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Comments by Christ Kennedy (Top 12 by date)

Christ Kennedy 27-Aug-11 10:09am View    
forgive my slow response(s) but if by 'ship the wrong code' you mean 'skip the wrong code' or 'snip the wrong code' i guess you could do that any way you make your comments. I like to use this comment/uncommenting scheme when i debug by inserting debugging code that i can easily comment out, but i'm sure there are a hundred different ways to use this idea for each programmer out there.
enjoy the code
Christ Kennedy 29-Mar-11 7:20am View    
very convenient too! thanks for your vote and comment.
Christ Kennedy 3-Feb-11 7:53am View    
I'm in the habit of using this method strictly for commenting/uncommenting debugging-code embedded in the rest of my code, specifically writing ///* debug_start -----debuggingCode----- // debug_stop */ and am therefore always careful not to have this scheme inside another like it. thanks for your comment.
Christ Kennedy 2-Feb-11 16:23pm View    
works pretty good! thanks.
Christ Kennedy 2-Feb-11 16:22pm View