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Comments by Chamila Nishantha (Top 9 by date)

Chamila Nishantha 12-May-14 22:26pm View
I was the editor!
Chamila Nishantha 15-Nov-12 23:39pm View
Reason for my vote of 3
Improvement tips: describe why is good or other wise bad.
Chamila Nishantha 27-May-12 10:11am View
Actually what i want to know, How to decide my document should be an article or tip? Is there any high level line to differentiate?
Chamila Nishantha 12-May-12 8:18am View
Chamila Nishantha 12-May-12 8:18am View
Chamila Nishantha 12-May-12 8:12am View
Actually i already published following tip "Transform column values in to a row" 3 or days ago and also i could not found the article from where until you mentioned. Today it was there (with the title)and half of the document is gone. Should i draft it and publish again? Please advice.
Chamila Nishantha 9-May-12 4:30am View
One thing again. when i tried to publish again, content of the tip/trick is gone. I have to write it again from the wizard.
Chamila Nishantha 9-May-12 4:28am View
I have published a tip/trick i have no idea what happen to it. where can i see the progress.
Chamila Nishantha 23-Apr-12 7:17am View
Yes, Also check certificate working properly.