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Comments by RonnieDean77 (Top 10 by date)

RonnieDean77 30-Jan-19 18:28pm View    
Did you find a solution? I tried the provided solution above but I still get no results in C# and SQL Developer has LOTS of rows. What the heck am I missing here?
RonnieDean77 6-Apr-15 18:31pm View    
You comment that my question was above your help: "Why do you think that an expert would need to "have a similar issue" to answer this very simple question?"
RonnieDean77 6-Apr-15 18:19pm View that really necessary? I am just asking if anyone has had to write very large XML files. This is not the first time I recieve a snotty response on this site. Guess it's time to drop this site from my list of resources. UNBELIEVABLE!
RonnieDean77 5-Jan-15 11:21am View    
Hi Philippe! I understand MS efforts, but to clarify; I am trying to write a WCF generic data layer that can accept any parameter data type. This is so the client only has to fill in ONE, generic, parameter object and not chose from 5-10+ different typed parameter objects. In the WCF service I will determine which one was sent and handle accordingly. I don't feel that this, in any way, is considered incorrect. I do appreciate your comments. Have a great new year!
RonnieDean77 24-Oct-13 12:56pm View    
Interestingly, I am already doing this. And, this only happens for a single call to an Oracle procdeure. I don't get this fault expcetion on other Oracle procedures and can even run the Oracle procedure from RapidSql (yuk!) and it runs fine. I was concerned that the Fault exception was not truely sending me "real" information about the fault....thus my question about fault exceptions. Sorry, i should have added the Oracle comments earlier.