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Comments by Ra-one (Top 37 by date)

Ra-one 25-Apr-12 6:54am View
Thanks for your time but I had already tried this solution, but the problem is for other pages like it redirect it to the myshoppage.aspx
Ra-one 13-Mar-12 6:38am View
Have 5 for polite answer to newbies :)
Ra-one 6-Mar-12 8:30am View
try removing BehaviorID="btnSubmit"
Ra-one 5-Mar-12 6:26am View
Please post the code to better understand the problem...
Ra-one 13-Dec-11 5:27am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Dont copy other's content without referencing him... Only reason to give you 1
Ra-one 18-Jul-11 4:52am View
Good detailing, my 5
Ra-one 13-Jul-11 2:57am View
Difficulty is the measure depends person by person. What you feel difficult may be easy for other... So never say something difficult without finding its solution. :)
Ra-one 11-Jul-11 9:23am View
Good One......... my 5
Ra-one 30-Jun-11 4:50am View
I agree
Ra-one 29-Jun-11 4:54am View
In the pages you do not want to redirect it to login page remove the piece of code given above. So it will not redirected. try it...
Ra-one 21-Jun-11 7:35am View
Well if you really want to learn anything... Start something yourself... never expect everything from other.... Come with a good question next time
Ra-one 21-Jun-11 5:51am View
Have u got any good answer....... :)
Ra-one 21-Jun-11 2:42am View
Do not just copy paste. try to understand the code... Many typo errors... Are you using classic asp before if so than move on and learn latest concept.

Find your own path we are just the helpers in your way, its not our journey... :)
Ra-one 17-Jun-11 9:10am View
Please be specific.. Post code as well as error detail... It will help us to help you
Ra-one 15-Jun-11 9:32am View
perfect solution ....... my 5
Ra-one 10-Jun-11 8:43am View
Better you try it yourself first rather asking for code
Ra-one 10-Jun-11 7:24am View
What kind of message you want... Alert .... Confirm .... or any message from database operation.... ?
Ra-one 10-Jun-11 4:27am View
What exactly you are trying to do is not clear in question, Be specific, try to post some code snippet to make it more clear..:)
Ra-one 9-Jun-11 1:28am View
Ra-one 9-Jun-11 1:28am View
use .TOString("MMM/dd/yyyy") at the end with the format you want for eg MMM/dd/yyyy;
Ra-one 6-Jun-11 9:24am View
true...... try the same, Read the basics of ADO.Net
Ra-one 6-Jun-11 9:13am View
Show the code where you are not able to retrieve the data from db
Ra-one 6-Jun-11 5:35am View
WHAT???? Start Creating.......:)
Ra-one 6-Jun-11 2:55am View
Please post your question that is specific and easy to understand. If possible post the code also.
Ra-one 6-Jun-11 2:52am View
It must not if you created SQLConnection before cmd.ExecuteReader()
Ra-one 3-Jun-11 8:36am View
Its a bad practice to code like this. What is the actual reason to remove and & or. If "AND" & "OR" are attached with any string it will not affect query or any manipulation.
Ra-one 1-Jun-11 4:56am View
Ra-one 27-May-11 3:37am View
check this
Ra-one 19-May-11 2:35am View
I think you are getting It wrong, It will give the type in converted to string, If you want exact replace "string st" with "var st" and you are done
Ra-one 16-May-11 2:02am View
Please give details
Ra-one 13-May-11 5:56am View
my 5 for code
Ra-one 3-May-11 8:14am View
Specify the problem... Try doing it, use css, html and server controls of
Ra-one 3-May-11 7:37am View
not really, but the situation in which table is denormalized than it is really helpful. But Its always better to have a normalized database accept some exceptional situation...
Ra-one 3-May-11 7:28am View
My 5 for the way you explained....
Ra-one 3-May-11 7:27am View
my 5 for really good way you explained ...:)
Ra-one 3-May-11 6:26am View
It can be used according to requirement. But if you want your application should perform well than avoid union and stay tuned with join......:)
Ra-one 2-May-11 7:41am View
It doesnt seem that you have called javascript anywhere in above code.