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AndyInUK 8-Jan-14 11:20am View     CRLF
I think there is a small problem here. by adding AND t2.UserID <> '@UserID', it will remove that particular UserID from the list but it will not removed all the articles that particular user viewed. It's suggesting the same articles again and again and just remove the article it's coming from.
AndyInUK 7-Jan-14 9:34am View     CRLF
Thanks for your reply. Now am even more confident to go with 1st solution. What do you think works better REST or SOAP? I am thinking to go with REST as most of the people suggesting it provides better performance. Not that I have much experience with REST or SOAP. I will have a look at windows identity foundation. This should be good solution for .net based project but we do have php based project too. So for that I might need to look into something different. Thanks
AndyInUK 2-Jan-14 6:14am View     CRLF
I guess just adding this line should remove the current user - AND t2.UserID <> '@UserID'
AndyInUK 2-Jan-14 5:40am View     CRLF
Hello Andrius, Thanks for your reply. I am just trying to understand your solution. So basically what you did here is - 1. Searched the users who viewed article 102 2. Then scanned all the users viewed article and on the basis of maximum views the best 3 result is displayed and the same article id should not be displayed. If this is how this query works then great.. i wasn't expecting such a simple solution to the problem. And also how can I remove current user ArticleIDs from the result? Thanks
AndyInUK 31-Dec-13 5:12am View     CRLF
Can you explain a little bit more about your db table. Which field do you want to compare the random number with?