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LEADTOOLS Support 11-May-16 7:18am View    
Since the locations of fields keep changing, you could perform general image-wide OCR and search the result for keywords you expect to appear in the document (like "Employee name" or "Salary"). Once you find a keyword, search for associated fields (like salary amount) in a location relative to the keyword's location. Keep in mind that ICR in general does not give good results unless the hand-written text is clear and has print-like quality.
LEADTOOLS Support 29-May-12 10:20am View    
You can use the MultiscaleEnhancementCommand in a scroll event, but this method can be processor intensive. Depending on the CPU power and image size, it may be best to apply this method once scrolling has stopped, rather interactively while scrolling.

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LEADTOOLS Support 29-Dec-11 11:53am View    
The problem may be that you have not added the motion filter to the playback graph. It is hard to say without seeing your code. If you are still having a problem with this, please send us your code to and we can take a look at it.

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