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viciouskinid 19-Aug-12 9:10am View
thanks for the comment but I am using the image elsewhere in the program where I can set the background to transparent. I was hoping to be able to do the same thing here
viciouskinid 6-Aug-12 0:31am View
thanks for the comments. I will probably keep the online login but not do the "load through website".

much appreciated
viciouskinid 10-Jul-12 10:28am View
Thanks Sandeep will have a look
viciouskinid 31-May-11 4:22am View
Thanks Simon
viciouskinid 31-May-11 2:52am View
I have my own custom control that i use for vector drawing. This control is loaded in my main form and i have a toolstrip that communicates with it. I want to try to neaten up my main form code by moving the code for my tool strip to my new Toolstrip class. It isnt necessary to have the full design view but i would like it. I also think It would be useful for other things in the future.
viciouskinid 28-May-11 9:23am View
Thanks for the response.

When i open design view when my control is derived from UserControl i am able to add controls and position them just like i would with a form.

if i derive from a existing system control design view displays the message "To add components to you class, drag them from the Toolbox and use the Properties window to set their properties. To create methods and events for you class, click here to switch to code view". If I add a control to this editor it appears as an icon and text. I cant position it over the control.

What i am trying to do is derive a control from a ToolStrip and be able to add and edit toolstripitems in the viewer. Is this possible