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Marius Bancila 8-Jan-14 8:41am View
Oh, lol. Thanks. :)
Marius Bancila 8-Jan-14 7:23am View
No need to be sorry. We all learn and make mistakes. I don't know exactly what you try to do, however, it makes no sense to transform the key code input into a verbatim string, such as "up" or "left" to check it in another function. Why don't you just pass the KeyStroke to charpos_calculation() and check it against your UP_ARROW value instead of the string "up"?
Marius Bancila 8-Jan-14 4:48am View
I'd be curious why was this answer downvoted to 1 star. I understand someone is not happy with it, but I'd like to know what's wrong with it.
Marius Bancila 22-Dec-13 17:34pm View
How do you expect this gibberish to help us answering your question?
Marius Bancila 22-Dec-13 17:29pm View
I have followed your instructions and built with VS2008 Team System on Windows 7. It works fine without the first column being black. So I suppose your problem is actually on Windows XP?
Marius Bancila 12-Aug-13 10:35am View
Reason for my vote of 2 \n Still a matter of taste.
Marius Bancila 14-Jun-13 7:01am View
Why do you tag with C and post in the C++ section if you need this in C#?
Marius Bancila 30-Apr-13 9:02am View
We are asking because we try to understand what you want to achieve. What you want to do does not have support in C++ and you need to write a parser and map the results on your structure members. However, if we understand why you want to do this maybe we have ideas to help you avoid doing this. Do you understand now why we keep asking WHY?
Marius Bancila 30-Apr-13 7:40am View
Why the value of Stud and not other object? WHAT are you trying to achieve with this?
Marius Bancila 30-Apr-13 7:19am View
So you need to wrap the stand alone function with a member function? So what's the actual problem?
Marius Bancila 30-Apr-13 7:16am View
What's the purpose of that? Where do you want to pass that string? What if Stud-> doesn't make sense in the context? Your question does not make much sense without further details.
Marius Bancila 14-Feb-13 4:20am View
You must have the LVS_REPORT style to be able to display multiple columns.
Marius Bancila 7-Feb-13 9:04am View
Notice that the file could be closed just the next moment after you've found the file was opened, or the other way around. Therefore make sure you're asking the right question when you code "is this file opened".
Marius Bancila 7-Feb-13 2:44am View
The obvious question is if CryptDecrypt fails, what is the value returned by GetLastError()?
Marius Bancila 7-Feb-13 1:37am View
Just because you what WHAT you serialize, doesn't mean you now HOW it is serialized. You need to know the complete binary output, if you want to write a C# de-serializer. I would rather consider the other options that I mentioned.
Marius Bancila 6-Feb-13 10:00am View
You want to disassemble an assembly and save the source code of a particular class?
Marius Bancila 6-Feb-13 9:57am View
This forum is for C++, not C#.
Marius Bancila 5-Feb-13 6:06am View
You're too vague. You need to tell us more about the problem. What kind of application, calls, what platform, are you using C++11, etc.
Marius Bancila 30-Jan-13 6:34am View
You need to figure out what you want or need to do. Then ask how to do it.
Marius Bancila 29-Jan-13 3:53am View
Your service and application, are they running under the same accounts, or not? Do they have the same level of access?
Marius Bancila 28-Jan-13 17:51pm View
So, do you have problems or something? You're using srand/rand correctly. Do you get undesired results, or what?
Marius Bancila 28-Jan-13 17:40pm View
You can lookup the definition of LPCTSTR by pressing F12 (Go To Definition). It's a const TCHAR*, where TCHAR is either char or wchar_t, depending the character set you build with.

To answer your question, you should post the actual code for writing and reading.
Marius Bancila 26-Jan-13 16:25pm View
Are you using a list box or a list view? To display images in a list, you have to use an imagelist, and each time you add an item specify the index of the image in the imagelist. However, I don't understand where do you want the big image to appear.
Marius Bancila 25-Jan-13 8:19am View
Why are you returning non-const references from getFile/etc. and where()?

