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Govindaraj Rangaraj 8-Apr-14 5:43am View    
As I mentioned earlier jquery and ajax are nothing but browser side scripting which means you can develop dynamic webpages using them. With jquery you could develop webpages that can update contents dynamically. The first ever functionality I achieved using jquery was to convert a table into boxes made of div tag. Traditionally without javascript we need to rewrite the html from table to div but in jquery you can use the same page with table, but instead of rewriting the table tag you could write jquery code to transform to div dynamically.

Ajax is a simple call to server. Jquery provides several different wrapper for ajax which are very easy to use. One such example is getJSON method. Please google for this method. It gets data from the server in JSON format and you can apply this data dynamically on the page. Which means without reloading a page you update data on the webpage (like a magic) :)
Govindaraj Rangaraj 8-Apr-14 5:34am View    
Thanks for upvoting and I am glad to help!
Govindaraj Rangaraj 14-Feb-14 4:23am View    
Are you taking about your cshtml views? How about puting them in _layout or some other shared view?
Govindaraj Rangaraj 18-Oct-13 4:19am View    
Hi it is same for all the operators.
To do OR, replace AND keyword with OR.

But I would suggest you to do it as a stored procedure then to do it like this as Sql injection can easily be exploited. Refer these:

The other best option is to use Linq
Refer this:
See the response from "David B" in this link. Nice way to do the dynamic queries.

Govindaraj Rangaraj 17-Oct-13 11:00am View    
"Do i need to make each condition for combobox value?" - YES!