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Comments by εїзεїзεїз (Top 45 by date)

εїзεїзεїз 28-Jan-14 1:47am View    
Thanks , i want both and have already installed windows 8.1
εїзεїзεїз 23-Dec-13 0:55am View    
Yes, I agree with you
εїзεїзεїз 22-Dec-13 13:57pm View    
Thanks, for windows phone emuliator, you need hyper v, for that you need 64 bit system , now i have 64 bit system but it came with the windows basic edition without hyper v.
εїзεїзεїз 25-Sep-13 3:05am View    
Thanks , I will check that out.
εїзεїзεїз 25-Sep-13 3:04am View    
I had used free fonts for generating bar code, they do generate but the reader some times reads them and some times does not.