BTW, displayData() should be declared virtual in the parent.
Marius Bancila 25-Jan-13 8:12am View
I don't get it, sorry. Can you try to explain it again (did you use a translation service?). Maybe showing a picture can help with the language barrier.
Marius Bancila 24-Jan-13 11:17am View
You used a relative path (just the file name), in which case the file is looked for in the application's working directory. So you should somehow specify the full path, file string filename = "d:\\myfolder2\\reza.txt";
Marius Bancila 24-Jan-13 2:48am View
Well, I guess you are running that executable on another machine. In this case you miss the DLLs for CRT. You have two options, either statically link or install the VC++ re-distributables (must match exactly your version of VC++ including service pack) on the target machine.

And next time make sure you remember the exact name of the DLL, otherwise has no point in asking.
Marius Bancila 23-Jan-13 16:11pm View
The answer is yes, but only if you need it afterwards.

However, your openfilechk() looks like a function that should return a bool, rather than setting a global variable that you check afterwards. As I already mentioned earlier, you're telling us to little of what you want to do.
Marius Bancila 23-Jan-13 16:05pm View
First of all, tell exactly what error you have. How else can you give any relevant suggestions? Perhaps is something your applications depends upon and is not available on that machine. Did you use depends.exe ( to check?
Marius Bancila 23-Jan-13 2:55am View
But make sure you store the password encrypted, not in plain text.
Marius Bancila 23-Jan-13 2:53am View
If you can't get it working, means that you tried something. Why don't you explain what you tried?
Marius Bancila 23-Jan-13 2:51am View
What is openfilechk() supposed to do? If you're not setting fp to NULL, what's the point of checking it later in main(). You need to explain what you want to do.
Marius Bancila 18-Oct-12 4:04am View
Yes, of course it is.
Marius Bancila 18-Oct-12 4:04am View
Yes, of course it is.
Marius Bancila 16-Oct-12 15:00pm View
When you want to change the look of some control, handling the WM_PAINT message is what you have to do. Yes, you have to take care of the painting yourself. It is not inelegant. That's the way it is.
Marius Bancila 16-Oct-12 10:47am View
Yes, it is possible through a mixed-mode DLL in C++/CLI.
Marius Bancila 16-Oct-12 7:39am View
Is this data provided as text or binary? Because that Ì could be some actual data incorrectly displayed as a character, even if it is not intended so.
Marius Bancila 15-Oct-12 5:15am View
I suggest you rephrase your question because it is not much understandable. Are you trying something and have problems? Then show the code and explain what's going wrong.
Marius Bancila 5-Oct-12 2:26am View
The problem either the path of the DLL or one of its dependencies are missing. You can check the dependencies with depends.exe (
Marius Bancila 3-Oct-12 3:05am View
There can be different causes for this. Impossible to say anything without seen your code. Take a look at a search results for "LockBits memory access violation", you'll see others had problems. Take a look at the suggestions and double check your code.
Marius Bancila 3-Oct-12 2:47am View
First, you should figure which function throws that exception.
Marius Bancila 26-Sep-12 15:37pm View
Have a look here
Marius Bancila 26-Sep-12 15:36pm View
What kind of app? What version of OS? Is the app build with .NET 1.1? Notice that you can get that error if the app is built with .NET 1.1. and you run on Win7 or Server 2008 R2.
Marius Bancila 25-Sep-12 16:21pm View
Did you debug? What are the values of clsidStr, clsidASIO and iidASIO? Do they hold what you expect? What kind of app is this? 32 or 64-bit? And what target machine is it? x86 or x64? Notice that if this is for instance a 64-bit app and the COM server is registered in the 32-bit view of the registry, than the app cannot read the COM registry data. Nor the other way around (a 32-bit app and a COM server registered in the native 64-bit registry view).
Marius Bancila 19-Apr-12 6:13am View
afxwin.h is an MFC header. he has a Win32 console app and didn't say anything about MFC support.
Marius Bancila 17-Apr-12 15:35pm View
CWinApp is called before main, because you have a global variable of that type, and that is instantiated before main is called. Now, is it that the global CWinApp object is declared with some #ifdef conditions?