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Comments by Pradeep Shukla (Top 111 by date)

Pradeep Shukla 23-Oct-13 22:35pm View    
What exactly happens that you call as "every thing goes to hell".. please post the exception detail.. that may help to identify and isolate the issue.
Pradeep Shukla 23-Oct-13 22:30pm View    
you should post this question to Winsql forum:
Pradeep Shukla 7-Oct-13 23:21pm View    
you have not mentioned what is the issue you are facing...
Pradeep Shukla 6-Oct-13 23:31pm View    
There is no ready made solution for your project. If you have tried something you can share the code here and if you have any specific issues... I would be happy to help.
BTW follow the guidelines
Pradeep Shukla 6-Oct-13 20:48pm View    
What have you tried till now.. which column \ cell of the grid you want to get the updates from the text box. Its not clear from the question above. It needs to have more info if you want more help.