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Nathan Staudt 9-Apr-11 7:29am View
Have you tried running a network listener tool to see if anything is being sent? Have you checked your IAsyncResult for network/port exceptions? (I seem to remember reading somewhere that singletons in .NET apps are just singletons for the current application domain, therefore you could have a port collision going on?) Just my few random thoughts - hope it helps :)
Nathan Staudt 18-Oct-10 2:17am View
That's why it's called a LIST view... you want GridView.
Nathan Staudt 18-Oct-10 1:58am View
That's a very broad question, you'll probably have more success if you ask a more specific question...
1. Store it in a database
2. Send them an email?
3. Store it in a database.
Nathan Staudt 14-Oct-10 7:25am View
My pleasure :)
Nathan Staudt 14-Oct-10 5:39am View
Did you try re-creating your form?
Nathan Staudt 14-Oct-10 5:36am View
Aarti, what is the base class type of Home? If you don't know that, then you need to read up about inheritance and object oriented concepts.
Nathan Staudt 14-Oct-10 5:32am View
Did you create the files manually yourself, or did you create them with Visual Studio? The compiler isn't correctly determining the base class (it can't find the Dispose method of the base class). Try creating a new Form called Home2 and excluding the Home form from the project.
Nathan Staudt 14-Oct-10 5:24am View
There's an example in that link. lblResult.Invoke(new MethodInvoker(delegate { lblResult.Text = result; }));
Nathan Staudt 13-Oct-10 3:31am View
Apart from not disposing of your connections properly ( ) and a sql injection vulnerability at line 43, there is nothing obviously wrong to my eye. What is the error message that you're getting?
Nathan Staudt 8-Oct-10 7:49am View
That still doesn't show the part where you encode the string - that's where the problem most likely is.
Nathan Staudt 8-Oct-10 5:59am View
That's why you need to add the <location> tag I described above - you need to allow access to the images and stylesheet but continue to require authentication for the aspx pages.
Nathan Staudt 8-Oct-10 5:57am View
Try viewing the http request and response using a tool such as FireBug, that might give you a clue as to what the problem is.
Nathan Staudt 8-Oct-10 5:18am View
oops, sorry about the html in the comment. link is
Nathan Staudt 8-Oct-10 5:18am View
For a web application, the html fileupload element will be giving the user a view of their local file system. You refer to enabling directory browsing in your comment above, that is not relevant to this scenario. See <a href="">here</a> for a discussion on the topic of setting a default directory. Good Luck! :)
Nathan Staudt 8-Oct-10 3:40am View
That's progress at least. An empty response from the server probably means that some of the parameters you're passing in your request aren't correct. I'm afraid I can't help with that unless you post your code :(
Nathan Staudt 8-Oct-10 2:05am View
Read Answer 2 :)
Nathan Staudt 7-Oct-10 11:40am View
Personally, I use JQuery for stuff like that - no point re-inventing the wheel - and it also works in a lot more browsers than your bespoke event handling will :-)
Nathan Staudt 7-Oct-10 11:34am View
Can you provide a SQL script to create the underlying tables and populate them with sample data? If so, then I'll have a look.
Nathan Staudt 7-Oct-10 11:07am View
Is there a reason you're specifically using ASCII instead of Unicode? If the request to your page has any unicode characters, that might be messing things up :)
Nathan Staudt 7-Oct-10 10:19am View
You'll probably need to provide code samples of what you're trying to do in order to make your question easier to answer.

From what you've written so far, you're probably looking for "json", but that's just a guess :)
Nathan Staudt 7-Oct-10 7:53am View
My pleasure.
The article link is in the answer text. :)
Nathan Staudt 7-Oct-10 7:50am View
That code will run, but it won't do what you say because it doesn't do anything with the result from the Trim method.

TextBox1.Text = TextBox1.Text.Trim();

I think that's what you meant :)
Nathan Staudt 7-Oct-10 7:43am View
Check out the article link I just added - your files can still be opened with winzip. (and you should question whoever "recommended" that approach to you)
Nathan Staudt 7-Oct-10 7:30am View
Yes, I tried that - and wasn't presented with that option (using the latest version of Firefox)

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