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Comments by killabyte (Top 11 by date)

killabyte 16-Mar-12 15:57pm View
in the drop function i am saving state with a $( ".selector" ).each(...) and have noticed a phantom element, it could be because i am using it in conjuction with $( ".selector" ).sortabble() but i dont think so
killabyte 13-Feb-12 21:58pm View
hence why i said it works via a max length of string passed and not pixels ...
killabyte 8-Feb-12 20:32pm View
when you change the complex object in your Entity Model do you set the EntityState.Modified on said entity model?
killabyte 8-Feb-12 20:27pm View
uploading music is illegal and the americans will rape and torture you for doing so pls do not
killabyte 30-Jan-12 16:59pm View
wow, i get a 1 vote for trying to help....... i guess i wont bother then.

you do have an appropreaite name though! your plenty anal enough hahaha
killabyte 21-Dec-11 19:48pm View
i that case make sure your base class has no contract attributes on it, i dont think they bubble up through correctly.
killabyte 19-Dec-11 20:44pm View
correcting people is considered being an internet troll =)
killabyte 16-Nov-11 18:34pm View
I think by the sounds of things it must be some nasty lil threading bug, i note in the call back example you cited the callbacks a Reentrant which could bugger things up if the InstanceContextMode is set to single? not sure
killabyte 15-Nov-11 22:11pm View
What have you configured the InstanceContextMode and ConcurrencyMode to?
killabyte 5-Oct-11 22:10pm View
if you cant host a mini web server on the device then you are going to need a "supervisor" PC that can communicate to the devices get the required data and host that data in a web service somewhere.

the supervisor could poll all connected nodes, then publish those results to web, if the web service recieve a calibration update the supervisor would then have to interpret the web data transform it into embedded lingo and send it back the the device node.
killabyte 30-Sep-11 0:48am View
well if your using a FileSystemWatcher then you can just reference the path through that object?