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Comments by RedSonja (Top 4 by date)

RedSonja 20-Apr-11 10:01am View    
RedSonja 20-Apr-11 9:18am View     CRLF
ah, gcc --version gives me 3.4.4, must get a newer one.
RedSonja 20-Apr-11 9:14am View     CRLF
My project leader now tells me I want to start with gcc 4.0.1 for the Solaris 9 version and later this year move to gcc 4.2.4 on Solaris 10. Me, I'm happy if I get it to run at all. I think our Cygwin is a bit old, shall ask admin to get us a newer one. How can I get gcc to tell me which version it has?
RedSonja 24-Nov-10 2:13am View    
I am sorry, I didn't realise it wasn't allowed