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Comments by Magnus Gudmundsson (Top 6 by date)

Magnus Gudmundsson 7-Apr-11 2:37am View    
Please rephrase question. It's not easy to decipher what it is that you want help with. :)
Magnus Gudmundsson 23-Feb-11 17:07pm View    
Maybe it's just that it's way past my bedtime, but where is the code that saves the checkbox.checked value? Because you apparently bind the grid everytime you load the page, that should be where the problem is. Have you verified that the checked value gets saved to the database in the c# version?
Magnus Gudmundsson 22-Dec-10 6:29am View    
What exactly is the problem? If you google this, you get a couple of articles, for example this one:
Magnus Gudmundsson 19-Dec-10 17:26pm View    
I promise you Mark,provided that you are programming in (I think the code should work in vb.6, but im not sure :) ) if you put my function in your program (the function called CalculateAverage.)
and make a call to it att line 11 (and provided that you pass a string that is not empty),
it will return the average, I have tried it myself :)

Just paste the function into your code and att line 11
make a call to it in this way
lblAverage.Text = "Average letters per Word: " & cstr(CalculateAverage(sLine)
you will have to erase the second last line of your code, so that it does not override the value you get from my function.
Magnus Gudmundsson 9-Dec-10 10:41am View    
Thanks for the answer Griff. I did not know about the internal Guid used for replication, thats interesting. But still, it seems a bit off to add a DateTime stamp column to a table when all you need is a puny int as Identity ;) (granted if you make the guid a clustered index, you would not need the datetime stamp.) I remain a Guid skeptic, but would like to gruff on about this matter :o)
If I have the time and energy I will try to write a CP article named The Case against Guid, and will leave no stone unturned.