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debashishPaul 21-Apr-16 0:15am View
Look, it must be your assignment... so, I shouldn't give you a direct solution... I am giving you a guideline as you are almost there...

Don't add them into array... read the first line, append " total averages" to it, write it to the output file...

start processing the numbers in the loop from the second line of the input file...
debashishPaul 7-Mar-16 16:55pm View
Are you using MVC or WebForm?
debashishPaul 23-Feb-16 21:56pm View
It is a javascript event...
debashishPaul 23-Feb-16 21:55pm View
How about when the text is pasted with mouse?
debashishPaul 11-Feb-16 16:21pm View
Define "securely" please...
debashishPaul 5-Feb-16 21:36pm View
yes... put that piece of logic in your custom Authorize attribute.

You can also pass parameters to your custom attribute. This will enable you to conditionally execute logic blocks if needed.
debashishPaul 22-Dec-15 21:16pm View
Which field do you want to sum up?
debashishPaul 22-Dec-15 0:59am View
Ha ha ha... That's interesting...
debashishPaul 2-Dec-15 16:43pm View
Happy to help...
debashishPaul 6-Oct-15 20:08pm View
Question: When I select a value from dropdown, what does "ddlEmpRecord.Text" gives for month? "January"... "JAN"... "1"... "01"?
debashishPaul 9-Feb-15 22:33pm View
So, is it the case that you just copied your school assignment and paste it here expecting someone to be doing your homework for you?
debashishPaul 3-Feb-15 22:49pm View
Hi Nathan, thanks for the suggestion. But the article you referred, is about implementing an RSS reader. But my problem is publishing the RSS.
debashishPaul 3-Jan-15 9:50am View
Well, I didn't find it complex. Complexity depends on how you are implementing it.
debashishPaul 22-Sep-14 10:46am View
What is your question exactly?
debashishPaul 29-Aug-14 2:20am View
Probably you don't want to get codes from any untrusted source to develop your payment gateway. Contact PayPal instead.
debashishPaul 3-Aug-14 22:36pm View
Sorry for asking a really bad question. I did not think it in that way.
debashishPaul 3-Aug-14 5:39am View
In our time it was the great Turbo C. Things have changed now. Try CodeLite or Eclipse. I did not use them, but looking at them seems they will be great. For starting you should not need anything other than an IDE, a book or tutorial to follow (I learned it from Herbert Schildt's "Teach yourself C"), and an undying spirit of learning. Best of luck.