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MuhtarQong 24-Jul-12 12:17pm View    
Thank you for your response. I have read these references before posting this question. My SQL server connection is working good. This issue is occurring when I compile the WCF service as a DLL, then hosting it inside a windows service. If I add a new client project to the same Solution, where the WCF service is created, it is working good as well.
MuhtarQong 11-Jul-12 17:00pm View    
I think Vitaly is asking to change (or define) "MaxStringContentLength" property on the "XmlDictionaryReaderQuotas" object in the server-side programmatically.
MuhtarQong 25-Jun-12 9:47am View    
Since they are third party you can reference the related DLL in your project.
MuhtarQong 22-Jun-12 12:16pm View    
It is good for you you got your answer. If you are trying to set resolution, you can set it in Bitmap.
MuhtarQong 21-Jun-12 12:32pm View    
Great answer. I vote five.