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anup.bhunia 13-Jan-17 6:55am View    
this article might help you
anup.bhunia 13-Jan-17 6:44am View    
Just a idea to overcome the situation...
Create three threads, then using a timer even suspend() and resume() the thread in round robin. though;
From .NET 2.0, Suspend and Resume have been deprecated, their use discouraged because of the danger inherent in arbitrarily suspending another thread. If a thread holding a lock on a critical resource is suspended, the whole application (or computer) can deadlock. This is far more dangerous than calling Abort — which results in any such locks being released (at least theoretically) by virtue of code in finally blocks.
anup.bhunia 10-Jan-17 12:30pm View    
your first scenario should be covered with the solution, i provided.

But second one, it would be tricky as your words "abc-s" itself contains a word separator "-". You may frame your problem differently.
anup.bhunia 10-Jan-17 7:35am View    
in that case you could keep the security token, once generated in your application memory to avoid overhead of generating it everytime you call the actual service.
anup.bhunia 10-Jan-17 7:04am View    
if i understand your question, you want to have dynamic url based on your location. To achieve that you may you mvc application template, where you could define your custom routing.