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Thanks. 30-Oct-13 5:52am View
Thanks for reply.

I got that why its needed. But my question was, after bundling where those bundles get stored? some where in memory? or in cache? and when? 26-Jul-11 1:30am View
Its good to know but this not making any difference on execution plan. They both query taking same time to display results.

BTW.. good one :) 4-Jan-11 1:54am View
Need to check... you linked the same page. 30-Dec-10 4:58am View
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Really nice one 10-Nov-10 3:39am View
Hi, thanks for reply.
In this function i will set the src of the frame... fine!!!
but my problem is, How to read the elemment of the page(src, which set in frame). 3-Sep-10 5:00am View
Simple! 3-Sep-10 4:59am View
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right answer 22-Jul-10 9:28am View
I think u r in wrong way, u r accessing e.CommandArgument and want to access row index, how is possible.
first u sure that u send something with e.CommandArgumen.
access e.rowindex, will help u. 21-Jul-10 4:49am View
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