydin Homay 12-May-13 23:56pm View
I cant understand your question what you want do that please explain more.
Aydin Homay 12-May-13 0:13am View
Hi please tell me how you are connect dual sim phone to the computer? are you using GSM modem? is your devise supported dual sim? however I think you can select your sim on your device with AT commands but please answer my questions and help to me for good understanding your problem.
Aydin Homay 11-May-13 5:23am View
Your question is not clear please review again ;)
Aydin Homay 11-May-13 5:17am View
jdate is a DataTime or nvacher ? my mean is data type of jdaye. and Please trace listYear_SelectedIndexChanged and be sure when you select the item you are get the real jdate value.
Aydin Homay 10-May-13 9:43am View
You can use WPF in your web application it is possible. why you don`t use it?
Aydin Homay 7-May-13 1:35am View
Please tell me are you have a relational database or no? and you are in windows platform or web?
Aydin Homay 6-May-13 23:46pm View
Please tell me are you have a relational database or no? and you are in windows platform or web?
Aydin Homay 6-May-13 4:17am View
So sorry I improved my answer please check it again ;)
Aydin Homay 5-May-13 1:52am View
Please explain your question I can`t understand your question.
Aydin Homay 4-May-13 6:01am View
You want press 'A' in msflexgrid or in your Form ?
Aydin Homay 4-May-13 5:42am View
Why don`t use Image box in VB6?
Aydin Homay 2-May-13 7:41am View
Yes you can use WebService technology or related tech, I will add new solution for you as soon as possible.
Aydin Homay 1-May-13 7:53am View
Your Active X need a license?
Aydin Homay 1-May-13 6:25am View
Really good ;) 5!
Aydin Homay 30-Apr-13 7:29am View
Please check it :

Best Regards.
Aydin Homay 30-Apr-13 2:13am View
Hi I don`t know why you give this solution because I did it in my solution before you! please check my solution before than give a new solution ;)
"more information about connection strings check it:[^]"
Best Regards.
Aydin Homay 26-Apr-13 12:11pm View
Hi, you can find your answer here
Aydin Homay 25-Apr-13 10:11am View

I understand you want set permission to access forms with end users if yes ? so you should use database for create and save your system user accounts and they permission access level. You can create three table for this purpose.
Table1: your user accounts
Table2: your application form names
Table3: relation between users and application forms

Best Regards.
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If you mean as Mixed-Mode is C++/CLI, My MFC project in C++/CLI right now, so I work in the mixed-mode state. But from the mixed-mode we have still different UI problem, because my project is MFC and C#.NET.
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Dear Sergey
So thank you, I used to do it this way:

1- Create Windows Application project in C# and add in to the MFC main project
2- Add reference of C# project in MFC
3- Create your windows form in C# project
4- After using C++/CLI and lab lab lab
5- From the MFC main form I wrote these codes:

CString logicname;
logicname = "logic1";
FindWindowByTitle fwbt("logic1", true);

HWND hwnd1 ;
hwnd1 = fwbt.FindIt();

KTCLogic::MDIParentMain ^logicmain = gcnew KTCLogic::MDIParentMain();
logicmain->TopMost = true;

FindWindowByTitle fwbt1("KTC-Logic Editor", true);
HWND hwnd2 ;
hwnd2 = fwbt1.FindIt();


So, do you have a better solution? of course I have problem in hosting my windows form in MFC Dialog Box still yet :)
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Sergey actually I could not understand other solution :P ;)
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I find out this solution ;)
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So what is your solution if we want opening our .NET forms from MFC main window?
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I don`t understand how to tell my windows form :

in MFC :

KTCLogic::BaseForm ^baseform = gcnew KTCLogic::BaseForm();
baseform->MdiParent= CManiForm // For example

I have a problem with baseform->MdiParent= CManiForm // For example !?
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Dear Sergey could you tell me how should I use please ? where I should define this dll and where I should call that ?

