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Comments by ziadb86 (Top 4 by date)

ziadb86 29-Sep-10 5:32am View
Dear Fredik 10x for your comment, but it didn't worked for me.. I don't know what's wrong..!! In my solution the classes are created in a project and the extension methods are located in different project, I tried to located the extension methods in the same namespace but the problem remains.... any idea??
ziadb86 17-Sep-10 7:21am View
if I opened the database, how can I retrieve the linked tables in order to change their connection string?
ziadb86 17-Sep-10 5:43am View
can u please insert an entire example because I'm lost? Can I use OleDb?
ziadb86 2-Sep-10 16:30pm View
I'm closing the connection and disposing its resources. The exception is produced only when I open the connection. If I omit oledbConnection.Open() the exception wont be raised.