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eddieangel 27-Sep-17 12:04pm View    
I am firmly against using Excel interop for anything as I don't like the dependency on Microsoft Office, there are better solutions out there. That being said, have you tried stripping the double quotes from the input?

eddieangel 21-Sep-17 16:05pm View    
Did you query the database to ensure that all of the items in the cart actually have the correct ip? If so is the database being updated correctly but not your session variable?
eddieangel 19-Sep-17 12:19pm View    
I am not sure I can find a link right off hand, but I can give you a brief rundown.

Each version of Office comes with a dll (driver in simple terms) that enables programs to access it's documents through a common interface. Prior to 2000 the OLEDB driver (That is the format that Access and Excel store data in) in use was the JETDB provider. After 2000 or so they phased in the ACEDB driver that you are referencing in your connection string above.

The problem is that these drivers require that Office or at least the Office compatability pack be installed on the target computer. That is probably not an issue since you are access (I assume) a local Access database. However, when deployed to different machines with different versions of Office, you may find that your connection string will cause you problems. You will likely get an error on the Connection.Open() line. This is especially common when you have multiple computers with different processor architectures (32bit vs 64bit).

It is not anything to be afraid of, just something to be aware of if you start encountering errors when you deploy to different computers.

eddieangel 19-Sep-17 11:39am View    
Is the failure occurring on the same computer? General could cause you issues, you might consider using delimiters on your table names. [General] [Info] [Rooms] etc...

Also, something to be wary of for your future development is that the ACE and Jet drivers are really flaky. Any time you can use a driver that isn't tied to something installed on the machine, the better off you will be.
eddieangel 19-Sep-17 11:32am View    
Depending on how your dataset are generated, it could be pluralizing General as Generals. Check that. Also, it is never a bad idea to use delimiters around table names. [General] [Room] [Info] and such. Are all these failures on the same computer?