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Comments by M Imran Ansari (Top 84 by date)

M Imran Ansari yesterday View    
Happy to hear second solution works for you and that's the grade/star. Cheers :)
M Imran Ansari 13-Nov-22 16:15pm View    
Your code is looking good. What error you are getting?
M Imran Ansari 4-Apr-22 3:09am View    
You are storing into character and calculating arithmetic operation, which is calculating as per ASCII values. What is your expected output? You
M Imran Ansari 24-Mar-22 5:52am View    
My pleasure.
M Imran Ansari 17-Mar-22 13:17pm View    
I did and mentioned from for loop. I don't think it duplicate of yours. Anyways user found his solution.