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Comments by SpeedDemonSA (Top 2 by date)

SpeedDemonSA 18-May-15 4:54am View
Thank you, that's a much more secure option and i really like the idea of an "Always True" condition right at the beginning.
SpeedDemonSA 15-May-15 8:33am View
Hi RyanDev, I've tried that already and it works if there are selected items in listboxes directly next to each other, if someone chooses a value from listbox 1 and say listbox 3 then the IF statement for Listbox 2 checks (strFilter.Length != 0) and adds an extra AND because the stringbuilder length is greater than 0. Unless i cheat and use strFilter.Replace(" AND AND ", " AND "); right at the end to remove the double AND's?