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Comments by Zafar Sultan (Top 200 by date)

Zafar Sultan 27-Jun-16 4:25am View    
Are you getting the values of frmdat, tdatee and regionvalue same as you are passing in SQL query? Have you tried putting a debugger and checked these values?
Zafar Sultan 14-Jun-16 8:15am View    
Definitely. That's the whole point. This is a place where people ask questions when they are stuck somewhere and here is something from your question:</br>Why this is happening?</br>How to handle that?</br>I made checkbox1.checked== true in javascript</br></br>Now, tell me honestly. Do you still think anyone can find what is going on with your code? Do you think only this much of explanation can get you a write answer. Read both the replies(mine and Sergey's) and then get back to your system, learn page life cycle, try it and then if you are stuck somewhere, ask here. We would be more than happy to help you out.
Zafar Sultan 10-Jun-16 6:52am View    
He needs "answer" not your advice :D:D:D
Zafar Sultan 10-Jun-16 6:50am View    
He is right. It is up to you to take care of maintaining state of your controls on your page. We can not read your complete code remotely. It looks like there is a postback which refreshes the page and due t which your controls are rendering again. This is the normal way a web page behaves. What is it that diverts your mind? Why this rudeness? Just because you have been pointed in the right direction? This is surely not a sign of a good programmer. Always looking for answers provided by others is not an option. You will only get direction. Rest is up to you. And by the way checkbox1.checked== true is not assignment and by any chance(which is impossible) it becomes in a century or two, it has nothing to do with server side code.
Zafar Sultan 2-Jun-16 6:17am View    
Can you please post the relevant code? Combobox.Items does not give enough information about your problem.