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Gluups 17-Nov-23 13:05pm View    
Sorry I do not see what you mean.
Gluups 9-Apr-14 19:31pm View    
Hello, would anybody be so kind as to answer the question seriously ?
I wrote a program to launch a search on the selected text, that can be in Notepad, in a word processor, in a web browser, or in another application.
I first launch a copy by SendKeys.SendWait("^c"), then obtain the text by Clipboard.GetText();
This runs jolly good, but the sendkeys generates a HIPS alert, so I am looking for another way. I thought to the APIs, I tried SendMessage, specifically WM_GETTEXT, but this gives me the caption of the window, not the selected text. There is a EM_GETSELTEXT message, but this is ignored for notepad : EM stands for rich Edit Message. WM_COPY is ignored.
Any better idea ?