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Comments by Muhammad-Idrees-1 (Top 13 by date)

Muhammad-Idrees-1 8-Feb-16 6:44am View
Did your logic only depends on first and second form (means form number sequence), or do you have some specific requirements with form names/keys? I think it would be more logical if you can define an interface with a Key (int/string etc.) and let each form implement this interface with own unique Key. Then in this condition you can check for that key which you want to close or which you want to keep opened.
m-idrees 26-Dec-15 9:13am View
Are you sure the following table field contains binary data?

It seems this field has simple string content and you are trying to convert string to byte[], causing this error.
M-Idrees-pk 28-Apr-12 5:03am View
Hi adkalavadia,

Thanks for your suggestion. But the problem with this technique is that it also finds out all the content that is even commented and of no-use. Although that is garbage commented code placed there, but I have to put lots of effort in order to get rid from that commented content. Is there any workaround the exclude the commented material from search.

M-Idrees-pk 21-Feb-12 1:51am View
I can't ask my each user to install sql server to his machine ;)

I need to create dynammic files on the fly, means user can create/delete as manay files as he want, and how big file size totally depends on user, how much data he want to enter in one file. like txt or xml file. user do not have to install anything new on his machine.

I hope you get the point ?
M-Idrees-pk 21-Feb-12 1:12am View
Thanks Naerling,

Yes that's the problem I understand from your post. I checked in this perspective and test accordingly. now the form is working fine.

Thanks a lot again for helping me to get out from this fuzzy exception.
M-Idrees-pk 20-Feb-12 0:02am View
Ok, definitely all custom types are composed of primitive types. that's all clear. but I was just looking for more comprehensive sample that could do this trick for my custom structs, I do not want to write code for my each struct individually.
M-Idrees-pk 19-Feb-12 23:59pm View
Thanks Bob
M-Idrees-pk 17-Feb-12 4:53am View
I need a robust and efficient mechanism, it will be used in high frequency.
Assuming about thousands of client applications will communicate with server and each packet is passed through this mechanism - serialized into bytes and then back to custom types(.net struct).
M-Idrees-pk 17-Feb-12 2:20am View
Thanks Mehdi, looking nice. but I am not sure, that JSON will also work with structs. and if it works, do you think that its a better option for convert my custom types to bytes and vice-versa. I mean comparatively with Marshalling in .net.

What will be the difference and what will be the better option :
.Net Marshalling the structs
Json (described in your article)
M-Idrees-pk 17-Feb-12 2:16am View
there is no any sample that converts struct to bytes. and then bytes back to structs.
M-Idrees-pk 17-Feb-12 2:12am View
System.BitConverter will only convert primitive types to bytes, not my custom packet structs.
M-Idrees-pk 6-Feb-12 1:01am View
Thanks Manfred,

That's the point I was also thinking that if watchdog application could also crash, then this approach would not be the good one. and also I have to setup both processes when go for deployment.

Second windows service option seems better option, and I think I have to switch for that solution ultimately.

Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion.
M-Idrees-pk 3-Feb-12 2:50am View
Sorry i forgot to mentioned, I am using, VisualStudio 2010

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