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Comments by DaveAuld (Top 200 by date)

DaveAuld 8-Mar-20 1:27am View    
If you don't mind me asking, but why specifically does it need to be open source?
DaveAuld 13-Dec-19 1:01am View    
Sounds like a homework what is not working? What errors do you get? Does the file get created? Is the file lock being released if the program crashes and prevent you running again? etc. etc. etc.
DaveAuld 30-Aug-19 5:35am View    
He means, if the code you have shown above does ALL properties, then delete the parts of it that relate to the properties you don't want.
DaveAuld 23-Jul-19 3:06am View    
cacls and icacls...... we are dealing with access control lists (ACLs) not calculators :-)
DaveAuld 22-Jul-19 15:01pm View    
Sounds like your opening a discussion (if your puting it out to see if you get any cool ideas) rather than a direct question, would this not be better suited in one of the forums?