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Adrabi Abderrahim 16-Sep-10 19:33pm View
Nice, by using reflection ^_^
Adrabi Abderrahim 4-Jul-10 19:31pm View
what is the main differences between MVC and JWMS?
I don't know JWMS, but I'm interested too, his says : Java Web Model Service (JWMS) transforms each part of application to a service. and solve SOA problem with communication. (

and do u understand maplet completely?
this is like interview :D!? I'm not fully reading doc, but has some interested things as : auto-binding JSP-names as methods, parameters and forwarding methods names (like validator example) etc...

& you need to follow examples for better understanding it & good luck.
Adrabi Abderrahim 2-Jul-10 12:51pm View
where? any type GUI or JEE? but in your Tags: Javascript ?
Java is deferent from Javascript!
Adrabi Abderrahim 30-Jun-10 6:41am View
can you please! give us source code for this problem (just simple project with table that causes this problem).
I want test it, for seeing this problem in action ^_^.
Adrabi Abderrahim 29-Jun-10 3:01am View
maybe here :
example all my mp3s started with (494433)
source x264 :;a=tree;
source JM:
RTP Payload Format for H.264 Video :

Adrabi Abderrahim 28-Jun-10 5:23am View
I think if you use "JavaScript OLE Automation", you can do it, but can work only in local and windows.

or you can use Ajax technique, by creating php or like for executing command, and returns formated results as XML or like to manipulating it by javascript.
Adrabi Abderrahim 26-Jun-10 9:26am View
I don't know if you know bit about SQL!

cmd.connection=con; used for setting connection of your SQL Server (for example).
if you want execute sql query(1) like "select * from MyTable", you need to set where's your server?
for this, you create connection (location(2) of your sql server), and you says to your query(1) to be executed in this location(2).

that mean! you says to cmd contain query(1) to be executed in location(2), by giving to cmd location(2) by using syntax "cmd.connection=con;"

(I'm good teacher ^_^? just kidding)
Adrabi Abderrahim 25-Jun-10 12:53pm View
^_^ okay! I admit my fault!
Adrabi Abderrahim 25-Jun-10 12:47pm View
O_O aw! this just copy/paste any beginners can do it easily? if he know this used for SQL, can known his way? (what's needed to be searched)
Adrabi Abderrahim 25-Jun-10 12:29pm View
downloading? where's this site or page?
Adrabi Abderrahim 25-Jun-10 8:50am View
file is loaded in tmp_dir (see your php.ini "upload_tmp_dir" for path)

but maybe you don't need it? you simply use :
echo "error!";
and file uploaded automatically in tmp_dir, read it and store bytes in DB!
Adrabi Abderrahim 25-Jun-10 8:49am View
echo "error!";
Adrabi Abderrahim 25-Jun-10 8:46am View
file is loaded in tmp_dir (see your php.ini "upload_tmp_dir" for path)

but maybe you don't need it? you simply use :

and file upload automatically in tmp_dir, read it and store bytes in DB!
Adrabi Abderrahim 25-Jun-10 7:05am View
any line of this code you get error and what's this error [Something...]Exception?!
Adrabi Abderrahim 24-Jun-10 18:35pm View
:D sorry
sock = shock/ socked = shocked
on-one = no-one
Adrabi Abderrahim 24-Jun-10 9:41am View
sorry! :D $host = "ssl://";
Adrabi Abderrahim 22-Jun-10 15:04pm View
he want know how can create an application to sending emails with ASP.Net & C# (maybe ^_^).
Adrabi Abderrahim 22-Jun-10 8:44am View
just follow this 3 steps or
(no update needed for your code)
Adrabi Abderrahim 21-Jun-10 9:01am View
3) and finally you add *your Video element* created by document.createElement to desired parent
Adrabi Abderrahim 21-Jun-10 8:40am View
by default if you create a project with this name "myClass.myNameSpace" add you add it as reference (right click ->add reference -> project).
you can see "myClass.myNameSpace" in reference list.
Adrabi Abderrahim 20-Jun-10 9:47am View
can you give us more details!
example "System.Xml" is not "class.class" this "Namespace.Namespace"
(System = namespace, Xml = namespace)
Adrabi Abderrahim 17-Jun-10 10:39am View
this worked fun for me with IE7, but I know maybe where is problem

problem in JS Script here :"GET", "CheckGroup.ashx", false);

because is cached by browser, try to add (new Date) for become as"GET", "CheckGroup.ashx?154548645478645", false);

by using "CheckGroup.ashx?" + (new Date().getTime())