[DllImport("User32", CharSet=CharSet.Auto, ExactSpelling=true)]
internal static extern IntPtr SetParent(IntPtr hWndChild, IntPtr hWndParent);
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I see, I will test it as soon as possible so Thank you. :)
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Dear Sergey

I am currently work in mixed-mode and Previous solutions in this regard was excellent, But I have problem with my forms child and parents. I don`t know how can I set my new form in .NET(C++/CLI) MdiParent is MFC main form.

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Check it :
Aydin Homay 15-Apr-13 0:23am View
Please trace your for block:

For Row = 2 To LstLog.ListItems.count
For Col = 1 To LstLog.ColumnHeaders.count
If Col = 1 Then
objExcelSheet.Cells(Row, Col).Value = LstLog.ListItems(Row).Text
objExcelSheet.Cells(Row, Col).Value = LstLog.ListItems(Row).SubItems(Col - 1)
End If
I think you have a mistake at initializing second for.

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Please explain about your target record.
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Please copy your code here ...! :)
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Check your Interval of Timer object, because if your timer interval is less than 3000 you will get error however it`s not a good idea for do it work. This solution have a more time complexity and I suggest you change your solution you can use socket programming(server-client) for that purpose.
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Did you want show your video file from vb6 program ? if yes so why you don`t use Media Player component from vb6 ?
Aydin Homay 7-Apr-13 5:36am View
You can use shell command, please review follow of link for more information about it and take a look:

Dim bolShell As Boolean
bolShell = SuperShell(App.Path & "\ftp.bat", App.Path, INFINITE, SW_NORMAL, HIGH_PRIORITY_CLASS)
txtStatus.Text = bolShell
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You can use office library from the .NET just take a look at this link :
Aydin Homay 7-Apr-13 0:59am View
Create Data row object and use it ;)
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Dear xxdaw

First check your table or view from the database with your generated query when you select each items from the combobox1. for example if your combobox have these items('A','B','C') when you select first item from the combobox1, you should have a query same as: "select * from Table1 where title='A'" ;) and if you get result with this query form your DBMS (Sql Server, Access or ...) combobox2 binding.

Best Regards.
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Hi again

I used your solution #2 follow of these steps:
1- I created CLI windows application with my project name
2- I added my MFC 2010 project source codes(*.h & *.cpp) to the from of new CLI project
3- I changed "Use MFC" option from project properties to the Use "MFC in a shared DLL"
4- Build
But I get some errors same as:
1- error C3641: 'UnlockResource' : invalid calling convention '__stdcall ' for function compiled with /clr:pure or /clr:safe
2- error C3641: 'InterlockedExchangePointer' : invalid calling convention '__stdcall ' for function compiled with /clr:pure or /clr:safe
3- error C3641: 'DrawStatusText' : invalid calling convention '__stdcall ' for function compiled with /clr:pure or /clr:safe
4- error C3641: 'AtlW2AHelper' : invalid calling convention '__stdcall ' for function compiled with /clr:pure or /clr:safe
5- error C3641: 'AtlDevModeW2A' : invalid calling convention '__stdcall ' for function compiled with /clr:pure or /clr:safe
6- error C3641: 'AtlA2WHelper' : invalid calling convention '__stdcall ' for function compiled with /clr:pure or /clr:safe
7- error C2440: 'default argument' : cannot convert from 'int (__cdecl *)(int,const char *,int,const char *,const char *,...)' to 'ATL::CTrace::fnCrtDbgReport_t' C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\atlmfc\include\atltrace.h

What`s wrong ? any help would be appreciated.
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Dear guys

Actually when we have legacy project from (MFC or ...) we have more problems with develop and extend that. if we develop new sub system from .NET and integrated with our legacy system we have COM technology problem or if we develop new sub system from MFC again we lost .NET feasibility... :/
Maybe if we develop new sub system from .NET and we use .exe from our legacy system with shell and ... is a better than other solutions !
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Very good answer so tnx Sergey Alexandrovich kryukov ;)