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Comments by Lay_Kay (Top 9 by date)

Lay_Kay 26-Jun-18 21:41pm View
Where can I insert a MOVE NEXT statement in the code?
Lay_Kay 25-Jun-18 17:49pm View
Can you please provide me a direct coding sample? Thanks!
Lay_Kay 22-Jun-18 16:16pm View
Gerry, please advise. I am stuck.
Lay_Kay 22-Jun-18 13:24pm View
I see new data being inserted to the database, but not shown in the SENT email.
Lay_Kay 22-Jun-18 13:15pm View
I am expecting where the LATEST user selected "YES" to get the record.
Lay_Kay 22-Jun-18 13:13pm View
Where (in the script) can I execute the INSERT command? Please advise.
Lay_Kay 22-Jun-18 12:46pm View
I also have the following coding:



 lbl_Email.Visible = true;
 lbl_Email.Text = "The Personnel Process started.";

 txtFirstName.Text = "";
 txtLastName.Text = "";
 txtTitle.Text = "";
 txtManager.Text = "";
 txtEmail.Text = "";
 txtPhone.Text = "";
 txtEffective_Date.Text = "";
 lbl_Success.Text = "";

Lay_Kay 22-Jun-18 12:43pm View
Isn't MAX(ID) getting the latest record?

SqlCommand cmd1 = new SqlCommand
     "INSERT INTO Users.[Employee] VALUES " + 
     " (@txtFirstName, @txtLastName, @txtTitle, @txtEmail, @txtPhone, 
 @txtEffective_Date, " +
            " @Email_Access_Boolean, @Remote_Access_Boolean, @Employee_Access_Boolean, " +
            " @Parking_Access_Boolean, @Security_Risk_Boolean, @Authorize_Purchase_Boolean, " + 
            " @Point_Contact_ID, @txtManager, @Dept_ID)", 

I thought this is already inserting records. Please advise. Thanks!
Lay_Kay 28-Apr-18 13:44pm View
Never mind.... I discovered where my problem was.