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EngleA 20-Dec-11 11:06am View
We use this model exclusively, as highly detailed on Spaanjaars website (N-Layer 2.0, and 3.5).
EngleA 4-Oct-11 15:13pm View
correct me if i'm wrong, but this will have no effect on nested textboxes, like those inside a panel...
EngleA 12-Apr-11 13:54pm View
For those of you that "don't get it", you should read Spaanjaars articles on N-Layers:

EngleA 12-Apr-11 13:53pm View
you can still do that in one procedure. Instead of SELECT Scope_Identity() as above, we just do SELECT @@IDENTITY. result is the same.
EngleA 18-Jan-11 10:24am View
agreed... why???
EngleA 8-Nov-10 15:56pm View
Those are the very articles which prompted my post. ;)
EngleA 8-Nov-10 12:26pm View
Dammit Jim, I'm a web developer! heh...
EngleA 8-Nov-10 12:13pm View
That makes sense. What do you think though in the ASP.NET world?
EngleA 8-Nov-10 11:55am View
That was no help. I said, IGNORING events (as the link you posted is talking about button events), help me understand.

Please keep answers simple. That post of PLZ HELP ME EXPLAINING was convoluted, full of inexplicable code, and completely irrelevant.