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Comments by George Swan (Top 200 by date)

George Swan 5 days ago View    
The compiler is smarter than I thought. Excellent, +5 from me
George Swan 12-Apr-24 17:51pm View    
Is the extension method example correct? Will it accept a new List as a Func that takes a key and returns a value?
George Swan 8-Apr-24 14:22pm View    
If your query executes in Sql Server Management Studio, I would suggest that you save it as a stored procedure and simply run that. It is a secure and fast way of executing queries
George Swan 29-Mar-24 4:11am View    
In an async environment, using Thread.Sleep() can cause unexpected and hard to debug errors. I would use await Task.Delay() instead.
George Swan 26-Mar-24 5:21am View    
Excellent 5ed!