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Comments by Jeff Bowman (Top 4 by date)

Jeff Bowman 12-Apr-11 13:46pm View    
> OP was talking about a single request

Ah, that's what's happened. We're talking about two different things :-)

I read the thread too quickly. Based on Venkatesh's reply, I misunderstood this topic to address the problem of how to detect a page refresh and not initiate a duplicate action.

So now your technique makes sense :-)

p.s. Even though the unanimous vote is that the collection should stay read-only, I think OP was pretty clever to dig in and come up with that approach. Albeit misguided, it shows initiative ;-)
Jeff Bowman 12-Apr-11 3:31am View    
Oh, I doubt myself daily ;-)

I'm not seeing how you're handling state here. Each page load is a fresh new instance, thus the field IsQueryStringUsed will always be false.

You must be writing a value back out to the page somewhere else?

And yes, I very much agree. The collection is read-only for a reason and it should stay that way.
Jeff Bowman 12-Apr-11 2:05am View    
That'll be great, thanks, when you have time. I'd like to see how you've solved this.
Jeff Bowman 11-Apr-11 21:00pm View    
Hi Ankur, do you have a small snippet handy? Thanks.